Forehead Kiss on Protect the Boss – Episode 11 Spoiler

Kiss on lips is so usual on this drama, since the boss always forcing and spontaniously kiss his secretary, but this time the secretary, Eun Seol, looks willingly receiving the forehead kiss from the boss, Ji Heon. They sat together on a bench at a park when Ji Sung’s break time from his job as a part-timer on a coffee shop. It looks romantic..

This scene is for episode 11 that will be airing on September 7th. From this spoiler pic I can conclude that Eun Seol has opened her heart to Ji Heon. Woohoo .. that means Eun Seol has made up her mind. Congratulation for Ji Heon! But what about the miserable Moo Won? I feel sorry for him

And as usual, not only on  drama the actors act so funny,  even when they’re filming they also act so comical. Before starting the forehead-kissing scene, both of them, Choi Kang Hee and Ji Sung  looked into the mirror checking themselves. Maybe they wanted to look perfect at that important scene.

[by Blossom]

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