Protect The Boss Episode 7 Summary

Cha Moo Won is confessing his love to Eun Seol. That fact just put her in a difficult situation. Her heart was in dilemma, but she’s not giving him the answer right away.
When Eun Seol’s heart felt in a burden because of Moo Won’s confession, her mind suddenly recalled memories she had with Ji Heon and how that man had also confess his heart.
Eun Seol shrug it off immediately and excused herself.

When Eun Seol came out, Ji Heon told her to go back to the office first. He’s talking to his cousin.
Eun Seol obeyed her boss.

Ji Heon asked Moo Won what they’re talking about. Ji Heon confirmed his cousin, “Eun Seol is mine. I cannot live without her. Fine if you want the company, just take it. But Eun Seol is mine, she’s not yours.”
Moo Won asked if he liked her that much. Ji Heon said yes.
He then asked, “Why are you doing this? You shouldn’t have any problem finding woman because you’re very good looking.”
Moo Won said, “Do you know that being good looking is not always easy? Unattractive people maybe wouldn’t understand, but I’ve also had so many times being stress.I need Noh Eun Seol’s comfort.”

Eun Seol was on her way back into the building when on her way she saw two colleagues were hitting each other.
Eun Seol worried that the cousins would end up fighting each other, so she rush back to the restaurant.
And when she got there, they’re already staring at each other.

Moo Won was about to go peacefully when Ji Heon provoked him by kicking his butt.
Then the men fought…like women. They slap, they hit, they bite, they pull each other’s hair…

While the cousins pulling each other’s hair on the floor, they let out their mind to each other.
Ji Heon: “Why you always snatch things away from others?”
Moo Won: “Because i’m so sick of you. Do you know how i’ve suffered because of you?
Ji Heon: “What a nonsense!I’m compared to you every single day.”
Moo Won: “Who’s exactly been snatching things away from others?”

To prevent people taking their pictures with their mobiles, Eun Seol used a table cloth to cover them both.
Soon the secretaries rushed in to give a help and settle things.

Secretary Jang tried so hard to prevent Chairman Cha from knowing this case, but he failed.

Chairman Cha scolded the cousins and asked if it was because of work and nothing else.

They said yes. After sending Moo Won out, chairman Cha asked Ji Heon, “Who beat other more?”

After hearing from his son that he was the one who beat more, he sent him out.
Then he asked Eun Seol, “There must be another reason. Is it because of woman? Is it because Na Yoon?”
Eun Seol had said no, but Chairman Cha didn’t trust her.

The two madams were sharing ideas about how to send Eun Seol away from the cousins. But suddenly they’re both summoned by the Grandma.
The old lady warned both of them not to do anything to Eun Seol otherwise they’re provoking her.
“I’ve told you. Just like Chairman Cha’s temprament. Do you whom he takes that from? It’s from me!”
Ahahaha, cool granny ;)

Moo Won treating his own wound helped by his secretary.
His secretary said it didn’t seem like him, fighting on public like that.
Moo Won said, he did regret it, but didn’t feel bad at all. “Instead, it feels like I pushed myself towards the crack point.”

Meanwhile Ji Heon finally succeeded to make Eun Seol applied the medicine on his face.

Driving back home with Myeong Ran, Eun Seol told her everything. So Myeong Ran asked her what she’s gonna do.
Eun Seol said, “I promised Mu Neu Nim (Moo Won)’s mother and the ice cream girl’s mother that I have no desire to date rich man.”
Myeong Ran protested, “Why do you have to make that kind of promise? Don’t you like money?”
Eun Seol said, “You know what, everyone has to face reality.”

That was my favourite line in this episode.
The line sounds cliche and mediocre, but seeing Eun Seol’s character saying that, she’s not being a hypocrit.
She’s saying the truth…the reality and it sounds very believable.
Audience would really buy her sayings when she continued, “There will always be the day when they come back to their senses and back to their lives should be. So I can’t be trapped like this. I have to be on my guard.”

The news leaked through the internet. Chairman Cha had nothing to do to cut the story out. the only option was to recover the family image on public. Chairman Cha did a community service with Madam Shin. Ji Heon and Moo Won pretended to be solid cousins after the fight.

And this situation just made the Grandma stepped out of her silence.
She’s planning to bring the family together more sincerely by having a regular dinner together.

Chairman Cha asked Ji Heon to do a coffee business from zero. But they had to go to a meeting that day, so Ji Heon asked Eun Seol to taste various kinds of coffee while he’s away.

On her way out she met Moo Won who finally stopped avoiding her. He skipped work to accompany her at the cafe. But they kept their “unfinish” talk for another official meeting –if it cannot be said as date. Moo Won told Eun Seol that the Chairman and Ji Heon were meeting Na Yoon and her mom. They’re going to have a marriage talk. Eun Seol didn’t seem to really care.

However, Ji Heon refused the arranged marriage firmly. His father couldn’t push him either. But Na Yoon kept begging him. So apparently, on the day of Na Yoon’s leaving for abroad, Ji Heon’s older brother, Ji Seok, died. I sensed a kind of love triangle, because Ji Heon said, “I don’t blame Na Yoon for Ji Seok’s death. I blame myself. He died because of me.”

And Ji Heon wouldn’t linger in the past, though he said to Na Yoon, “Something happened that day that i’ll never forget. Two people i trusted the most left me that day.

Ji Heon had the attack’s symptom again, so he rushed back to the office. He told Eun Seol that some bad memories had come back to the surface of his mind, and it feels easen just by looking at her. Then he asked Eun Seol a permission to let him hug her.
But Eun Seol hadn’t said anything when he already hugged her.
Eun Seol tried to release herself but Ji Heon asked, “Just for a while?”
“Just for awhile,” Eun Seol gave up.
“Okay, just for awhile,” said Ji Heon. Then in teary eyes he continued, “Noh Eun Seol, don’t leave me.”
Eun Seol said, “As long as you don’t fire me.”

Chairman Cha finally figured out that the woman the cousins were fighting for was someone right in front of his eyes. He summoned Eun Seol and asked her the truth.
Eun Seol told him the truth, but she confirmed him that she’s not receiving either’s heart. She’s just going to her job well as Ji Heon’s secretary.

Chairman Cha said he actually like her, but he couldn’t agree if they’d have a relationship. He said if only she had had a much better background, he wouldn’t have mind. Chairman Cha was planning to repost her into a branch office very soon, and he asked her not tell Ji Heon anything.

That weekend Ji Heon’s training schedule was hiking to the mountain. Eun Seol kept saying that he should be better and could protect himself. Eun Seol made him give a 3 minutes speech in front of a group of people.

Starting with closing his eyes, the nervous Ji Heon began to speak.
“One day, a small universe stone flew and hit me inside.
That small stone called Noh Eun Seol.
Though the object is not very clear, it’s very beautiful.
I hope Noh Eun Seol will stay forever by my side.”

Eun Seol was so bugged by Ji Heon’s speech the rest of the day. But then Moo Won called her out for their appointment.

Meanwhile Ji Heon figured out that his dad had said something to Eun Seol. Chairman Cha didn’t deny it. Ji Heon walked out of the car without his wallet and phone.

Eun Seol was already on her way to meet Moo Won when Chairman Cha called her to look for Ji Heon.

Moo Won cam first to the restaurant leaving his phone in the car. So he didn’t know that Eun Seol was trying to call her.

Ji Heon was wandering alone in the park, the same place as the night when he’s kicked out of home. He saw his own memory of him and Eun Seol that night.

When he turned back and started calling out Eun Seol’s name, surprisingly, the owner of that name answer, “What is it? Why do you keep calling me?”

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