Protect The Boss Episode 9 Summary

Eun Seol let go of Ji Heon’s kiss. She got more confuse.
Even when Ji Heon said that her pulse rate higher than usual, she kept saying she’s not sure. She wondered why she could let go of her senses and fall for her boss and get clumsily honest with the person she had fallen for.

And I love how Ji Heon dealt with it. He said he’d wait.

Before he left, Ji Heon asked for a good night kiss, but Eun Seol pointed his forehead with her finger. Ji Heon took her hand and kissed it instead.

Down the stairs he said, “Someday, I will like it if you love me more than your staff ID. I’ll be waiting.”

Chairman Cha and Madam Shin were put together on the dining table for dinner by the grandmother. She wanted them to get well, but when the grandmother took off from the table to pick up a phonecall, the two were really getting along with each other very well.

They worried about their kids. Madam Shin finally knew how hard it had been for Chairman Cha to have a rebellious kid, because this time her son was also a rebell.

Then Ji Heon showed up in the dining room, looking fishily happy. Chairman Cha right-guessed him that it had to be related to Noh Eun Seol.
“Father, how could you know?” Ji Heon was surprised.
“Tell me what did you do with Secretary Noh!” Ji Heon fled and Chairman Cha went after him.

Eun Seol was very confused that she couldn’t help crying. She did have feelings for both bosses and felt sorry for the situation. She wanted to gain her self sense again, didn’t want to get involve with the wealthy no matter how much she loved money,BUT couldn’t drop her job and everything.

Moo Won got bored accompanying Na Yoon so he decided to leave. He went to see Eun Seol. He noticed Eun Seol was crying and guessed it must have something to do with Ji Heon.

Na Yoon arrived home and got caught by her mother. She was scolded and had to give up her car, but threaten to leave the house. Madam Hwang was stumbling down because of her daughter, but Na Yoon succeeded to flee.

Na Yoon had no option but to call Eun Seol and decided to stay overnight at her place because she had no friend and sleeping in the hotel made her still under her mom’s radar.

She was about to enter the bathroom when she heard Myeong Ran was talking to Eun Seol about her kissing with Ji Heon. Na Yoon was upset and cried in the bathroom, but she’s always a strong girl.

She seemed to enjoy herself sleeping over at a friend’s house because she had never done this before.

In the morning, Eun Seol came to the Cha mansion for her usual morning mission: to wake up Ji Heon. But Ji Heon played naughty by trying to pull her on to the bad, and just in the right moment Chairman Cha came in. They ended up going to the office together with the same car with Chairman Cha sitting in the middle.

In the office, Chairman Cha asked his manager about Eun Seol’s transfer. Secretary Jang said that they would make the official announcement about Eun Seol’s transfer by this weekend.
“But why do you look unhappy, Chairman?”
“How can I be happy when I’m sending away the girl my son likes lot?” barked Chairman Cha.

Eun Seol received the information.
At lunch time she gathered the two bosses and told them that she had made her mind.
“I’ve made up my mind last night. And the result was… I’d rather date an ordinary guy than men like you.”
when Moo Won asked her why, Eun Seol said that she’s tired of it in many ways.
“I understand you dump him,” said Ji Heon, “but i’ve already been in your brain system.”
Eun Seol knocked on her head and said, “I’ve got rid of it.”

But Ji Heon didn’t give up.They still have the coffee business project and Ji Heon enjoyed it as working and dating in the same time. But Eun Seol kept being cold and professional.

Eun Seol’s father suddenly came to the office to meet her daughter, but instead accidently met the Chairman. Mr. Noh was fighting the guards because he was after Madam Shin to give her the phone she dropped, but she misunderstood and called the guard.

That’s when Chairman Cha came to the lobby and saw Mr.Noh who spontaniously called him the gangster-chairman.

Chairman Cha invited him to his office to have a talk.
Mr. Noh didn’t know that Cha Ji Heon liked his daughter until Chairman Cha (who thought he already knew it) talked about it.
He said he wouldn’t accept Ji Heon because he was known for his bad manner and even called the nation’s papa’s boy.

Mr.Noh was back in the lobby when he saw Madam Shin (who was with Moo Won) again and intended to tell her that her phone was left with the Chairman.
Moo Won finally knew he’s Eun Seol’s dad and greeted him very politely and confessed that he also liked his daughter.
Right in that moment Ji Heon and Eun Seol just came back from the coffee survey.

Manager Park called Madam Shin’s phone, not knowing that it was actually Chairman Cha who was on the other line. He talked about Chairman Cha softened to Madam Shin and also about their secret business. Chairman Cha felt so betrayed and very sad.

Mr.Noh sat the cousins and told them clearly that he dislike them liking his daughter.
Having her father mending her personal life had brought Eun Seol into desperation.

Na Yoon just introduced herself to Eun Seol’s father when her mother suddenly came to pick her up.

Secretary Jang finally gave Chairman Cha Ji Heon’s medical record. Chairman Cha was so sad when he found out that Ji Heon was suffered from agoraphobia.

He asked his mother if she had already known it. The grandmother nodded. She said her reason of keeping it from him was because she’d been seeing Ji Heon tried so hard to overcome his illness. She didn’t want his son to interfere because it’d make all her grandson’s effort to result a reverse. Chairman Cha cried so badly.

Ji Heon stole his grandmother’s herbal drinking to give it to Eun Seol’s dad to impress him. He came to see Mr.Noh just like any other men asking formally to their girl’ father to let him date the daughter.

But Mr.Noh was really against it. He said money was not everything to let him get his daughter. He said Ji Heon was lack in many ways: late respond, bad manner, and had no will to win.
Eun Seol was trying to keep the tense stable between her father and her boss when the Chairman suddenly summoned her.

Without letting Ji Heon knew, Eun Seol met Chairman Cha in the waiting area near her house. Chairman Cha asked her to tell him everything she knew about the agoraphobia his son’s suffering, from the cause till the symptoms.

Eun Seol told him what Ji Heon had told her earlier that day on their way back to the office from coffee survey.

Ji Heon got the trauma when his mother left the house when he was a kid.
He ran out of home to look for his mom, and came to the crowded field.
He started to feel the fear of being surrounded by many people and started to get the symptoms of the panic attack.
But it never got worse because he always had his hyeong (older brother) to stand by his side. He never got the symptoms again until the day he received the news about his brother’s death from an accident. He started to blame himself.

Chairman Cha couldn’t help crying listening to Eun Seol’s story about his son. Then he asked her to stay at Ji Heon’s side a little longer. He asked her to be with him to help him recover from his sufferings.

Since Eun Seol’s transfer was postponed, she had an idea of putting Ji Heon into an undercover boss mission for the coffee project.
She made Ji Heon’s applied for a part-time job at a coffee shop. After several tries and always failed, they finally went to their own coffee shop by putting him as the “parachute” part-timer.
Parachute (nakasan) meant a person who gets a job by nepotism. They only told the manager and made sure the manager didn’t tell anyone else about his true identity.

Moo Won met Na Yoon and found out that she was in her hard detention.
She had the “locked up” time and had the bodyguards around her.
He felt sorry and decided to help her run away.

He asked Na Yoon if a girl like “events”. Na Yoon said she liked it, but she didn’t know if Eun Seol like it too, if that’s what he meant. Then Moo Won got an idea of giving “events” to Eun Seol that weekend.

Eun Seol went out to check on Ji Heon on the cafe when suddenly on the street, all the street vendors one by one was giving her free things. She accepted them gladly though she thought it a bit fishy.

She guessed it was Ji Heon’s work, until in a certain turn, Cha Moo Won just popped out in front of her.

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