Good Doctor Episode 10 Summary

Good Doctor episode 10 is probably Shi On’s most glorious moment so far in the hospital. It started with the moment during the singer boy’ surgery. Shi On suggested a method during the procedure, so they could save the boy’s voice cord. Dr.Kim took part in the decision making. Yoo Seo executed it well, and in the end everything went well. Everyone was happy: doctors and parents.


While everyone was happy and satisfied, Shi On was rather overwhelmed. He stepped outside to get fresh air, sat on a bench and stare blankly. Suddenly, the “Quiz from God” genius doctor Ryu Deok Hwan came approach him and sat together. the scene was a bit shiny with some blurred-at-edges frame which made us at the wonder if it really happened or just part of Shi On’s illusion. He asked Shi On what he’s thinking about. Shi On said he was so nervous that he was a coward like a rabbit. The mysterious guy said, “But rabbit is clever. it moves fast that the preys always find difficulty to catch it.”  And before leaving, he praised Shi On’s fingers as pretty like a crescent moon.


Yoon Seo went to see the boy’s condition after the surgery. He’s doing fine. Shi on joined her. The boy seemed happy despite his weak condition. He lifted his finger to Shi On and they shook hands.


On the corridor, Yoon Seo asked how he could see things like an x-ray or 3D view through the inner anatomy. Shi On explained it’s not that elaborate. He said he just see things very thorough, all sides and all parts, unlike other people who always see things for granted. Yoon Seo asked Shi On to see her, and then things got awkward as Shi On just ended up giggling.


In the station, Dr.Kim announced that Shi On could start being an official resident by getting the 24 hours shift in the hospital. Other residents were also very happy that they instantly did the welcoming cheering. Dr.Kim wanted to have a great team.


Dr.Kim was playing basketball alone to clear his mind. But Shi On came to him to say thank and promise to do well. Shi On was about to leave when Dr.Kim pass him the ball. Shi On still can’t play basketball, he sucks. Dr.Kim ended up coaching him basketball…until Shi On managed to throw a ball to the ring very well.


Yoon Seo and Dr.Kim were discussing something, when they heard something from another senior surgeon about what his resident told to a patient: it was Park Shi On. He met a pregnant lady in the hospital who had a big problem with her pregnancy and needed a surgery. He told her that she shouldn’t be sad because Dr.Kim would do the surgery for her.


Yoon Seo took the innitiative to meet up Shi On’s mom and Shi On once again. They went out for dinner together. Shi On just knew her as the nice aunty from the cafeteria.  He’s just eating his food. His mom said, “Having this kind heart senior, you should follow what she says well and so you can be a good doctor.” Shi On just innocently said, “I follow her words well. And I will be a good doctor as I’ve promised my brother.” The mom couldn’t handle it anymore. She excused herself and cried alone.


Dr.Kim got home and found his gf there. But he and Chae Kyeong ended up having an argument again. Chae Kyeong determined to get the higher position (her mom’s) in the hospital, one of the reasons is to protect Do Han’s position. She’s just so tired of watching Do Han being dragged by vicious doctors with bad politics. Do Han asked her to give up the idea. Chae Kyeong refused. “If you go on with this, don’t ever think of coming to me anymore,” said Do Han coldly.


Yoon Seo and Shi On were walking home together that night. This time she asked Shi On the question of what is a doctor and what is a patient. “Doctor is patient’s last hope,” said Shi On. “Patient is a friend that would never come back.” Shi On explained the last. He meant that a doctor treats a patient like a friend, but once they were separated, the doctor shouldn’t hope of seeing the patient again as the patient should live healthily from then on.

In the hospital next day, Shi On was walking on the corridor when he ran to Chae Kyeong. The lady stopped and greeted him. Shi On greeted her in full manner. The she said, “You know me right? You should do well, so you won’t put Dr.Kim in a difficult situation.” She used the word “for the sake of” and it startled Shi On. He said he didn’t know that it applies to their situation (his attitude affect Dr.Kim’s situation in the hospital), so he promised to do well.

Dr.Kim was sitting with a blank stare when Yoon Seo came to the room. When he noticed Yoon Seo was there, he asked for a suggestion from Yoon Seo, implicitly for his love-life situation. Yoon Seo shot a good suggestion, and Dr. Kim said “You keep me well all this time,as a co-worker.”

Shi On was so excited as his existence in the station slowly but sure became more significant. He was so excited when his junior asked him about a difficult case.


The pregnant girl apparently was a daughter in-law of a very rich woman. They sat down in Dr.Kim’s office together as the doctor and his team explained her condition. The mother in-law disagreed on the surgery. Before they’re leaving, Shi On told the girl once again that surgery is the best way for her and she shouldn’t worry.

It’s Shi On’s 24 hours shift at the hospital. He’s about to sleep when In Hae came to visit Shi On. They talked and In Hae “provoke” him to confess his love to the woman he likes. But Shi On said he couldn’t do it.

The pregnant woman came to Dr.Kim alone this time and finally decided to do the surgery, even tough without the mother in-law’s blessing. So everyone was preparing. This surgery requires two departments: gynecology and pediatric. The two departments held a briefing together. In the briefing, Shi On who was lack of sleep was sleeping. But as the head of departments mentioned critical situation conditions, Shi On woke up and asked if things went unwell, who would they be saving. The gynecologist head doctor said they would save the mother, that’s the procedure so far.

Everyone was ready for the surgery. But suddenly the mother in-law came with bodyguards. She took her daughter in-law away. The doctors tried to keep her stay, while the mother in-law threatened to bring them all to the disciplinary. “Go and try it!” challenged Yoon Seo. The girl said she would stay. “Then you get a divorced and (so you) can get the surgery here,” said the lady. “Fine, I can’t do this anymore either,” said the girl. Then suddenly the girl collapsed.

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Many people speculate that Ryu Deok Hwan is actually playing Shi On’s late brother and the scene there only happened in Shi On’s head. Could it be like that? Anyway, it was a very surprising appearance of Ryu Deok Hwan.

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  2. Finished watching this ep just now thank u 4the funny comments you put up …this ep had lots of heart warming &freshness ;the most important part stage2of first love for shion <3their chemistry together<3<3<3<3joowon

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