Good Doctor Episode 15 Quick Summary

Good Doctor episode 15 started on the scene where Shi On was giving a hug to Yoon Seo. She shrugged him off and asked why he’s doing that. Shi On said that he just wanted to sooth her feelings because his brother used to hug him when he was feeling down.


Jumped to another setting. In a park that same night, a little girl was waiting for her mom who was buying some drinks for them. A young woman was riding her bike when there’s a man suddenly stopped her and stabbed her. The girl witness the whole thing. The man was approaching the screaming little girl. The mother who was on the way back, saw the scene and dropped the drinks.


Shi On and Yoon Seo continued their conversation. They’re sitting together and overcome their awkwardness. Shi On’s phone rang and they got a call from the hospital. It’s the little girl from the park. Dr.Kim also came. They immediately arranged a surgery. The surgery went well, but the bad guy was still out there.


Yoon Seo wasn’t involved in the surgery, so it was after the surgery when she and Shi On could speak again. Shi On offered to treat her dinner the next day.

Dr.Han approached In Hae and tried to cheer her up. She said she was ashamed that she used to match her sister with Dr.Han because of her sister’s job. But Dr.Han reminded her that her sister did that because she loved her.

Shi On checked on her father’s condition. The father asked to buy him an alcohol. Shi On refused and left.

Dr.Kim and Dr.Cha were discussing about a case and compare with some recent studies. Shi On had read this kind of study, but he couldn’t give much opinion because they still couldn’t find the best method.

The little girl was awake, but still in a bad trauma. She kept staring at the ceiling. A detective came and asked her about the bad guy’s face. The girl remembered. That night the guy was trying to stab her, but her mom struggled to prevent him. That’s when the guy’s face was shown, though he quickly put back his mask. But instead of telling the detective, the girl screamed and went uncontrol. Dr.Kim asked the detective to leave. And apparently the bad guy was in the hospital.

In Young came to talk to In Hae. She told In Hae that she had quit the job and In Hae must take the surgery.

Shi On was in the cafeteria for lunch when he saw his mom. But he just ignored her and joined Dr.Go and Il Gyu. Shi On invited them both to come by his place sometimes. Shi On’s mom shared her thought to Yoon Seo.

Going home after work, Yoon Seo asked Shi On about the dinner he promised to treat her. Shi On refused to tell her. they just stepped out of the hospital, Yoon Seo was about to be hit by a car. Shi On caught her and Yoon Seo looked flustered. Shi On had been very manly. But nothing awkward, so they just proceed. Apparently, Shi On was making her spaghetti, but he didn’t use pasta and his cooking sucked.


Chae Kyeong just found the ugly truth about his father’s death and the hospital politics. He broke his alliance with Dr.Kang because of that and felt somehow betrayed and fooled. She came to Kim Do Han and told him that she gave up her plan. She just felt very upset. She said she wanted to erase all the bad memories and live with only good memories. Kim Do Han hugged her and she cried.


Yoon Seo was still in shi On’s place when she received a call from her mom who seemed to nag her about meeting a man. Shi On told Yoon Seo that he also wanted to be introduced to a girl.

Shi On caught the children sneaking out to enjoy snacks. This time they said he could join them. But Shi On had changed. He disiciplined them in front of their mothers, reminded them the snacks weren’t good for their health and that wouldn’t make them be discharged from the hospital anytime soon.

The little girl was still having a very bad trauma. She even scared of the statescope. Dr.Kim got an idea and used the statescope toy Shi On had given her.

Shi On’s dad was about to lose his temper to Shi On’s mom. Shi On stepped inside and defended his mom. He took his father’s hit and told him, “I’ve got the strength now.”

Yoon Seo finally could find the solution for the difficult case she had been studying. This study was related to a study in Boston (or somewhere in the US). Apparently, Yoon Seo’s finding was related to Dr.Kang’s wife illness and she received the news right away. Dr.Kang seemed unhappy with the good news.

Shi On met Chae Kyeong in the cafeteria and she asked him to sit with her for awhile. She asked if he confessed well to the girl he liked. Yoon Seo saw the scene and asked why he never told her that he was close with Chae Kyeong. She sounded a bit jealous, but not that obvious and she did it in a very positive way.


The little girl started to speak up her memories. But her words were more of mumbling, so Dr.Kim dropped it off and was ready to leave. Everyone was asleep and Dr.Kim was about to go down, when the bad guy walked in. Shi On noticed the guy and Dr.Kim was already in the lift when he could sense something bad with the guy just passed by him.
Shi On got into the room first and caught the bad guy red handed, but he hadn’t done anything. Dr.Kim came right in time and ordered Shi On to took the girl and her mother away and call the police. Dr.Kim fought the guy and got stabbed.


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