Good Doctor Episode 17 Quick Summary

Good Doctor episode 17 started with a critical situation. Shi On and Yoon Seo brought In Hae to the hospital. Her condition was critical.

Chae Kyeong apologized personally to her step mother.

Dr.Kim scolded his team whom he thought as responsible of In Hae’s worse condition. And it didn’t stop there, Dr.Jae Joong came to Dr.Kim’s station and scolded everyone. In Hae was by paper his patient. And Dr.Kim’s residents were involved in this incident.


Dr.Kim treated Dr.Kang’s son and took care of him well. Dr.Kang was watching from a distance and then thanked him personally later on.

Shi On tried to turn the sweater back to Chae Kyeong for it’s so expensive. She asked him to just take it as a present. Then she told Shi On that it seemed the price was not the problem, but someone was disapproved of the idea he received a present from her.
“Apparently the person you liked turned out to have so much feelings for you. If a person who has no special relationship with you had no feeling for you, this present wouldn’t make her jealous.” The innocent Shi On tried to digest the idea.


Dr.Kim’s wound had not yet got well. He treated his wound by himself. He met Yoon Seo who was still working on her research paper. Yoon Seo noticed when Dr.Kim felt an ache on his wound, but he said nothing.

Shi On got a visitor: Jang Dong Goo. Someone from the past that he least expected to see. He was the one who made Shi On and his brother to get into the tunnel when they’re kid. Dong Goo’s child was sick and he asked for help. He also begged for forgiveness from Shi On, but Shi On just walked away.

Yoon Seo invited Shi On to have dinner together. They went to a quite fancy restaurant to have steak. The waiters and waitresses thought they were a couple and demanded them kissing. They looked adorable wearing minnie mouse headbands.


Kim Do Han and Chae Kyeong spent their time together. They brought up the memories about who confessed first and how.


Shi on told Yoon Seo that confessing his feelings actually something he hated to do. Yoon Seo asked why. He said because he was different from other people. He got bullied alot and he realized that the person who was with him would get bullied as well. To take the bully by himself was better and more comfy for him.


Dr.Han walked the corridor and saw In Yeong who looked so depress. He tried to sooth her, but coldly pass by. In Yeong stopped him and told him to get a good a sleep. It’s something that Shi On told In Yeong. In Yeong couldn’t take anymore burden, so she asked him to stop the whole restless-bad-love thing after this.

Shi On saw Dong Goo with his son. When Dr.Kim treated the child, Shi On asked Dr.Kim to treat the child well since the father was his old friend from the same hometown. LAter on Shi On and Dong Goo tried to clear their misunderstanding.
“Are we really friends?” asked Shi On. “Of course,” said Dong Goo. “I was not a good friend then, but now a very thankful friend.” Shi On said there’s a condition: he had to keep his son healthy and let him grow well just like him (the father himself). The two old friends hugged.

Dr.Kim’s team just finished meeting when there’s a call from ER. Dr.Kim decided that Shi On was the one who should take care of the ER case while others went on with the surgery. The patient’s condition was critical. Shi On had to call an attendee: Dr.Go, who came in a flash of time (comically, literally). Dr.Kim’s OR got the news about the case in ER. Yoon seo asked permission to go there to help Shi On. But when she got there, the patient was already brought to the OR. Dr.Go was in charge. And since there’s no other surgeons but them two, Dr.Go made Shi On as his first assistant.


Yoon Seo and Dr.Kim watched the surgery. The patient’s condition went into a life and death situation, but Dr.Go in a help of Shi On’s diagnosys handled the situation very well. After the surgery, Dr.Kim approached Dr.Go and told him his appreciation. Shi On also raised his thumb in front of Dr.Go. “Dr.Go is the best!”

Il Kyoo also noticed Dr.Go’s changes. He asked Dr.Go to go out for a drink together later on. He brought the topic of Dr.Go’s changing behavior. Dr.Go looked at Il Kyoo as the younger him with ambition and sort of. He admitted that his method of survival in the hospital so far had been wrong. Dr.Go said he wanted to change because he wanted to do things better.
LAter on Shi On was about to go home when he saw the two guys was deadly drunk. Il Kyoo and Dr,Go woke up sleeping naked on the same bedroom. They freaked out, but Shi On’s explanation saved them.

Dr.Kang watched his son looked happier in this hospital. His wife also told him the big difference their son here and while he was in the US.

Shi On ran into Yoon Seo who was about to go out in a hurry. He asked why she took off early, Yoon Seo made her excuse. Yoon Seo was actually out for the arranged meeting with a man. She obviously didn’t enjoy the meeting. She went back to the hospital to see Shi On. Seeing Yoon Seo wearing a pretty dress, he said she looked like the pretty anchor of 9 o’clock news. Yoon Seo told him that she was lying before, told him the real reason and asked if Shi On had any bad feelings towards her. He was just indifferent and said none.


Dr.Kang sat by his son. The son told his father how he liked the hospital so much.Listening to his son, Dr.Kang kind of gave a second thought of his politics in the hospital. He tried to talk about it to Dr.Kim, but Dr.Kim assured him that when they’re talking about his son’s condition, Dr.Kim would treat him as the parent of the patient, nothing more.

Shi On’s father collapsed, but we don’t know yet what happen next because Shi On and Dr.Kim’s team were on the important meeting: Dr.Kang’s son surgery. It required two specialists.

During the surgery, the first specialist finished his part and it was Dr.Kim’s turn. He was about to make a cut when suddenly he felt something wrong. It seemed that his wound had a serious infection.



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