Good Doctor Episode 11 Summary

Good Doctor episode 11 did not have that much tension. But there’re some sweet moments for some doctors. Starting this episode, the pregnant girl collapsed during the argument with her mother in-law.The doctors rushed her back inside and had to get ready for surgery soon.

Dr.Choi was approached by Shi On’s mother in the previous episode. Now they’re sitting together and having a conversation.
Dr.Choi asked the reason why she disappeared for 20 years. The mother said she had her reason.

Discussing about the pregnant girl and her mother in-law with Yoon Seo, Shi On said he disliked the mother in-law. He said they seem like the Snow White and the Witch Queen. Further he said that he then understood why people cursing. Yoon Seo challenged him if he knew any. Shi On tried his best, but Yoon Seo said his cursing sounds rather funny than making her feel bad.


The singer boy’s mother came to Yoon Seo and Shi On. She told them as her son’s condition got better and was ready to go home, the parents decided to take Eun Ok along with them. They wanted to adopt her.


Kim Do Han and Chae Kyeong tried to have another talk. He wanted their fight to end. He asked again his girlfriend to stop doing what she’s doing with all her ambition. His effort didn’t really work well, but Chae Kyeong still congratulated him nicely for his birthday.

So it was Kim Do Han’s birthday. The residents are making a little surprise party at the station with the cakes and presents. But the cool Dr.Kim acted they way he was…stay cool. He ignored the fuss and let the residents celebrate it without him. Shi On came into his office and gave him a present. He said because he had not much money so his present was not any fancy thing. “Thank you for not hating me,” he said while putting the present on his desk. After Shi On left the room, Dr.Kim opened the box. It’s a stethoscope toy. He remembered his little brother.

Na In Yeong was discussing about In Hae’s surgery with Dr.Kim Jae Joong. She seems to put her as the donor for her sister’s surgery but asked the doctor to keep it a secret. When she came to her sister at the nurse station, Shi On and Dr.Han was there as well. It was Shi On who noticed In Yeong’s shot mark. In Yeong tried to deny by telling a lie. She said she just felt sick and made the doctor gave her a shot. Dr.Han tried to speak with In Yeong to clear up any misunderstanding between them. He explained that he felt sorry for making their situation a bit awkward, but he said he was serious. In Yeong said sorry for turning him down, but she just couldn’t give what he wanted. Later on Shi On found In Hae crying alone on the stairs. She felt sad for her sister. Shi On cheered her up.

Kim Do Han was on his way out when he saw Yoon Seo and invited her for a birthday date. Yoon Seo asked if he’s still in an argument with Chae Kyeong. Do Han kind of said that he just wanted to have fun like she always did: being single and drink much. On the ride, Do Han brought up the topic of old times. “Yoon Seo, when you just got back from abroad, once you confessed something…’Senior, actually for a long time I…do you like planting trees?'” Do Han said. “I saw you as a cool man,” Yoon Seo said.


Meanwhile Chae Kyeonng was alone in the cafeteria when Shi On was there as well. They greeted each other. Shi On sat on the next table. Shi On told her that Dr.Kim was always alone: eat, play basketball, and doesn’t smile much…just like him.

Yoon Seo and Do Han went bowling and drinking together. They’re having fun like friends.

Shi On kept having the same dream at night: the incident in the tunnel. Shi On  came to Dr.Choi’s office and asked him why he saved him instead of his brother. “My brother is healthier and smarter than me. People like him more than me,” he said. “I might go to heaven and my brother could live. Dr.Choi finally told him his reason, “That time, you had a more stable pulse and had more chance to live. I had to make such a quick decision because I’m a doctor.” Shi On felt bad the rest of the day. He even stopped by a convenience store to drink before going home.


Kim Do Han dropped Yoon Seo in front of her house after the date. He said, “Yoon Seo-ya, thanks for always staying beside me.” Yoon Seo was quite startled, but Kim Do Han said no more and left. She’s just smiling. On her way to her door, Yoon Seo found Shi On sitting alone. He looked down. Shi On was still blaming himself for the decision Dr.Choi took. He said if only Dr.Choi let his brother lived instead of him, he was already rest in peace in heaven and he didn’t have put Dr.Choi in so much trouble for the past 20 years. Yoon Seo cheered him and hugged him.

Eun Ok went home with the singer boy’s family. They adopted her. Eun Ok cried and struggled to say something to Shi On, “” Shi On said, “I love you, too.”

Shi On was having the “love attack” again when Yoon Seo was so close to him. He went away and In Hae caught him. She told Shi On to just confess. Shi On said he couldn’t.

Dr.Kim talked to Dr.Kang. Then Dr.Kim gave a challenge to Shi On. He gave him a bunch of records of research papers to study. If he failed he couldn’t ever enter the OR. Shi On took the challenge.

The pregnant girl was signing the divorce paper, so the doctors started to prepare for the surgery soon.

Shi On was studying the papers, but the thoughts about Yoon Seo kept coming. Then the person herself came and distracted his study even more. She On was helpless.

Next we saw Shi On ironing his suits and practicing something. He even talked desperately to his brother’s drawing on the wall, “Brother, please help me.” Apparently, the suit was for him to wear to Yoon Seo’s house. Yoon Seo was surprise and noticed Shi On’s weird behavior. He even gave her a rose. Yoon Seo guessed he had a favor to ask her. Shi On tried to speak up…but at the end failed to confess. Yoon Seo was wondering what he was actually up to. “And what’s up with the suit?” she asked. Shi On said, “It’s a hobby. Sometimes I wear this kind of suit every Monday night.” Shi On rushed back to his house and felt sorry for himself. Yoon Seo could only wondering what Shi On was up to.


The day of the surgery came. The girl had a request that they had to save the baby if they have to choose later during the surgery. The doctors promised to do their best.

In the OR, the tension was high. They took the baby half out of the mother’s belly and tried to make him breathe. They set a certain time as their limit. And when not much time left, the mother’s heart beat and bleeding put them in an alarming situation.

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