Good Doctor Episode 4 Summary

Good Doctor episode 4 starts in the OR with the surgery that was full of tension. They encountered critical situations several times. Thankfully, every time it occurred, Park Shi On was the one who managed to right-detect the location of the problem. While Yoon Seo tend to argue Shi On every time he suggested something, Dr.Kim was the opposite. Anyway, the surgery ended well.

The doctors continued the pending meeting board. Shi On insisted on coming along again to the board room, but Dr.Kim told him to just wait in the station.Despite the successful surgery, the disciplinary consequence still had to work upon Dr.Kim regarding the premature baby case because he had violated some code of ethics. To Dr.Go surprise, Dr.Kim decided to take the whole responsibility and ask them to spare Shi On. The poker face Dr.Kang seemed to give his support to Dr.Kim, despite Dr.Go’s disagreement. But in the end, it was all up to the head of the hospital, Dr.Choi. The wise doctor had to announce the conclusion: a week detention for Dr.Kim while Shi On just had to write something.


Getting back to the station, Shi On was bullied by Il Gyoo. Most of his seniors were upset for what happened to Dr.Kim while Shi On didn’t even said sorry or showed any apologetic manner. Yoon Seo was the one who took Shi On away from the other seniors. She scolded Shi On. She reminded him about the importance of team work, something which Shi On was very hard to comprehend. Then Yoon Seo came to Dr.Kim to tell her frustration in the OR when Dr.Kim seemed to consider all Shi On’s suggestions. Dr.Kim said what he needed was not someone who was always right, but a partner.

Na In Hae and male nurse Jo were working together to let Dr. Han Jin Wook trying to get closer to her sister. He’s obviously had a crush on Na In Young. On another ward, Shi On brought a cake and beverage to the boy he had a quarrel with (gundam prototype conflict). The boy’s mother scolded Shi On and threw the cake on the floor. “How could you bring such food while knowing that my son cannot consume (wheat) flour. What kind of doctor are you?!” Shi On explained the cake was made of rice flour instead of wheat flour,so it should be alright. But the mother didn’t care, she just disliked Shi On. Yoon Seo had to talk to Shi On again.

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Chae Kyeong had been worrying her fiance for his difficult situation among Dr.Choi and Park Shi On. And she kind of knew how Dr.Kang might use this situation to make Dr.Kim’s situation worse. She threatened Dr.Kang to stay away from her fiance.

In the library, Shi On who was reading some books alone was approached by his seniors. Il Kyoo scolded Shi On. “How could you ever be a surgeon if you keep avoiding your team?”


Kim Do Han surely had something to hide even from his fiance. Well, he avoided a topic when Chae Kyeong demanded him to tell her. He had a late little brother, Kim Soo Han, and it seemed that he liked to keep the matter related to Soo Han by himself. He didn’t even open up with his mother when she asked him in a phone conversation.

Another day came. It seemed to be a nice day for everyone at first, but soon it changed. Shi On was on duty on the pediatric floor when he saw some children giggling and running somewhere which was so fishy. He followed them to the storage room. The kids was making a secret gathering to enjoy some snacks. They asked Shi On to keep the secret from their moms.
Shi On agreed, but then he asked, “Can I play with you guys?” A boy answered him, “Yes you can, but with a condition.” That particular sentence apparently the most horror sentence for him that it was part of his worst trauma. The reason why he and his brother went into the tunnel was because they wanted to be accepted by the other boys. One of them said, “You can play with us, but with one condition.” So Shi On suddenly felt sick and was about to pass out. Losing his balance he was tring to get a grip on something but ended up making the boxes and other stuffs on the shelves falling down.


Yoon Seo was talking to two mothers on the corridor when suddenly they heard the noise. When the came, the children were crying and most of them were wounded. A girl was bleeding badly on the legs. Yoon Seo scolded Shi on in the station. She said she had been very patient to him all this time, but she also had the limit. She was frustrated and really angry.

The accident remained an accident on the report. It was Dr.Go who was very anxious. As Dr.Kang seemed to be reluctant in helping him, he used another method: provoking the mothers to speak directly to the head of the hospital.

Shi On was trying to handle a patient, but her mother refused Shi On. He was hushed out, so he just went away. He was sitting alone near the basketball field. Some doctors were playing. As the ball rolled towards him, one doctor from the neurology division invited him to join them. But of course he couldn’t even throw the ball well.

It was Dr.Kim’s last day before his detention started. He asked his team to do well without him and Cha Yoon Seo was in charge for the next whole week. He spoke nicely to the team, but not with Shi On when they ran into each other on the corridor.


Yoon Seo came to the premature baby’s mother. She saw a very good sketch of a mother and baby. She asked who drew it. The mother said Shi On. Shi On was wishing the baby to be good in playing basketball, football, baseball when he’s older as he was impressed by his hand. So the parents decided to named the baby Lee Dong soo (the moving water) in a hope the baby will grow as a very active child.

The gundam toy’s owner boy was having a problem of sleeping. Male nurse Jo was told and Shi On offered himself to help. When Shi On came, the boy was counting sheep. He told the boy it wouldn’t work. He explained that English speaking people use the method of counting sheep to help them get to sleep because the word “sheep” sounds quite similar to “sleep.” Meanwhile in Korean, the word sheep is “yang” and sleep is “jam,” so the two have no harmony and it won’t give the “hypnosis” effect that will bring the person to sleep. So Shi On suggested the boy to find another word, animal, that corresponds in the pronunciation with the word “jam.”  He suggested dragonfly “jamjari.” So the boy slowly went to sleep. Yoon Seo watched the whole scene from the window.


Na In Young was about to go home when Dr.Han approached her. He asked her to go out watching a musical as a date. In Young politely refused, saying that doctor-patient’s family relationship would make things awkward so she hoped this kind of matter wouldn’t happen again in the future.

Dr.Kang was meeting someone who just came to Korea. His character was kind of arrogant and full anger. Could he be Chae Kyeong’s father?


Chae Keyong was invited to dinner with Dr.Choi and her mother (are they two husband&wife? I never noticed this before, sorry, and still not sure either). Chae Kyeong kept slapping her mother with the topic of her father. Dr.Choi tried break the ice between the mother and daughter.

Shi On was cutting his nail when he remembered his brother. Yoon Seo saw one of the pictures and thought of Shi On. She wondered what kind of person he really was. When she had a hard time sleeping, she started counting dragonflies.

The next day, another case came in a form of a sick girl. Many hospitals refused to handle her as her situation seems to be very critical. Meanwhile Dr.Kim was spending his time off out of town with Chae Kyeong. She prevented him to hold on his mobile and turned it off.

The sick girl came to the Sungwon Univ.Hospital’s ER. Cha Yoon Seo and the team was trying to handle the situation. They had to prepare for the surgery without Dr.Kim. The situation was very critical. They had to call another doctor: Dr.Go.

Dr.Go learned the situation quickly and refused to do the surgery as the girl’s situation was already late. Cha Yoon seo was upset with Dr.Go’s cowardliness, and determine to do the surgery. Shi On also said, “She can be saved.”

Kim Do Han was watching Chae Kyeong cooking when he took the chance to turn on the mobile. He saw Cha Yoon Seo’s miscalls. Yoon Seo briefed him the situation, so Kim Do Han decided to go back to Seoul and do the surgery. But he’s running out of the battery so he couldn’t be reached while the team couldn’t wait for him. Despite Dr.Go’s warning, Cha Yoon Seo decided to do the surgery without waiting him. Shi On turned off the microphone from the theater so they couldn’t hear Dr.Go’s yells. The surgery was making everyone nervous. Shi On detected something wrong, and yes he’s right. Soon the girl lost her heartbeat. Yoon Seo tried to jolt the heart with machine, but the beat was getting slower…Yoon Seo kept trying to pump it, but then it stopped. Kim Do Han finally arrived in the OR.


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