Good Doctor Episode 2 Summary

Good Doctor episode 2 started where it ended in the previous episode. Yoon Seo was almost frantic. But apparently it was her who went into the wrong house. Shi On’s was house #101, while hers was #201. She kept saying sorry for the incident until she met Shi On again on the way to the hospital. Yoon Seo then asked about him and after Shi On introduced himself, Yoon Seo realized he was the new junior in her division. Yoon Seo kept talking while Shi On was busily rehearsing what he remembered about the way to the hospital (turn here, few steps there, how many stops, bla bla).


Morning in the hospital, especially in the pediatric section was busy. Soon the news spread among the nurses about Shi On as the weird doctor recommended by the chairman Dr.Choi. Dr.Kim and his team were checking the patients in this particular ward and about to move to the next one when Shi On was attracted by butterflies drawing above a patient’s bed. His name was Song Ho. Shi On was asking the mother about the butterfly when the kid suddenly got up and threw up. His puke was green. Shi On detected something critical happening to Song Ho, so he insisted a surgery should be conducted soon. Kim Do Han and his team were already on the corridor when they heard the noises. Shi On told Dr.Kim about the surgery Song Ho needed.

Dr.Kim summoned him out of the room and scolded him. Kim Do Han got the info that the patient was Dr. Go’s and he’s currently out of the hospital. He ordered Shi On to stop talking and told Shi On and the other team members to move to the operation room as they already had a patient waiting there. Dr.Kim, Yoon Seo and others were preparing themselves for the surgery while Shi On refrained and went back to Song Ho’s ward. He was nervous as he thought it was urgent to save Song Ho’s life at that moment. Thankfully he got the backup from male nurse Jo.  Head nurse Nam contacted Dr.Go, who was actually playing golf, and ordered to let nobody touched the patient until he came within 2 hours. Shi On and nurse Jo disobeyed the rule and ran Song Ho to the operation room.

Dr. Kang was on the way when he saw the incident, so he went down to the OR to watch the situation. Dr.Choi was also informed. Dr.Kim found out that Shi On brought Song Ho to the next room. Shi On insisted to conduct the operation, but he was out of control that he bumped into many things. Dr.Kim showed up on the door and yelled at Shi On. He decided to conduct two surgeries with the help of Yoon Seo and the team, but kicked Shi On out of there. Kim Do Han and his team were put in a very high pressure as they had two patients to be operated.


Shi On joined Dr. Kang and Dr.Choi at the theater. He was still anxious as he was watching. He couldn’t recommend things anytime Dr.Kim found a case on the patients’ condition, and Dr.Kim yelled at him to shut up. But when a critical situation did appear and Dr.Kim paused to think, Shi On recommended him a method that was already conducted in the US (sort of) and he never forgot to mention the exact reference page he read that one. Dr.Kim took the recommendation.


The thrilling surgeries ended up well. Dr.Kang and Dr.Choi congratulated Dr.Kim and the team. After Dr.Choi and Dr. left, Dr. Go who finally came was about to scold Dr. Kim for touching his patient, but Kim Do Han quickly hit Shi On on the face until blood came down that boy’s nose. But Shi On just smiled and the angry supervisor took it as an insult. Yoon Seo hurriedly brought Shi On away.


Yoon Seo treated Shi On’s wound and tried to talk to him, just like talking to a little boy. She asked him if he still didn’t know what his mistake was. Shi On kind of ignored her and just said “Butterfly butterfly.” Yoon Seo had a situation, but told Shi On not to go anywhere alone without her.

Kim Do Han had a meeting with Dr.Choi. The chairman knew Dr.Kim’s frustration, but he told the reason why Shi On was smiling after he hit him. It was because Shi On was bullied often when he was a kid, and smiling was the way he faced it. Kim Do Han might be a strict doctor, but he was a pediatrician as well, so he somehow tried to understand Shi On’s condition. He went outside and saw Cha Yoon Seo was trying to make Shi On eat the bread when another doctor, Dr.Kim Jae Joon, approached him. Dr.Jae Joon was obviously Kim Do Han’s competition. He said to Do Han how his team was such a mess and made a mess with his ward. That doctor told Kim Do Han that Cha Yoon Seo made a scene in his ward the other day and warned him to warn his team to stay away from his ward.

Going back to the office, Kim Do Han dismissed Shi On by 6 pm. As a resident in the hospital, you won’t have such a regular 9-6 working hours. Shi On insisted to stay, Dr.Kim insisted him to just call it a day. Cha Yoon Seo tried to catch up Dr.Kim and defended Shi On by telling Dr.Kim to understand Shi On’s big concern to the patient and it was not a mistake. Dr.Kim said it was a mistake and Shi On was like a robot. In his opinion, a doctor shouldn’t be a person with a robotic mind. To be a doctor, someone should have other considerations. The point is, it takes more than a genius mind to be a doctor. Yoon Seo didn’t stop there and kept defending Shi On. The result was her own dismissal for that day.

Yoon Seo went home together with Shi On. On the bus she asked what he’s gonna have for dinner. Shi On told her his menu was all the fast food from the near by convenient store. Yoon Seo brought him to shop to the supermarket. She offered to cook, but unfortunately Shi On’s favorite dishes were too difficult, so she offered a much simpler one.


On their way home from the supermarket, Yoon Seo teased Shi On about why he didn’t wake her up the other night. She said if it was because he liked to watched “something” from her body. Shi On said it wasn’t like that. “I watched your face,” he said innocently which struck Yoon Seo. “Why?” asked her. “Because it is very beautiful.” It struck her more. “The face that shone like a moonlight was very beautiful,” said Shi On.

Yoon Seo was ready to cook, but they forgot the oil. So she asked Shi On to go buying it. He was cleaning the mess on his table and by mistake threw away the surgery knife as she thought it was just a toy. Later on Shi On searched for it while Yoon Seo was cooking. He asked her about it and Yoon Seo told him that she threw the rubbish to the outside garbage bin. Shi On looked for it and once he found it, he restricted Yoon Seo for coming into his house ever again.

Kim Do Han was spending time with his girl, Chae Kyeong, in a bar, but his head looked so heavy. Chae Kyeong recommended him to go out and take some fresh air to ease his mind. So he was walking on the street when he decided to call someone: Yoon Seo. It was Shi On who took it as Yoon Seo’s belongings were still in his house. Shi On handed to Yoon Seo. Dr.Kim just asked her to prepare something early in the morning.

That night Shi On went to sleep with holding the knive. He remembered how he played doctor with his brother. He imagined his brother was there with him patting his head.


Shi On was still upset with Yoon Seo in the morning. Yoon Seo tried to dig info about what’s the story behind the toy knife. But as she came closer, Shi On drew his head lower until his nose touched the book he’s reading.


Dr.Kang put Dr.Choi in a difficult situation. He was using Shi On’s case to weaken Dr.Choi’s position.

Dr.Kim and his team were on their regular check on the patients. This time they’re in the same ward with Dr.Jae Joon. He was talking to a couple about their baby’s condition. He said he couldn’t do anything anymore with the baby’s condition and they should be ready to let their baby go. Shi On heard all of this conversation.

Dr.Kim found out that Dr.Choi’s position was in jeopardy because of Shi On. But that doctor put a big trust on him and that put him in a had-no-choice situation. When he went back to the office, he looked so upset and looked as if he was ready to yell at Shi On. But he refrained. Then suddenly Dr.Jae Joon burst into the office in furious condition. He said he had warned him to stay out of his patient. Dr.Kim thought it was Yoon Seo. The girl had no idea. Shi On had the look.

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  1. Thanks for the recap! Look forword to it.

  2. Thanks for the recap ,it feels like u want to know more & moon chae won is also pretty it was funny the way she was search for compliment and come upon random young innocence ;-)i wish u keep recap this one cause joo won is such an amazing actor <3

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