Good Doctor Episode 6 Summary

Another case came up in Good Doctor episode 6. There was a little girl who acted like a dog. Shi On tried to use animal communication by crawling on the floor and acted like a dog, too, but his seniors (as ordered by Dr.Kim) managed to catch the girl together.


The hospital boards were facing a serious problem. It’s related to a business problem. I think there were two institutions that were trying to take over the hospital (?)…a merger maybe, sort of. Sorry, I don’t really understand the business vocab.

Yoon Seo treated Shi On’s wound. She asked about he was doing earlier in the ward: acting like a dog. Shi On explained to her it’s animal communication. In order to persuade the girl, he had to make animal gesture of an invitation to play. That’s why he was shaking his butt earlier, just like a dog moving his tail. Yoon Seo got the idea, but warned him not to bring up this stuff to other seniors nor to Dr.Kim. This time she held Shi On’s face with both hands and spoke very nicely that it made Shi On got hiccups again.


When Yoon Seo was discussing the little girl’s matter with Dr.Kim in his office, Shi On burst in and offered to be in charge of Eun Ok, but Dr.Kim harshly refused and put Hong Gillam to be in charge of that girl. Lately Kim Do Han liked to bark :( .


Yoon Seo and Shi On went to check on the little girl (who cried about heaven in previous episode) who had a complain in her stomach. The thing was, she described her situation in a child’s way, “The stomach makes ‘anching anching’ sound,” she said. It was only Shi On who  could understand what the girl meant and both were discussing further in the kid’s way. Later he explained what actually happen to her.

Chae Kyeong worried about Kim Do Han regarding Dr.Choi and Park Shi On. She told him about the hospital political situation and understood clearly how some people would like to bring down the latter two. She was afraid Do Han would be dragged along. She offered to help, but letting himself under a woman’s domination is just not the nature of Kim Do Han, so he insisted to do things his way..just like he has always been.

The pediatric ward needed to cleanse the girl. Later the girl refused to get onto the bed and Shi On was trying to persuade her, again by mimicking  the animal. Dr.Kim came and was kicking Shi On out of there when he got a call from Dr.Go.


Dr.Go complained that he needed Dr.Hong Gillam to help him in the OR but that guy could not because Dr.Kim put him in charge of Eun Ok. He insisted Dr.Kim to put Shi On for that job instead, so he could get Dr.Hong for the OR. Dr.Kim finally agreed.

Yoon Seo warned Shi On not to make any mistake this time, ever. Things have been tough for him and Dr.Choi, and this is probably his last chance, so Shi On had to do well this time. Shi On promised. He shared his snack with Yoon Seo, and the hiccup came along.

Male nurse Jo was trying to make Eun Ok eat. Shi On said it wouldn’t work. So he rushed to the cafeteria and brought back a bowl of of mixed rice. He told the nurse to release the ties on her hands so she could eat with her hands. The method works.

Yoon Seo was watching Shi On from outside and was about to lose her temper when Dr.Choi prevented her. Dr.Choi told Yoon Seo how Shi On in his childhood was so close to his rabbit and only talk about that animal everyday. Dr.Choi was about to take a document , but Yoon Seo offered to do it instead. She saw the picture of young Shi On on Dr.Choi’s table. “He’s so cute.”

Dr.Kim still dislike the fact that Shi On was in charge of Eun Ok. He and Yoon Seo were having another arguments. In Yoon Seo’s opinion, all he thought about was Dr.Choi’s sake and didn’t care at all about Shi On. He just worried how Shi On would put Dr,Choi in trouble. Yoon Seo protested that Dr.Kim never even see Shi On as a human. Knowing Dr.Kim’s real character, Yoon Seo said, “I think everytime you deal with Park Shi On you become another person. Why you treat him differently?” I think Shi On reminds him so much to his little brother.

Shi On kind of talked to Eun Ok through telepathy. Without any word, just by looking through her eyes Shi On asked whom she missed the most. The girl uttered, “M-mom.”

Chae Kyeong was preparing dinner for Do Han, but the bf couldn’t go home that night because there’s a case in the ER. It was just an excuse. The truth is he needed time to be alone. He went out drinking all by himself. Later he summoned Yoon Seo who was already at home and in the middle of writing a paper. She took it as one of his ways to make her suffer, so she straightly gave the look as she arrived. Do Han guessed that it was because she was still upset about their previous argument. “Above anyone, who knows you better that you are also a warm person?” she said in a cold tone. “It’s just in the topic of Shi On you are so different.” Almost unsurprisingly, Do Han opened up to Yoon Seo about Kim Soo Han, his little brother who was the reason why he became a doctor. His brother was an autistic. Because the Kim family was wealthy, his brother was brought up well and found no difficulty in everyday life. Until one day Do Han suggested his parents to let his brother be a little independent as he was a teenager already. But apparently the process was difficult for his brother. He had a big problem crossing the street and ended up losing his life after being hit by a truck. That’s why Kim Do Han couldn’t stop blaming himself. “Everytime I see Park Shi On, I remember my little brother,” he said. Yoon Seo tried to ease his mind.


Chae Kyeong came to the station to find Dr.Kim. Jin Wook welcomed her as the only person left in the room. Chae Kyeong said yesterday must have been a tough day, but he innocently told her that yesterday was the calm day, there’s no emergency case. Chae Kyeong figured out that Do Han had been lying.

Yoon Seo picked up Shi On in the ward to have breakfast. Shi On’s mother watched from a distance. The doctors just finished their breakfast when Shi On’s mother suddenly collapsed. Si On and Yoon Seo rushed to help her. Apparently, Shi On didn’t recognize her at all. They put her in a ward. Yoon Seo explained that nothing was serious and all she needed was to get some rest. Yoon Seo told Shi On that she’s the lady who gave him the potato soup. Shi On thanked her. She asked if the taste was right. Shi On said yes. “Who gave you the soup back in your hometown?” asked his mother further. “I don’t know,” Shi On answered. Then he left first, going back to Eun Ok’s room. When Yoon Seo asked Shi On’s mother if there’s a family member she liked to contact, the woman said she’s alone.

Shi On let the kids to come and pat Eun Ok. Like children love animals, animals also tend to love kids because both have kind hearts.

Yoon Seo was taking something in the changing room when a picture dropped and she saw three people in it: a mother and his two sons. She recognized the woman and the little boy she’s holding. She figured out that the lady was Shi On’s mother.

Chae Kyeong was meeting the man Dr.Kang has been secretly meeting, and apparently he’s not Chae Kyeong’s dad. But yes, Chae Kyeong knows him as well. The man was definitely the one behind the complicated situation Sungwon Univ. Hospital had been facing, but he kept it a secret strictly for him and Dr.Kang only. He even pretended of being not really an acquaintance with Dr.Kang.

Il Kyu had an evil plan. He saw Shi On and the kids were leaving. Shi On did make sure that the door was safely locked. Not long after Shi On left, Il Kyu came to the door and opened it with his access card. All he needed to do was just to open the door a little and let everything went as he’s expected.


Eun Ok fled her room, making a chaos in the whole hospital. She was finally cornered by the guards in the front door. Dr.Kim’s team was having a meeting without Shi On, of course, because that time he was stopping by a convenience store before going back to Eun Ok’s room. Dr.Hong finally got the call. They all came to pick up Eun Ok. The guards were going to catch her. As the succeeded, Eun Ok struggled hard. Shi On saw the scene and rushed to release her. He even knocked down one of the guards by accident. And guess who’s smiling? Il Kyu.


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