Gu Family Book Episode 1 Quick Summary

There was this young man who actually lived in the forest, but one day he was attracted by the sound of music from the city. It’s probably not proper calling him a young man because he was a sort of half-human-half-spirit who guarded a mountain. His name was Gu Wol Ryeong, as that name was what the monk called him. He decided to go down the city and saw there were three convicts sold to a gisaeng house: a boy, his big sister and his sister’s personal maid. The sister refused to get into the gisaeng house, so house’s maids called the leader gisaeng, named Cheon Soo Ryeon. The vicious gisaeng ordered her men to take off the girl’s clothes right there. The girl’s brother and maid couldn’t do anything and she couldn’t fight them. She was stripped and tied on a tree. And Wol Reyong watched from afar and was in a dilemma if he had to intervere or just leave.


The girl’s name was Yoon Seo Hwa. She came from a noble family, but her father something like set up by this one bad royal officer, Jo Kwan Woong. Because the noble man decided to fight, he was killed right there, in front of Seo Hwa.

In the morning, Seo Hwa woke up and found the villagers already gathered around her, talking bad about her and kids even threw stones at her. She stayed in the tree for 2 days and 2 nights and the guy was still considering if he had to help or not.
Seo Hwa finally collpased in the next day, andWol Ryeong finally made up his mind to get off the tree to help her. In the same time, the  monk found Wol Ryeong whom he had been looking for and prevented him from helping her. They fought and when finally he was about to move on, Seo Hwa was not there anymore.

Seo Hwa was brought in and her wounds were treated. She still refused to live as a gisaeng, but they threatened her with her little brother as their hostage. they were beating her brother until she agreed to be a gisaeng. They prepared her to be a gisaeng right away. And her initiation day was coming. Her little brother overheard from another worker that the man she was going to serve on her first night was the man who killed her father, Mr.Jo. He shared this information to his sister’s maid and they made plan. Seo Hwa was in her dressing room with her seniors and helper when she finally heard about the man who paid for her initiation. She was about to kill herself when her maid came in and helped her. They changed clothes. The maid stayed as her and Seo Hwa ran away with her brother. The maid had to sleep with the officer in subtitute of Seo Hwa.

Far deep in the forest, Wol Ryeong was sitting alone still thinking about Seo Hwa and had the rope used to tie her in his hands.

The siblings were stumbling down trying to flee in the forest. Meanwhile the gisaeng houses men were already searching for them in the forest. SEo Hwa couldn’t move any further as she sprained her ankle so she made her brother to continue without her. Reluctantly he left and Seo Hwa was about to kill herself. Suddenly she saw blue fireflies around her. She dropped her knife and fell unconscious. But she never fell down because the mysterious guy caught her. She could open her eyes for awhile and said to Won Ryeong, “Please help me.” The men from gisaeng houses kept searching and they found Wol Ryeong instead. He managed to scare those men in a very crazily scary way.


In the morning, Seo Hwa’s little brother was found by bounty hunters. He was caught and brought back to the city. Dama, the maid, heard the news and ran to the city square. She witnessed her young master was executed right in front of her. Going back to the gisaeng house, she was thinking about hanging herself too. And she really did.


Seo Hwa woke up and found herself in a warm cave. She stepped outside and saw there were many blue fireflies around the place. she met her savior and looked scared at first. But Wol Ryeong was very friendly and assured her that those bad guys who were after her could not reach her there.


Back in the city, the bad officer was still trying to find Seo Hwa. they got the report from one of the men who searched for seo Hwa that there was a gumiho (nine-tailed beast) in the forest protecting Seo Hwa. So Mr.Jo sent his trusted man, Dam Pyeong Joon, to lead a group of royal troop to find the gumiho. In the hiding, the monk informed Wol Ryeong that he should just send the girl away because the troops were looking for him. Instead of thinking about sending Seo Hwa away or fighting the troops, he was talking about Guga book. The monk was startled and asked, “Don’t tell me that you’re thinking of…”  Wol Ryeong said,”I want to be a human.”


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  1. Thanks very much for the quick summary!!!

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