Gu Family Book Episode 5 Quick Summary

The tense was high in Gu Family Book episode 5. As the start, Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were really having a difficult situation facing ninjas. We saw this on the last scene on previous episode. They realized that the ninjas they’re fighting were just shadows. Those shadows could hurt them, but not vice versa. Meanwhile Mr.Park was also in danger. A ninja was threatening him for Kang Chi’s real identity. Thankfully the guards came in on time.

Yeo Wool told Kang Chi that among the shadows there must be one real ninja. When Yeo Wool was losing her guard and a ninja was about to stab her, Kang chi took the stab with his arm and kicked him hard. Yeo Wool finally remembered that it was also Kang Chi who saved her from the dog bite when they were kids. One ninja down, but another one who was fighting the guards feld.



Instead of thanking Kang Chi, YEo Wool hit his head twice. She complained how he could be so reckless taking the stab instead of dodging it. Kang Chi was upset of Yeo Wool’s action as he didn’t understand Yeo Wool’s real intention.

Then the scene was back to the time when they’re kids during the dog’s bite. Kang Chi’s arm was bleeding bad but he kept saying that he’s okay and Yeo Wool not to worry. The small Kang Chi boasted that he had nothing to be afraid of in this world. But as soon as a tarantula went down from the tree right in front of his eyes, Kang Chi freaked out and he accidentally pushed down Yeo Wool.


Kang Chi’s wound was treated by his guardian father. He just realized that he never knew Yeo Wool’s name. In the same time, Geon came to send a medicine from Yeo Wool. And apparently Geon just like making Kang Chi lost his temper.

Yeo Wool was treating her wound by herself. When Geon came to her room, Yeo Wool was in her girl’s appearance of course. And she took off her shirt to treat her wound. It made Geon felt awkward, while Yeo Wool acted just very casual and comfortable.


Mr.Park was trying to investigate this matter. Thankfully Kang Chi managed to get one of the ninjas and he remembered him as one of Mr.Jo’s guards. The chief guard reported it to Mr.Park, and also told him that during that attack a monk told him to go to Mr.Park’s chamber soon as he was in trouble. Mr.Park was wondering what really was going on with this matter that it seemed to be related with Kang Chi.


Kang Chi was sitting alone under the tree when Cheong Jo came to see him. She sincerely worried about him. They hugged as Kang Chi forgot Yeo Wool’s med. Yeo Wool witnessed the scene from afar.

It was Park Tae Seo who went to confront Mr.Jo. He told him to go apologize personally to his father. This brave action would cost a great consequence later.

Cheong Jo’s engagement day came. So that night after the hug, the couple came to their sensese. They knew that they had to face the reality that running away together was not the best solution. Cheong Jo knew that Kang Chi could never betrayed her father and Tae Seo. So they had to let her marry someone else that in this way Kang Chi could stay with Mr.Park forever and still be able to see Cheong Jo.

Kang Chi was sitting alone when The Monk came to him. Kang Chi asked him if he knew him. The Monk told him that he would tell him the whole story if he came later that night to the place that Monk told him to come.

Apparently Tae Seo and Yeo Wool had known each other well for along time. Mr.Dam was meeting Mr.Park to discuss something seriously. Suddenly, another guest came. He’s the nobleman who met Yeo Wool and saw Kang Chi in the market. He introduced himself as Lee Sung Shin. He’s the great admiral during Joseon era. Three of them were discussing about sea exploration…or sort of. Admiral Lee showed Mr.Park the design of his famous battleship.


Kang Chi saw Geon and Yeo Wool in front of Mr.Park’s chamber. Kang Chi approached them and his never ending argue with Geon started to get more serious. It took the chief guard and his men to threaten them for punishment to make them stop fighting.

Mr.Park with Tae Seo as his assistant were showing their important guests his secret chamber. Apparently, Mr.Park was not just so wealthy. He was soooo crazilyyyy wealthy!! He got lots of golds in his secret chamber and he’s donating them to Admiral Lee for the sake of the country.

Mr.Lee and Mr.Dam were excusing themselves when Mr.Lee noticed Kang Chi.Mr.Park introduced him as almost like his son. He told Mr.lee that maybe Kang Chi could go with Admiral Lee adventuring the sea. Kang Chi refused saying that for him, there’s no world greater than the world where Mr.Park was.

Mr.Dam asked his daughter what he thought about Kang Chi. From Yeo Wool explanation, Mr.Dam noticed that she already knew him. So he secretly asked Geon to keep his eyes on Kang Chi.

During Cheong Jo’s engagement event, a troop of guards burst in. They came to search the whole house for the secret document that Mr.Jo reported to the magistrate. Mr.Jo was about to do the same criminal as he did before to Seo Hwa’s parents. One of the guard found the secret letter Mr.Park had to communicate with Mr.Dam, if my memory was right. He reported it to Mr.Jo and the Magistrate. Mr.Jo ordered for the officers to arrest Mr.Park and Tae Seo. It was so obvious that the Magistrate had less power than Mr.Jo.

But then Kang Chi came right in time. He decided not to meet the monk to defend his family. He fought the guards, help Tae Seo and Mr.Park released themselves. Mr.Jo’s right hand man came forward to fight Kang Chi, but it was the wrong time for him. Kang Chi was in a really angry mode, so his superhuman power mode was on too. Kang Chi almost choked him, but Kang Chi just kicked him away.  The other Mr.Jo’s man, the ninja KAng Chi arrested, was about to step forward to stab Kang Chi with a sword, but it was Mr.Park who took it. He shield Kang Chi. Everyone was in shock.

Mr.Park was down, bleeding. Kang Chi could not help to cry holding Mr.Park in his hands. Mr.Park’s last words was for Kang Chi to take care of Tae Seo and Cheong Jo. Then Mr.Park passed away. The children screamed and Mrs. Park fell unconscious. And suddenly a big wind blew. The furious Kang Chi looked Mr.Jo in the eyes…with his turning-to-green creepy eyes.


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  1. Why I cant quench my thirst after reading this eps5.Disappointed.Except for bickering/Wide narrow eyes moments.
    Thank you a lot..Hat off that you recapped it, much quicker as I’ve trolling through different site may be for 3/4 hours.And you were 1st with this recap & Snapshots.THANK U

    • Please stop by here often Sudina. I’ve been trying hard to keep up with the quick summary project for this drama. Thanks!

  2. I reall love your summary guys even if i watch it in their own language i cant understand it now that i have read it in english thank you so much keep up the good works & more power

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