Gu Family Book Episode 10 Quick Summary

The tense was high in Gu Family Book episode 10. We will see Kang Chi’s ingenious action in this episode. Let’s start the quick recap.

Still from Mr.Jo’s quarter, Kang chi and Yeo Wool who were trapped in a very awkward incident pulled themselves off from each other and said nothing. Meanwhile outside, Mr.Jo’s man finally found out that painting was a sliding door. He failed to open the next layer of the door because Yeo Wool and Kang Chi held it with their bodies.


Mr.Jo’s man put the construction on hold as he went out to report this matter to his master. The secret entrance was guarded, so Mr.Dam’s men couldn’t get in and Kang Chi-Yeo Wool couldn’t get out. Mr.Dam got the news soon.

In the gisaeng house, Mr.Jo was having his leisure time with some gisaengs. He made Cheong Jo sit in the same room. Gisaeng Cheon tried to save Cheong Jo in her own way, but of course Cheong Jo disagreed with her way. She had to “entertain” Mr.Jo.  After Cheong Jo went out of her room, Gisaeng Cheon received an important letter. She ordered to keep Mr.Jo occupied for four days, give him a very strong alcohol. The letter had the symbol that Mr.Dam and Mr.Lee had for their secret communication.

Trapped alone in the secret room, Kang Chi and Yeo Wool had an awkward moment. He noticed her condition was not good and found out the wound. He figured out the wound was because of him. KAng Chi insisted to bring her out, but Yeo Wool insisted on waiting.

Mr.Jo’s bodyguards had to wait for their master having his leisure time. The drunk Mr.Jo approached Cheong Jo and called her Seo Hwa. He was about to kiss Cheong Jo, but she dodged. And just seconds after that man collapsed on Cheong Jo’s lap, his bodyguards came to him, but it was too late. He was already unconscious. Gisaeng Cheon came to bring Mr.Jo to his room and she told the bodyguard that she had to make sure Mr.Jo’s well being during his stay in her place. Meanwhile Cheong Jo was so shock that Mr.Jo touched her face and was so close to her. I think somehow she felt filthy already.


Kang chi still addressed her as he used to do, “Dam Goon” (goon is used to address a young man). Before falling unconscious,Yeo Wool told Kang Chi that her name was Yeo Wool. At that moment, as he held Yeo Wool’s body, Kang Chi finally remembered Yeo Wool as the little girl he saved from the dog’s bites when they’re kids. Then Kang Chi remembered everything. From the moment Yeo Wool saved him from the guards’ chase until the night when he was sick in the previous episode.


Tae Seo suddenly left his meditation and went out bringing a sword. He went to his old house and made a scene in the courtyard. He asked his old worker to go telling the bodyguards guarding the secret entrance. The worker did as he was told and the guards did leave their post. After those people left, Geon hurriedly went inside the chamber and brought Yeo Wool away. Geon send away Yeo Wool through one of their men while he went back to the courtyard to help Tae Seo. Meanwhile Kang Chi who was still inside had another plan.

Tae Seo sent Geon away to split the guards’ attack. When he was alone, the guard who brainwashed him came. Tae Seo had to face his own fear and frustration. That man could not be killed. Tae Seo was aiming his sword to that man’s neck, but he couldn’t proceed. He was really under that man’s spell. He asked Tae Seo the real reason why he was there and his hand, without his will, pointed at the secret room. Mr.Jo’s bodyguard finally found the secret chamber and the golds.


The construction was stopped. Geon reported that he failed to help Tae Seo. And they had to be reminded by the construction man that someone was not yet out of the secret chamber: Kang Chi. He’s surely had a plan and it’s related to the old trainer in Dam’s Resident.

Early in the morning, Mr.Jo was picked up by his right hand man from the gisaeng house. He was so excited that they found the secret chamber. But when he went inside the chamber, all the golds had gone. Mr.Jo was furious so he summoned the old workers he met earlier in the entrance. The workers said they were sending food supplies to the navy office.

Mr.Jo confronted Admiral Lee about those items that just arrived in his office. Admiral Lee let Mr.Jo’s men to inspect the items, but what they found were just wheat.

Apparently, Kang Chi just rearranged the secret chamber and hid the golds. So when Mr.Jo was away, Kang Chi was ready to send the golds to Admiral Lee.


Admiral Lee made Mr.Jo as a person who disgrace the country as he had done such dishonor action by ruining the soldiers food supplies. So Mr.Lee had his authority to suppress Mr.Jo. During that time, Kang Chi came with all those golds and Mr.Jo could not do anything. Admiral Lee was very thankful to Kang Chi. And in return, Kang Chi asked a small favour to Mr.Lee. He asked that admiral to lend his hat for a day to the old master in Mr.Dam’s resident. Kang Chi did that to get a bowl of chicken.

Tae Seo was arrested by Mr.Jo. Then after he was released, Tae Seo went to the gisaeng house and saw Cheong Jo’s hard life.

Yeo Wool’s condition was better. She burst out of her room as she remembered the mission, but everything was over. Kang Chi checked on her fever and found her better. Kang Chi told Yeo Wool that the mission went well. Then Yeo Wool noticed Kang Chi’s wound on his palm. Apparently, when they were still in the chamber and Yeo Wool was unconscious, Kang Chi saw some blue fireflies. So he cut himself and pour his blood on Yeo Wool’s wound. Magically, the fireflies healed it fast.


In the gisaeng house, Mr.Jo had officially asked Gisaeng Cheon to prepare Cheong Jo to sleep with him that night. Cheong Jo heard their conversation. The frustarted Tae Seo even kneeled before Kang Chi, begging him to save his little sister.


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  1. Haha. This episode makes me smile. I was thingking if I were suzy’s position. Super duper akward. Yeah I like it. :)

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