Gu Family Book Episode 12 Quick Summary

Gu Family Book episode 12 gave a straight forward opening. Tae Seo took off Kang Chi’s beads and immediately the hard wind blew. Kang Chi changed into his beast mode. They really had no idea what they’re dealing with. The gang leader still tried hurt Kang Chi but failed. Tae Seo drew his sword and KAng Chi dodge it and scratch Tae Seo. Cheong Jo was so shock and frightened in the same time, just like Seo Hwa’s reaction when she first saw her husband real form. As TAe Seo was bleeding and fell in front of her, Cheong Jo threw stones to Kang Chi. Because she’s too emotional, Cheong Jo fell unconscious.


Yeo Wool and Geon heard the groan. But when they got to the area, everyone was already down and bleeding. The gang leader was critical. But Kang Chi and the siblings were not there. It seemed that Kang Chi had brought Cheong Jo somewhere and the bleeding Tae Seo was looking for both of them. Geon found the beads and informed Yeo Wool. So they knew Kang Chi was in his beast mode.

Admiral Lee went to Mr.Dam’s house and complained about Mr.Dam’s decision of letting Kang Chi left. Right that time, the news about the forest incident came to them.

Cheong Jo woke up in the cave. Kang Chi tried to talk to her. But Cheong Jo thought Kang Chi had killed her brother. So she rejected Kang Chi and then fled. Meanwhile in the woods, Yeo Wool and Geon saw Mr.Jo’s men around. They were tricked by Mr.Jo’s men, and Cheong Jo was found by them first.

Mr.Jo stepped into the woods. The village gang survived though their condition was bad. The leader told Mr.Jo about Kang Chi’s transformation and what happened. Then he recalled the memory of the incident 20 years ago. So Mr.Jo finally noticed that Kang Chi was not human and he might be the son of Seo Hwa.


Then he asked Cheong Jo where Kang Chi was. Cheong Jo said she didn’t remember. Tae Seo was found by Mr.Jo’s men, but kept as a hostage as Cheong Jo failed to tell him where Kang Chi was. Cheong Jo had to agree to sleep with that old guy to keep her brother alive. As Mr.Jo left, the bodyguards killed the whole village gang in front of Cheong Jo.

Mr.Jo’s next visit was to Mr.Dam’s place. He came to Mr.Dam to confirm that Kang Chi was really Seo Hwa’s son. Mr.Dam was the one who assasinated Kang Chi’s father and he was the one who knew Seo Hwa’s condition during the incident. Mr.Dam refused to say anything. This upset Mr.Jo.

KAng Chi went out of his hiding and back to the woods. He searched for his beads, but it was not there. He sensed Yeo Wool was the one who took it. Kang Chi almost left when the gang leader, who apparently still alive, begged Kang Chi to save his life. Kang Chi wondered why he had to save that bad guy’s life. But the man kept begging. Kang Chi lost his patience, so he took off that guy’s dagger..but we never know the rest of the story.

At night in Mr.Dam’s place. The warriors were patroling and then caught Kang Chi was trying to sneak in. Mr.Dam came out to approach Kang Chi. “I’m here to meet Yeo Wool,” said KAng Chi. Mr.Dam said he couldn’t let that happen. The upset KAng Chi  hurt one of the warriors and threatened to choke him dead. Mr.Dam then said that he had no choice, but to kill KAng Chi. Right that time, Yeo Wool came.


She begged her father to put down his sword and spare Kang Chi’s life. “You said there’s no really bad guy in this world. Kang Chi is not guilty,” said Yeo Wool. Mr.Dam argued his daughter, so Yeo Wool took a more challenging action. She came to Kang Chi and held his hand tightly. She did it so bravely and without a blink. Kang Chi was so touched that he changed into human mode automatically, without the beads. Mr.Dam knew he had lost over his daughter.

Kang Chi was summoned by Admiral Lee, who was still in Mr.DAm’s house. Kang Chi shared his broken hearted situation being rejected by those he always thought as his only family. Admiral Lee then asked him what kind of life he want to run now. Kang Chi said he had no idea. He still didn’t know if he’s  human nor beast. Mr.Lee adviced Kang Chi about life. Then he asked him one more time the same question, and Kang Chi just drop a tear.

After meeting Mr.Lee, Kang Chi met Yeo Wool. He asked her how could she did such a thing that her words could change him back to his human mode. Yeo Wool said that she just sincerely wanted  to help Kang Chi.

Then the scene was back to when he was still inside with Mr.Lee.Kang Chi answered that wise man, “I want to live as a human…” Kang Chi wept so hard. The man held Kang Chi’s hand to sooth him.

The leader gang woke up in the woods that night: safe and sound. So after drawing that guy’s dagger, Kang Chi cut himself and poured his blood to that guy’s wound. Kang Chi said he had no idea why exactly he did this but he just wanted to give that guy a second chance.

In the gisaeng house, Mr.Jo was ready for his night. Park Cheong jo was summoned. Mr.Jo told her that she had no reason to keep fighting him. She had no one to fight for in this life anymore, so what she had to do was giving in. And then Mr.Jo got he wanted.

The next morning, Yeo Wool was trying to make up with her father. Mr.Dam stayed being cold. Yeo Wool said that Kang Chi had decided to become human, so they had to help him achieve that.

In the gisaeng house, Cheong jo really slept with Mr.Jo. And that evil man didn’t stop there to make the Park siblings suffer. He summoned Tae Seo into the room so that the brother could see how his sister was taken by the person who killed their parents.
Tae Seo was so frustrated. He tried to fight them, but he was so powerless. Mr.Jo asked him to get more information about Mr.Jo’s action. Cheong Jo came to gisaeng Cheon. She said she wanted to live her life again.


The depress Tae Seo dragged himself back to Mr.Dam’s house. He was so helpless when he came to Mr.Dam. Kang Chi saw Tae Seo. At first he was still upset of what Tae Seo had done to him. But then he remembered Mr.Park’s last wish. Tae Seo shared his frustrated heart to Mr.Dam. He said that he wanted to live his life like his father, but he had fallen apart. Kang Chi went into the room and interrupted. He confronted Tae Seo and challenged him to look him in the eye. When Tae Seo finally rised his eyes, he immediately let out his emotion by hitting Kang Chi as hard as he could while crying hard. Kang Chi just let himself beaten. Kang Chi said this is how friends should help each other. Tae Seo broke down and cried.

Kang Chi started his training. His supervisor was Geon. His first task was to count the thousands of beans inside the sack.

Mr.Jo got a visitor, which seemed to be his ally from Japan. They communicate with a certain symbol, just like how Mr.Lee and Mr.Dam communicate, but it’s different symbol. But the mighty guest was a lady. she was the wife of the master in Japan.


Kang Chi was counting the beans, but Yeo Wool was talking to him and distracting him. Suddenly KAng Chi felt something strange. A gust of wind blew to him. Far in the woods, the place where Kang Chi’s father was buried by the nature suddenly changed its color. Gu Wol Ryeong’s eyes suddenly wide opened and turned red.

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  1. Thank you for your recap.

  2. Thank you so much for the recap! OMG! His dad is still alive and might have become a demon? Oh, no! I have a bad feeling YW might die trying to save KC…no…please.

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