Gu Gamily Book Episode 20 Quick Summary

The tense is high again in Gu Family Book episode 20. Let’s just get to the story.

Tae Seo and Seo Hwa were discussing their plan. For Tae Seo, the most important thing is knowing when they will kill Mr.Jo.And then we see how the ninja approached Mr.Jo, but he was saved by his right hand man. Oh no..he’s still alive! When they stepped out of the building, they found dead bodies of ninjas on the ground…died in a weird way. They could sense something wrong is coming, and it or he is really coming: Wol Ryeong. Mr.Jo knew exactly who’s that creepy man standing in front of him.


“How could this happen? I’ve witness you died with my very own eyes…”
Wol Ryeong still have an unfinished business. He needed to know who had made him like this. Well, I don’t blame him for being very angry. First he tried so hard to be human, and then be killed and now resurrect in a severe confusion. Mr.Jo said it wasn’t him who had made him suffer this way, but Seo Hwa. “Who the heck is this Seo Hwa?!!” yelled Wol Ryeong.

Yeo Wool asked Seo Hwa if she could come back as Kang Chi’s mother. “Can’t you start over with Kang chi?” Yeo Wool tried to persuade her. She asked nicely for her to pay their time together that they had  lost since she threw away Kang Chi on the river.

Mr.Dam didn’t play soft with Kang Chi.It’s a kind of tough training for Kang Chi, and a real serious’s the way Mr.Dam himself prepared Kang Chi to be ready to fight his own father. Kang Chi agreed to take off his beads as Mr.Dam kept challenging him.


In the morning, Seo Hwa had to deal with Mr.Jo. They’re finally reaching the ultimate confrontation. Seo Hwa just had enough of this man and she ordered her ninjas to kill Mr.Jo. But a surprising thing happened. The swords of those ninjas were pointing at her! She’s betrayed by her own used-to-be translator. Seo Hwa was badly cornered. Tae Seo witnessed what’s happening there and soon reported it to Gisaeng Cheon.

Yeo Wool arrived home in the morning. She found that Kang Chi was in the battle with her father. The junior warrior and the old master told her that they had been fighting since last night. Mr.Dam explained to Kang Chi his real aim of provoking this battle. Geon confirmed it too. The point is, if Kang Chi couldn’t win over Mr.Dam, how could he win the fight with his merciless father? Kang Chi got the point. It’s for his own good. So he tried to raise his anger by remembering things.
When he remember the way his father almost choked Yeo Wool, he could almost win from Mr.Dam…his paw was already high and ready to attack, but of course he refrained. And Mr.Dam stab him. He told Kang Chi not to ever refrain like that anymore in the real battle because he would not only make himself killed but also the people he cared for.


Mr.Jo shared the information about Mr.Lee’s ship design to his new ally. Meanwhile Mr.Lee himself was testing his weaponry and checking the ship design drawings.

Yeo Wool came to check on Kang Chi’s condition. She’s bringing him his clean shirt. Kang Chi got nervous about the fact that Yeo Wool was there right in front of him while he had to take off his clothes to change. Yeo Wool’s stare was just flat, while Kang Chi was very nervous. Kang chi turned around and told her to turn around too. But the clean shirt was on Yeo Wool’s side and he tried to reach it after he took off his shirt. (okay girls..droooooooool :D  )Yeo Wool tried to help but they fingers touched and Yeo Wool turned, saw KAng Chi’s bare body. They were awkward for a moment and it was Kang Chi who turned first and hurriedly put on the clean shirt. Yeo Wool couldn’t stand giggling.


Kang Chi teased her if she’s that happy seeing a man’s bare body. Yeo Wool said that it’s not a big deal for her seeing a man’s body..well yeah considering her environment. “So you’re happy because it’s MY body?” teased Kang Chi. And then he scoped Yeo Wool’s face with his hands and then kissed her…several times…before they hugged.


Cheon Jo came to visit Kang Chi. She’s delivering the news about her mother’s condition. Mr.Jo was deporting Seo Hwa soon. The girls encouraged Kang Chi to at least meet her and said a proper goodbye. But Kang chi still hated his mother for all she had done. Kang Chi left the room first, and Cheong Jo was the last. Before leaving, Cheong Jo left a red vest for Kang Chi, with a beautiful embroidery on it.

Tae Seo found the Japanese girl in his room, leaving him a note.

Meanwhile Mr.Jo was meeting Wol Ryeong. So he seemed to have a plan relating Wol Ryeong and Seo Hwa…or sort of.

Kang Chi went to the village. He saw the gang leader and treated the leader and his man lunch. He asked the gang leader about mother…and as Kang Chi didn’t tell why he brought up the mother topic, the gang leader brought up the topic about the hug between him and Yeo Wool, whom he thought as a guy. Yeo Wool suddenly showed up and Kang Chi told the gang leader that Yeo Wool was not a guy. After the lunch, while walking back home, Yeo Wool had something to tell Kang Chi. It’s about her secret meeting with Seo Hwa.
Meanwhile Seo Hwa was finally leaving the inn for Japan.

Kang Chi and Mr.Dam had their second round battle. Kang Chi was ready in his beast mode. He remembered what Yeo Wool had told him earlier. Seo Hwa told Yeo Wool that for the last 20 years she couldn’t sleep even a day. She thought al ot about what had happened to Wol Ryeong, and about her child. She also thought about her child would never forgive what she had done.
The battle started quickly and ended quickly. This time, Kang Chi didn’t refrain to use his paw. He managed to hurt Mr.Dam’s hand and made him drop the sword. Kang Chi made it. Mr.Dam could see the smile blossomed on Kang Chi’s face and suddenly turned back into his human mode: without the beads nor Yeo Wool.


After the battle, he rushed to get to his mother. Yeo Wool asked permission from her father and Mr.Dam gave his blessing to her, but of course Geon had to tag along. Seo Hwa was already on her way passing the woods. Apparently, it was not only Kang Chi and friends who were running after Seo Hwa. Some ninjas as well…their attack let Seo Hwa escape, but not far. Seo Hwa was cornered. First her Japanese lady voluntary became her shield and died. The second attempt the ninja tried to kill her, Kang Chi and friends came on time.
While Yeo Wool and Geon were fighting other ninjas, Kang Chi handle the ninjas who were about to execute Seo Hwa. The ninjas were down. But there came Wol Ryeong not far from them.
“Please stop all this. Just come with me,” Kang Chi told his mother who was still sitting on the ground.
Seo Hwa: “Just go.”
“Just come with me!”
Seo Hwa got up and determined to go instead of staying with her son. She needed to continue her mission of vengeance. She had to continue the war against Joseon after what they had done to her family. But Kang Chi reminded her, “What about me?? Don’t you see me here? I’m your son, right? I’m your son, mother…”
Seo Hwa stopped and just cried hard and touched Kang Chi’s face. “Forgive me…Really, forgive me..”
The mother and son finally made their proper reunion and hugged each other.


Meanwhile Yeo Wool and Geon were still fighting the ninjas. They’re out numbered and cornered. Their stamina slowed them down, but finally Tae Seo, with a mask, came to help them. Kang Chi brought his mother to the Monk’s place. But he let her wait outside because the Monk was not there yet. Kang Chi was about to go when Seo Hwa reached his hand to just say “Be careful.”
Kang Chi was already leaving when he suddenly sensed something…or someone was coming. And yes he’s right. the power of blood connection. Wol Ryeong came to approach Seo Hwa. The (ex)wife was so surprised and relieved seeing Wol Ryeong. But the angry Wol Ryeong was just being surprised and asked her, “Do you know me?”
And there Kang Chi came standing between them. Kang Chi warned his father that he would never let him kill anyone again and he would be the one who stop him.


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  1. omo, Seo hwa and Wol ryung meeting for the first time in 20 years!! it looks like Kang chi will play a pivotal role in (hopefully) reuniting his parents. Thanks for the super fast recap :D

  2. i hope Wolryung won’t kill Seo Hwa, they deserve to happy, right?

  3. Thanks a million! You’re the best!

  4. Thanks for the lightning-speed recap!! :)

  5. you’re the best! Thank you so much.. Danke sehr…
    I’ll always waiting for the next episode :D


  7. Arigatoo gozaimasu, always amazing to read your fast recap! It’s really intense episode & makes me want Monday comes sooner hehehe I’m so happy that KC forgive his mother. Hope SH can bravely enough to ask WR’s forgiveness as she did to KC. Finally all the gu family can get reunion. I think both of the parents will die but i want a good ending for them, especially for WR. I don’t understand how can KC become human without the beads nor YW. Is that means he can control his beast side and that’s the important part to reveal gu family book? Only 4 episodes left but still don’t know what is the gu family book ;p

  8. terimakasih ya………….. sinopsis nya cepat banget, terus semangat ya…………..

  9. The one thats mkes bad things happen is that beast!!…anyway thanks 4 the fast review….hope,can relay to you soon again for others drama…:-)

  10. IT would totally be so unfair if Wol Ryung dies!!! I am hoping that is not a bad ending for him Seo hwa I honestly do not have much sympathy for her how can a mother forget a child for 20 years? The victim in all this is Wol Ryung and he deserves a little bit of happiness if he dies I hope Kang chi can return him back to what he was with his blood or something. At least for his memories to be back and for him not to be a demon

  11. Thank you ^.^
    so fast

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  13. kyaaaa!!!!! hugsss for recapssssss :)
    so emotional and kangdam couple so sweet :*
    authors keep fighting!

  14. please wol ryeong dont kill your (ex)wife, T.T
    kang chi what can you do now? Can you kill him *wol ryeong? *please dont do that…
    Poor family…So sad T.T
    thanks a lot…

  15. Ok people lets be realistic, Wol Ryeong dies or Seo Hwa and him both die the mother and father of Kang Chi will probably die together with some chessy line.
    Sorry if i hurt some of your dream for this serie but i am 99% sure of what i said so prepare thouse tissues, icecream, and make up caus if you are into the serie you are gonna cry like. I did in the first two episodes.

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