Gu Family Book Episode 13 Quick Summary

This episode started as far back as when Kang Chi was asked by Admiral Lee what kind of life he wanted to live. Then it jumped to the time when Yeo Wool and Geon went to Mr.Dam to discuss Kang Chi’s training. At first Mr.Dam opposed Yeo Wool as Kang Chi’s supervisor, but surprisingly she was supported by Geon.

That morning, Kang Chi started his task to count the soy beans. Yeo Wool kept talking to him and distracted him. Yeo wool was wondering about Kang Chi’s late parents. She said that his father might not be human,but his mother was human so she might be someone from around the neighborhood. Kang Chi’s comments was cold. “That person is the one who abandoned me. I’m not interested in that kind of person.”

Mr.Jo received his mysterious guests. The lady from Japan seems a very important person.


Then Kang Chi got a hunch about something coming from the woods. His sense was so strong because it’s related to his father. He’s back to life. Kang Chi suddenly was trembling. “Suddenly I feel so scared,” said Kang Chi.
He and Yeo Wool immediately consulted the old master. That old man said it’s nothing serious, and just gave Kang Chi a red ginseng. And Kang Chi had to go back to his soy bean task. On his way back to his post, Kang chi met the warriors. The way they treated Kang Chi had changed after the incident that night, even after Kang Chi apologized.

Tae Seo was summoned by Mr.Dam. That man gave Tae Seo something that Mr.Park had asked him to give to Tae Seo. There were also the old master and Geon in that room. The item seemed to be very important. It’s related to a difficult task Tae Seo had to do: helping Kang chi to be a human.

Kang Chi couldn’t concentrate counting. When he realized there’s no one bugging him, Yeo Wool turned out to have fallen asleep. And her head fell into Kang Chi’s shoulder. As he thought Yeo Wool was sleeping, he confessed that he actually wondered about his mother and what would happen if he met his parent. “Thanks for asking, Yeo Wool,” he said. Yeo Wool was awake and smiled.


Deep in the woods, Wol Ryeong was back alive. Back he seemed to be…different? if not confused.

Kang Chi spent a quality time with Tae Seo. They wondered since when Mr.Park knew about Kang Chi’s condition and why he kept it a secret all this time.  Then Tae Seo asked Kang Chi about his transformation experience. He asked what happened whenever he changed into his beast mode, if the human Kang Chi was still there. He said yes, that part was still there even though it’s struggling. Then Kang Chi told him that Yeo Wool’s presence helped him a lot. He didn’t know why he feel very comfortable whenever he’s with Yeo Wool.
Tae Seo that cut him if he likes Yeo Wool. Kang Chi tried to deny. Then Tae Seo said, “If it’s because of Cheong Jo, you shouldn’t. From now on, just think of Cheong Jo as someone that has passed away.” Tae Seo couldn’t explain the real situation vulgarly to Kang Chi. He just said that Cheong Jo had started a different destiny from them. Kang Chi insisted that his mission in life now, as he had promised their father, is to reunite TAe Seo and Cheong Jo, and for them to live together again. Tae Seo tried to convince him that the mission of their brotherhood now is to help Kang Chi become human.


In the woods, an innocent man made an unfortunate encounter with Wol Ryeong. The beast killed him.


Cheong Jo started her training as a drummer artist. She’s under Gisaeng Cheon’s personal supervisory. This condition rised a jealousy among the seniors. But Gisaeng Cheon stood for Cheong Jo. It didn’t stop the bullying though, but Cheong Jo had become a different person. She fought back as vicious as them.


Kang Chi continued his soy bean counting task the next day. Yeo Wool tried to annoy him, but Kang Chi didn’t let her go through. Yeo Wool had a short cut: a hard bite on Kang Chi’s hand. She asked where he was last night because he wasn’t there when she came to his room. She told him that the warriors were worrying him. They’re not mad at him. They just didn’t know about him.
Then Kang Chi was speaking with his face very close to Yeo Wool.Suddenly the junior warrior came to them to report that there’s a man died in the woods in an unnatural way that the murderer might not be a human.Of course they suspect Kang Chi.

The warriors confronted Kang Chi. They asked his activity during the night. Yeo Wool asked her father to help this matter, but Mr.Dam thought it’s Kang Chi’s business with the warriors. Kang Chi refused to explain his activity at night to the warriors. He was upset that they suspect him for no solid reason. The tense was high until the old master stepped forward. The old guy challenge the warriors. If Kang Chi was guilty, he would handle Kang Chi himself. But if they were wrong, they had to kneel in front of Kang Chi.


So Kang Chi does go out everynight. He had a secret activity. But he’s not alone. Geon was with him. And he had made Geon to close his mouth from anyone about their secret.

Mr.Jo summoned Gisaeng Cheon to his place. He asked her to entertain the guest who had a special request of a performance.

That night Kang Chi secretly went out again to the woods. A warrior followed him. But as Kang Chi tried to hide from him, the warrior saw Wol Ryeong. He fled and then met Kang Chi. They were almost facing Wol Ryeong, but as Kang Chi’s red beads were glowing, Wol Ryeong fled. Kang Chi and the warrior was about to go when Geon came with Yeo Wool. Kang Chi’s secret activity became semi-public.


The monk was visited by an old friend. But Wol Ryeong really looked different. Something fishy in his smile.

During lunch, Kang Chi still had a hard time with the warriors. They set his table far from the rest of them. One warrior left the room immediately. The warrior who followed him that night moved his table to sit in front of Kang Chi.

Yeo Wool was taking out her hanbok. She went to Kang Chi to ask if he would go with her to the festival in the village later that night. But Yeo Wool would go separately and met him there later. After Yeo Wool left, Kang Chi got a guest. She’s Cheong Jo’s old maid.

In the gisaeng house, Cheong Jo finally took her “vow” as a gisaeng. She didn’t change her name, but changed the meaning of her name. She officially became a gisaeng. Kang Chi received the news and immedaitely went to the village to see the crowd. Cheong Jo was introduced to the villagers as the new gisaeng. She came back home as another person with a new identity.
She was about to step forward when she heard Kang Chi’s voice calling her. KAng Chi came out from among the crowd. Cheong Jo tried to keep her face straight up and maintain a cold voice. It’s very bitter for her actually. Poor her :(


While Kang chi was still trying to digest what he just experienced, Yeo Wool was already in the village with her hanbok. Kang Chi didn’t show up until dark. He was walking aimlessly when he finally remembered his appointment with Yeo Wool. Kang Chi ran here and there to look for Yeo Wool. She almost lost her patience when Kang Chi showed up. He bumped to her but didn’t realize who she was.
He’s just saying, “I’m sorry,” and was about to proceed. “Kang Chi!” Yeo Wool called him and Kang Chi stopped. The girl had Yeo Wool’s voice, Kang Chi turned back and faced her. He was speechless as Yeo Wool looked so pretty.


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