Gu Family Book Episode 15 Quick Summary

The opening scene of Gu Family Book episode 15 is back to the time when Yeo Wool was still a young girl. She was about to touch his father sword when her father came. The sword was the one he used to kill Wol Ryeong.

Back to where the story ended in the previous episode. Wol Ryeong approached Yeo Wool. Meanwhile Kang Chi was running as fast as he could to save her. Yeo Wool tried to grab her sword, but Wol Ryeong prevented her. Yeo Wool: “Who are you?” Wol Ryeong: “I’m Wol Ryeong. And you?” Yeo Wool: “Dam Yeo Wool?” Wol Ryeong: “What is your connection with Mr.Dam?” Then he told Yeo Wool that Mr.Dam was the one who killed Kang Chi’s father (Wol Ryeong after resurrection is a detached spirit from his human side). Then he concluded that Kang Chi also had no clue about it and something that made Yeo Wool upset. Yeo Wool made a move to attack him, but Wol Ryeong was faster.


Kang Chi heard Yeo Wool’s scream. But when he got there, Yeo Wool was alone..left speechless on the ground. Seeing Kang Chi, Yeo Wool just started to weep and hugged Kang Chi. Without any spoken reason, Kang Chi also shed some tears.

Mr.Jo remember how Tae Seo was explaining to him about Admiral Lee Sung Shin’s plan to make a ship. He was suspicious if it’s a kind of a trap.

Kang Chi was helping Yeo Wool handling with her sprained ankle. He asked about her cry, but of course Yeo Wool didn’t tell the truth. Kang Chi teased her that she turned out to be just like any other girls.  Yeo Wool: “So you see me as a girl now?” Kang Chi:”Of course I see you as a girl.” And then they paused, awkward. To break the situation, Kang Chi helped Yeo Wool standing. But he pulled her too strong, so their face just inches away. This time..super awkward. They were startled for a few seconds then Kang Chi tried to break the situation again: “We should get going because your father worried so much.” “Yes,” said Yeo Wool. Then Kang Chi left her..still awkward, but then was back again..just to get his sword and gave her the shoe and then left again.

Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were on their way when Yeo Wool made a voice because of her ankle. Kang Chi offered a piggyback, but Yeo Wool refused. Kang Chi gave her options of piggyback or carried on the front. Yeo Wool insisted on walking. But Kang Chi scooped her and told her to stay quite. He assured her that she’s not heavy and he’s feeling just fine carrying her that way no matter how far the walk would be. “Kang Chi.” “Yas.” “Thanks.” Romance is just in the air again when suddenly Geon and the warriors showed up…and also Mr.Dam.


Mr.Dam reminded Yeo Wool about her status as Tae Seo’s fiancee. Yeo Wool protested: “Are you doing this because of the fact that you’re the one who killed Kang Chi’s father? He told me about this.” Mr.Dam asked if Kang Chi knew about this too. Yeo Wool said no. Then he just commanded her to go to her room. He ordered Geon to get Yeo Wool for her training.

Kang Chi secretly came to TAe Seo. He’s wearing black and bringing sword. Tae Seo noticed something and started to speak in a high note. He’s saying that the reason why he’s helping Mr.Jo was to help Cheong Jo. Apparently, it was Mr.Jo’s ninja who disguised to be Kang Chi to make sure Tae Seo was not lying helping Mr.Jo. Tae Seo saved himself for being smart.

Kang Chi helped The Monk. He asked why Kang Chi was still there while he’s father might kill him. “Whose father are you talking about?” Kang Chi had no fear about his father’s threat and he still can’t accept Wol Ryeong as his father. When Kang Chi just left the Monk’s shed, his father tried to confront him, but ended up just threaten him from a distance. Kang Chi was about to make a move when suddenly he was tied with ivies. Wol Ryeong ‘s red eyes fade and then he just left.


Kang Chi ran back to search for Yeo Wool. He wanted to share his scary experience with her. But Geon told him that Yeo Wool was under a training.And she’s under training to become a girl. Mr.Dam wanted her to let go of swords, started living as girl, and live a happy life as a wife. But Yeo Wool said that she doesn’t want to live with any other man but Kang Chi. Of course Mr.Dam disapprove of the idea.


Kang chi received a strict training from Geon. He made Kang Chi put on a belt with 10 bells. For the next 3 days KAng Chi had to protect those bells from being cut just like what Geon just did. If Kang Chi failed to do it, he had to get out of that place. And Geon could really suddenly appear to cut Kang Chi’s bell. So Kang Chi had to stay alert. Even when Kang Chi was in a hurry to the toilet. It’s not yet a day, but KAng Chi had lost 5 bells already.

Yeo Wool was frustrated with her training. Sewing lesson..yes, who’s not frustrated with that?

Kang Chi wondered about the ivy incident in the woods. So he tried to control it again. It failed. But after he took off his beads, it worked. Wol Ryeong kept his eyes on Kang Chi very closely.

Admiral Lee got the news from the Magistrate about Kang Chi’s history. He said that Mr.Dam 20 years ago killed a gumiho. But that gumiho had a child with a human, and he’s Choi Kang Chi. “I got this information from Mr.Jo.” Then Admiral Lee had a meeting with Mr.Jo. The vicious man asked Mr.Lee to send away Kang Chi because he’s very dangerous even though he’s now in his human mode.

That night, Kang Chi finally could see Yeo Wool. She was opening the window to get some fresh air. She shared with Kang Chi about her misery in sewing lesson. Kang Chi then showed Yeo Wool a not yet bloomed flower. Then with his power, he showed her his trick. Yeo Wool:”How did you do it?” Kang Chi:”I don’t know. I just know I can do it.” Yeo Wool: “You’re so cool.”
Kang Chi gave her the flower. As their fingers touched, they felt something. But Yeo Wool just said “thank you.” Kang Chi just giggled, while he’s actually taking off his beads.


Apparently, Yeo Wool’s training was not at home. It’s probably at a kind of woman training center. It was in Dam Yeo Wool’s place. Gisaeng Cheon was paying a visit to Mr.Dam, I guess, and she brought along Cheong Jo for a bit of fresh air. Before going back to her place, Cheong Jo saw the scene of Kang Chi giving Yeo Wool a flower at the window.

Kang Chi went to the Old Master to show off his success on counting beans task. It’s 20thousands something, he’s quite detail actually, but the old master said he’s wrong.

When crossing the courtyard, Kang Chi could sense that Wol Ryeong was around. He was about to go out to search for him. But he didn’t have to go that far because it was Wol Ryeong who approached him at the gate.

Tae Seo was approached by Mr.Jo’s guest translator and the guard. Then Tae Seo came to visit the mysterious lady. And that lady took off her fail for the first time.


When the clouds moved away and let the moonlight fell into the ground, Kang Chi could see his father’s face for the first time. “Who are you?” asked Kang Chi. “Are you Choi Kang Chi? I’m Gu Wol Ryeong.”

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