Gu Family Book Episode 17 Quick Summary

This episode of Gu Family Book starts with Kang Chi’s voice over and some flashbacks. “Why couldn’t answer you question that time? Why couldn’t I tell you that time? The truth is..The truth is Yeo Wool-a…”

Kang Chi thought it was Wol Ryeong who kidnapped Yeo Wool. But the truth is, while KAng Chi was telling Mr.Dam about his father, Yeo Wool was brought into the woods by two people. KAng Chi took off his beads and then promised Mr.Dam that whatever happens, he would bring back Yeo Wool. If he failed, he would never come back to pick up the beads.


Yeo Wool was kidnapped by Mr.Jo’s men. That evil guy was upset after being humiliated by Mr.Dam in the incident in front of his place the other day. Mr.Jo ordered his man to kill the most precious thing for Mr.Dam. Yeo Wool was fighting the men with her eyes close. And then when she was stuck, Wol Ryeong came to help her. The rest of Mr.Jo men expected it was KAng Chi who would come to save Yeo Wool, but they were wrong. As they were about to leave, Wol Ryeong was already behind them.

Yeo Wool heard the screams of the men, so she tried to run away. But Wol Ryeong found her easily. Kang Chi came in the right time. Wol Ryeong choke Yeo Wool, he threatned to kill her if Kang Chi wouldn’t give up his will to live as a human. Wol Ryeong told her to shut her mouth, but Yeo Wool spoke even louder. She said if he’s really his father, he shouldn’t let Kang Chi suffered any longer. When Wol Ryeong was about to hurt Yeo Wool, Kang Chi fought him. But the old man beat his son.

“Don’t hurt Yeo Wool.” Wol Ryeong refused to listen. “Don’t hurt Yeo Wool, because she’s mine!” Suddenly Wol Ryeong remembered how he used to have the same feelings with Seo Hwa and even said the same thing when they were threatened. “If you are really my father, you won’t hurt the person belongs to me,” asked Kang Chi. Wol Ryeong went speechless. Then he disappeared.



Kang Chi and Yeo Wool had their moments. “The truth is Yeo Wool. You are the most important person for me. Without you, I don’t have any reason.” Then Kang Chi kissed Yeo Wool…aaaah with the blue butterflies around them. And then KAng Chi turned back into human automatically. Yeo Wool watched his face and said, “Kang Chi-ya..” then they continued their kissing.

The Monk sensed there’s someone or something in his library, and he’s right. Wol Ryeong was there, wounded. But it was not the wound that troubled him. It was what Kang Chi had said. The memories of Seo Hwa are all coming back to him.



Mr.Jo was summoned by his mysterious lady guest in the morning. The lady kind of appointed Tae Seo as her new trusted man to run the Resident. Mr.Jo complained that the Resident belonged to him, but the lady reminded him that it was not. Mr.Jo pissed off. He was about to confront SEo Hwa, but samurai stepped forward. Mr.Jo left the room without any choice. He started to wonder where his right hand man was.

Yeo Wool and Kang Chi reported to Mr.Dam about what happened to Yeo Wool. But they didn’t share the whole story. They just made sure that the kidnapper was not Wol Ryeong. Then they were fighting, very seriously in front of Mr.Dam and then excused themselves to go back to their rooms. Mr.Dam wondered what happened with the two. Geon also had no idea. The fact was Kang Chi and Yeo Wool was just pretending. It’s just part of their plan.

Tae Seo, through Mr.Choi as his informant, got an information from Mr.Jo’s conversation with Seo Hwa’s translator. He got a sense that what the lady was after was actually not Mr.Jo, but the country. It’s something related to water force in southern island (?). Then Tae Seo reported this matter to Mr.Dam and it soon reached Mr.Lee. After the meeting, Tae Seo was meeting Yeo Wool. He said he had a favor to ask…but not quite sure. He also said that for him, Yeo Wool was someone who was under his responsibility (and he’s obliged for it). Kang Chi saw the scene and when he was about to leave, Geon caught him. He told Kang Chi to give up before he started everything, and he definitely didn’t buy their fighting-acting.


Yeo Wool visited Kang Chi in the kitchen. But Kang Chi was being jealous and Yeo Wool noticed it. Kang Chi told Yeo Wool that the truth was he still had no idea about what he should do to her regarding his feelings. It’s the first time for him. Yeo Wool said it’s the first time for her too, so she’s the same confused as him. But then they had to be ready for the mission that night. Yeo Wool had to trick her training to go out of the house. In the village, Yeo Wool made a scene and flee to change into her “field” uniform. Cheong Jo saw Yeo Wool and then approached her. She asked about Kang Chi to Yeo Wool.

At Mr.Jo’s place that night they were holding an entertainment night. Gisaeng Cheong was part of it. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool were inviting themselves to Geon’s mission sneaking into Mr.Jo’s place. Geon was against the idea, but Kang Chi reminded him that he knew that place way better than anyone. Tae Seo was observing from outside the room. After one performance, Mr.Jo asked his guest to show her face in return he would agree for Tae Seo’s matter. The lady agreed to take off her veil and showed her face: she was someone else.


Kang chi was in disguise as a ninja. He was startled when some ninjas approached him. But Yeo Wool had taught him how to react when he’s meeting any Japanese ninjas. Kang Chi passed this time and went into the room where the ninjas held a meeting. They’re submitting papers to Seo Hwa’s samurai, and those papers are actually parts of a big map of the ocean. Suddenly one of the ninjas noticed that the number of ninjas in the room was more than it should be. They suspect one person was not one of them. The samurai ordered everyone to open their mask. KAng Chi refused to do it. When he was cornered, he took off his beads. After beating everyone, he took the papers and fled. He went into one of the rooms. It’s the room where the real Seo Hwa stayed in the dark. When Kang Chi went in there, she asked who he was in Japanese. KAng Chi slowly turned his head to see the woman…her mother, for the first time.


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  1. Wow I wonder if the real seo wha is the actress Lee Yeon Hee? Will she recognize him as her son I hope so!! this is getting better and better thank you so much for your summary it really helps since I am too desperate to wait till the episode comes out :)

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    Glad Wol Ryung did not kidnap YeoWool but ‘saved’ her instead :)

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  7. Thanks for this fast’s good to know that Wol Ryung did not hurt Yeo Wool but to save her..I can’t wait to watch the KISSING SCENE!!HAHA

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  9. U r really have super fast fingers! ^^ Thank you a thousand for your effrort to make this quick recap. Glad to watch every character’s progress in this episode, especially WR as a daddy gumiho. I think Tuesday episode will have more climax than Mon epi like usual. So far i believe that actress Yoon Se Ah as old SH is better than actress Lee Yeon Hee as young SH. Can’t wait to see her respons when meet KC for the 1st time. Hope she will meet WR soon, too ;)

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