Gu Family Book Episode 6 Quick Summary

As Gu Family Book episode 5 was sad ending, the sadness and frustration continued to episode 6. Kang Chi and Park family were facing a very difficult situation. Thankfully Dam Yeo Wool was a very good help. Let’s start this summary.

The scene was back to the time when Kang Chi was still a little kid. He was being scolded by Mr.Park for fighting with other kids. But of course,it was all for Kang Chi’s good as Mr.Park had always been wise.

Then we went back to the scene when Mr.Park was stabbed by Mr.Jo’s man right in front of the whole family. When the wind was blowing so hard, Geon and Yeo Wool took a peek from the roof to see what’s going on at the courtyard. Meanwhile Kang Chi, with his green eyes, was furious, aiming to kill Mr.Jo right away. But at that time, Mr.Monk came and hold Kang Chi’s with his magical cane. After the wind went away, Kang Chi and the Monk suddenly disappeared.


Tae Seo approached his father’s body and wept there. The next day the news about the incident arrived at Mr.Dam’s resident as well as Admiral Lee. Soon the news spread out everywhere in the village.

The guards were taking Mr.Park’s dead body and send the family out of their residence to be arrested and probably lowered their social status. The villagers argued that they didn’t believe of what the local govt. charge Mr.Park and his family with. The guards were about to leave but the cow that’s supposed to pull the carriage refused to move no matter how hard the guards try to pull it.
Not until Mrs.Park said an official goodbye to her husband the carriage started to move. As Mr.Park’s body was brought along the road, all villagers mourned for him. And the local govt. released a false announcement that Choi KAng Chi was the murderer of Mr.Park.
Villagers couldn’t believe this annoucement, as well as Dam Yeo Wool. She determined to find Kang Chi, but Geon against it. Geon asked why she’s so determine in helping KAng Chi, Yeo Wool said that KAng Chi had saved her life twice.


Arriving at the magistrate office, Park Tae Seo was dragged for interrogation. Mrs. Park was so frustrated.  Thankfully Cheong Jo stayed strong. The magistrate was of course under the control of Mr.Jo. All family members, as well as their loyal workers, stayed in jail. They could hear Tae Seo’s scream and it frustrated Mrs.Park more.


Kang Chi finally woke up in the cave where he was born. He wandered the sacred place and the Monk finally came to him. Kang Chi frustratingly asked Mr.Monk of what happened to Park Family. Mr.Monk told him that there’s nothing he could do about what happened to them. Kang Chi felt that the Monk knew nothing about his life and he had no reason to listen to him.But Mr.Monk told him that it was his mother’s last words for him to look after Kang Chi. Then Mr.Monk also told Kang Chi that he knew his mother and even a good friend of his father.

In the town, Mr.Jo was still trying to find Kang Chi. And when The Magistrate came to him, Mr.Jo told him that he would take over Mr.Park resident and shared some with that corrupt local govt.


Yeo Wool and Geon went farther than the town to search for Kang Chi. The gang leader and his man tried to follow them, but Geon caught them. When Geon was preoccupied by the gang leader, she saw something was running. So she ran after it. In the middle of the way, someone caught her. It was Kang Chi. He saved them both from the guards who were looking for Kang Chi. Kang Chi was still holding Yeo Wool when Geon saw them.


So Geon challenge Kang Chi for a fight, but then Yeo Wool reminded Kang Chi about his condition and also Park Family’s condition. Kang Chi insisted on going back to The Residence, despite Yeo Wool’s reminder that he was accused as the murderer and going back to that place was a very bad idea for him. So Kang Chi refused to listen to Mr.Monk’s explanation. Kang Chi said that he didn’t want to hear anything related to those who had throw him away. Mr.Monk tried to explain that his parents didn’t throw him away, but Kang Chi refused. He said he had a real family to save.

Kang Chi managed to sneak into  his old house. The place that once a merry and prosperous place now in front of his eyes has become a stranded messy one.And then one of the workers saw him and told him about the family where about. when Kang Chi was about to go, the worker told him, “You are not the cause of Master’s death.”

In the magistrate office, in the jail, suddenly Cheong Jo was dragged out. She was about to be sent away as a slave. Cheong Jo refused the petition, but she’s not in the position to complain. Tae Seo tried to protest as well, but he was too tired that he fell unconscious.
Cheong Jo was already put in a carriage when the guard suddenly had an emergency situation that he had to go the restroom. That time, Kang Chi showed up. He was about to release Cheong Jo, but that girl told Kang Chi to help her brother first as it was more important. However, no matter how hard Cheong Jo tried to be strong, she still a young girl. Kang Chi told her to wait for him. After saving those who were in jail, he promised to save her soon. When Kang Chi was about to go in to save Tae Seo, Cheong Jo took his sleeve and cried. Kang Chi kissed her forehead and then left.


He went to the jail and release everyone. It was only Mrs.Park who refuse to go. She decided to stay so the others could go. Kang Chi promised her to take care of the siblings and give justice to Mr.Park. When Kang Chi and the male group was on their way, the guards blocked their way. The chief guard of Park Residence told Kang Chi to just go and bring Tae Seo and other. He would stay to fight the other guards. Kang Chi and the guys were almost failed to flee as they were surrounded by guards, but thankfully Dam Yeo Wool came to give a help. Kang chi and Yeo Wool went separate ways with Tae Seo and other guys.

The guards went after Kang Chi and Yeo Wool instead. They followed them to the woods and fought them. One of the bad guys hit with sword and it got Kang Chi’s beads. The red bead was torn and the emotional Kang Chi suddenly changed to his beast mode.


And of course it was not only the guards who witnessed Kang Chi’s transformation, but was also Yeo Wool.


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