Gumiho: A Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 1-2 Summary

At first I hesitated, thinking whether or not I should watch this drama. Then I gave it a try and found it quite interesting. The little girl’s acting, Yeon’s character, really caught my attention. Han Eun Jeong’s acting also quite stunning for me. She’s willing to let her beautiful face changed into a face of a monster. And the way she hissed… B)

For these first two episodes, i’m just gonna do a brief compact summary and a bit review since ssageuk is not my favorite. The last one was “Painter of the Wind” and yeahh it’s been a long time…

Anyway, let’s just get into this drama…

One night, an unfortunate woodsman accidently got face to face with a living monster in a fox’s cave. The monster was half woman half fox. The woodsman asked for the gumiho to spare his life. The angry beast agreed under one condition: the man needs to forget this incident and never to tell anyone that the nine-tailed fox had showed herself in front of  him. The clumsy woodsman survived the night.

The Gumiho turned itself into a very beautiful woman, Gu San Daek. Without knowing that beautiful woman was actually a fox, the woodsman married her. They survived 9 years and so of marriage life. The fox even bore a little girl named Yeon. Her will was only one: to survive a 10 year of life together with one trusty man in order to turn her into a complete human being. If she became a complete human, her daughter would be too.

However, one night her husband failed her and broke his own promise. The beautiful lady turned into gumiho again in an instant. She was about to kill her own husband, but the 9 years together seemed to mean something to her that she spared her husband’s life once again. She fled, leaving her family behind. But the little girl sought for her mom into the woods. They were attacked by some tigers.

Frankly, that tiger scenes felt a little “over action” for me. I just didn’t like it…

Anyway, going back to their house, the mother and the passed out daughter found the father was dead by hanging himself on a rope in front of the house. Gu San Daek brought Yeon out of their village and lied that the father died because of the epidemic deseas. And you know, kids always believe their mothers right?

On the other side of that country was another family, a wealthy one, with a cursed little girl. The father was willing to do everything to make his daughter’s life back to normal. He called a shaman. This shaman confirmed the father that his daughter had been cursed since the day she was born. The only way to give his daughter a full life, he had to find the “anti-curse”, which was a girl with some particular signs. What he had to do with the “anti-cursed” girl made me feel very bad…

The mother and daughter’s lives had been wondering around and was so bad. Until destiny brought them into the house of that wealthy. I was so sure he had a crush on Gu San Daek the very first time that man laid his eyes on her bright face. The incident was very unlikely for Yeon, but it turned out that she was the one who could bring back the cursed-girl eyes’ sight. That girl suddenly recovered from all of her illness….and that brought a clear realization to her father that Yeon was that anti-curse girl he’s been looking for. Yeon was the cure for Cho Ok’s curse…

The wealthy master was looking for Gu San Daek and Yeon crossing villages. He had to have them for Cho Ok’s sake. But there’s one big secret he didn’t tell anyone, even his wife. The way Yeon’s gonna cure Cho Ok was by sacrificing Yeon and let Cho Ok eat her liver…ooohhh nooo…that’s a very crazy idea! X|

Even though at first the master hesitated, but he just couldn’t help it. Even destiny seemed to just bring the poor mother and daughter back into the master’s mansion again. This time, the master asked them to stay. Gu San Daek was nursing Cho Ok on the other day, so she was asked to stay and take care of Cho Ok. The wifes and other family members didn’t seem to like that idea.

The kids gave Yeon hard times, while her mother was busy with work. Thankfully she had this mute guy who always came to help in the right times. Hmm…I got a feeling that this mute guy also put a little “feeling” for Gu San Daek. His way of looking that beautiful woman told me that.

Yeon’s incident with the boys resulted the master gave punishment to his sons. And that doesn’t please anyone.

Cho Ok never liked Yeon in the first place and everything got worsen when it came to a “boy” issue. She’s been having a crush on this young boy, kept sending him love letter, but the boy never reply her feeling. One night, Yeon was attracted by a flying firefly and just like the way she’s chasing butterfly the other day, she’s chasing this one  joyfully. (She really acted like a little fox, don’t you think so?) She ended up on a brook where there were a lot of fireflies. The boy Cho Ok liked was also there…and in an instance, they became friend. Cho Ok found out about it and got furiously jealous.

Among all scenes from the two episodes, this “catching the fireflies by the brook together” scene was my favourite.

What I couldn’t believe was that a girl as young as 9 years old could have a thought of eliminating someone else’s life! Cho Ok commanded her nanny to throw Yeon into a well. Yeon was turning into a gumiho for the first time there…but it wasn’t long. The mute guy saved her life.

The incident brought more anger to Cho Ok, especially when her father punished her. This spoiled little girl was really really bad! She’s the reason her father luring Yeon and her mother to stay. And after this incident, the master might take a shortcut. He might not need to wait anymore longer to kill Yeon and take out her liver…

Over all, this drama is actually quite interesting, even though in my opinion there’re still weak premises and some “overdo” scenes. However, this drama brought me curiosity, so I think i’m gonna follow it for the next couple of episodes and see if i’m gonna do it till final episode or just drop it on the 4th.

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