Gumiho: A Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 3 Summary

What a weekend! I had to struggle with a really bad flu. Anyway, I think i need to reconsider whether or not i’m following this drama. I found there were too many cliches and inappropriate romance for kids. I just don’t find it fun.

I thought the master would beheaded Yeon in that rainy night. But surprisingly, he proposed Yeon’s mom to be his second concubine. For this matter, i found it very hard to read the wealthy man’s mind. I don’t know whether he’s really crazy about Yeon’s mom that he had forgotten his first intention to sacrifice Yeon, or he was just so evil that he wanted to achieve both.Gu San Daek refused but the master gave her time to think. The mother and daughter was about to leave the house for good when they were stopped by the master on their way out. They were once again persuaded to stay and stay they did.

About Yeon and the young master…at first i thought they were cute, but i don’t think it’s appropriate to lead them into romance. Well, they didn’t say it straightly, but you can’t fool viewers can you? I’m 100% sure they’re heading into romance. (but she’s only nine!). Anyway, they were going for a walk and admiring the beautiful sceneries when suddenly hundreds of crows just came out of the woods and attack them. Do all other animals hate fox that much? First tigers and now this..

The kids had a hardtime and they spent the night out of home. If only it had happened to adults it might’ve been romantic. But not for this one. Parents of course went nuts and they searched for the kids here and there. Gu San Daek was helped by the mute guy searching for Yeon into the woods.The young master’s parents blamed Yeon and he’s about to sent the mom and daughter plus the mute guy to the megistrate. But the young master begged and told his father that Yeon was actually the one he should be thankful to since she saved his life on the incident. The
three were then released.

Cho Ok suddenly became nicer to Yeon and even gave her one of her dress. This evil kid doesn’t really mean it..she’s
just having a more evil plan. Cho Ok took the baby fox blood from her father’s mistress and planned to give it to Yeon. She wasn’t in action straight away, but waited for the right timing instead. Seeing young master gave Yeon an expensive and beautiful jade accessory, Cho Ok just couldn’t stand it. She summoned Yeon and made her drink the blood.
Yeon’s life was in crisis ~again.

But mother saved Yeon’s life once again. When Yeon finally woke up in a good condition, she worried seeing her mom so weak. Then she went out to get something for her mom…but there was a mysterious guy pouring a special powder upon her. What she didn’t realize next was…she turned into a little gumiho form! Thankfully her mom found her first (wasn’t she suppose to be lying on the bed?)….there Yeon realized that she was a monster. She freaked out and ran climbing a tree despite her mother warning to stay in the room while her mom finding the cure. Just when the mother was persuading her daughter to climb down the tree…there came the master. Will he see the gumiho form of Yeon?

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  1. I really like this drama and feel sad when the master take Yoen to Marshin during her mother away.

  2. Hi! This is my first time to visit your site. It seems like your a KDrama fanatic. Me too, I’m a fan of KDramas.

    Grudge: Revolt of Gumiho is one of my very fave Drama. The reason i post here is that if you know the soundtracks of this drama. I mean if you have the download link and the romanized lyrics of the soundtracks. Will you post it for me my friend,if you don’t mind. I am looking for it but I failed. I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance! I really like the main themesong of this drama. Hope you will post it! God bless you and your site.


  3. hi! im also a big fan of korean movies and drama’s my first time also to visit your site.. but gumiho: the tale of fox’s child is a new to me… i just search it to the internet recently.. i want to watch it.. but i can’t find it… could you please post links if there is site address or url that i can watch it or download it.. thanks…


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