Marry Me, Mary! Episode 5 Summary

It’s been a very long and hard week for me, so sorry for being too late for this summary. Living two different lives is very exhausting, and choosing between the two is almost impossible when the options are between love or money. Everybody, i’m not yet talking about Wi Mae Ri.

Anyway, even though my exhausting days aren’t about running between two husbands, I kind of understand how’s Mae Ri’s feeling in living two lives at the same time. But it got more complicated for Mae Ri because both Jeong In and Moo Gyeol seemed to eventually fall for her.

The situation was pretty awkward for Jeong In and Mae Ri in the next morning. Jeong In was about living Mae Ri a memo when she went out her room and found him in a funny position in front of her door. Haha, even the cool Jeong In knew  how to feel embarrass.

They went to the office together, and Mae Ri was about to give her Darling a morning call, Jeong In said no need to. He’s going to stop by at Moo Gyeol’s place as well.

Moo Gyeol had Seo Jun stayed overnight at his place. He’s working on a lyric when suddenly he remembered Mae Ri and then started drawing the cat..ooh. :left:

When Jeong In and Mae Ri arrived at Moo Gyeol’s place, Moo Gyeol’s was sayin goodbye to Seo Jun. That made Mae Ri acted weirdly for some distraction. Jeong In once again gave a shot of proposal to Moo Gyeol for making music for his drama. But again, there’s no deal between them. Beyond the business matter, I could sense there’s a sign of war declaration in there…

Lunch time came. Mae Ri thought Jeong In was doing the drama kind of way: booking the entire restaurant for them only. But the truth was they just came too early for lunch that the other customers hadn’t arrived yet. Jeong In invited a drama writer to discuss his drama. He tried to have Mae Ri involved in his project that she could give some opinions to the writer, so then together they could make good production.

Spending the afternoon on the street with Moo Gyeol, Mae Ri was reading Jeong In’s memo loudly. Even in the small few simple words, Jeong In didn’t fail to show his care for Mae Ri. Kang Moo Gyeol was hearing this stuff and I could get it if he got upset. He played his guitar abruptly and sing: Materialistic, two faced,and he’s a jerk.

Mae Ri instantly defended Jeong In for the last word. Moo Gyeol then challenged her: “Do you like him now? Why don’t you just marry him and end the 100 days agreement?”

Mary shot him back: “Are you jealous?”

Well, of course, Moo Gyeol could find his way out of that question.

Back to Moo gyeol’s place, Mae Ri cooked him something delicious and Moo Gyeol praised her for the food, but teased her for being like a real housewife. Mae Ri said it’s from a sister for her brother. They looked more like a young married couple, so no wonder the first thing Moo gyeol’s mom asked when she suddenly came to that place and saw the scene was: “Are you guys living together now?”

Both Mae Ri amd Moo Gyeol were in the same voice saying “Nooooo! It’s not like that.”

Moo Gyeol’s mom was having a big problem with money. She needed a large amount of money to pay back her boyfriend the money she had borrowed. Giving back the money was the only way for her to break up with him. This unbelievable mother even asked Moo Gyeol to borrow the money from his friends or ‘that girlfriend of yours in there’. Moo gyeol disagreed, but promised to help her in other ways.

Jeong Seok was a great father-in-law. He had someone helped Mae Ri to change her style. And looked what he got for Mae Ri in Jeong In’s place….the dream of every woman…a big wardrobe full of beautiful dresses, shoes,and everything. ouugh X|

Mae Ri said she was comfortable with her style then. But the aunty reasoned her by saying, “it’s not only for you, but also for President Jeong.” It’s the image kind of thing…yeahh ;)

Meanwhile Moo Gyeol decided to sell his custom guitar for his mother…what a devouted son.

In the JI entertainment office, Jeong In was in the middle of a meeting with Seo Jun when Mae Ri asked permission to come in to report something to him. This man was stunned for some moments…

…seeing the prettier new-styled Mae Ri.

Even Seo Jun said that she’s so pretty. She said “now you look like a real secretary.” Hoho..

Apparently Jeong In brought Mae Ri to have lunch in this particular classy restaurant. While many people still queuing on the line to get in, Jeong In and Mae Ri their way smoothly and even were greeted respectfully by the restaurant employers. That’s where Mae Ri was called by her two bestfriends.

The four ended up eating together. He big mouthed friend then said, “Yah Mae Ri you’re so lucky. For someone who never dated before, you hit a jackpot!”

Jeong In was curious about the words “never dated”, but Mae Ri and her friends instantly revised the words.

I like the conversation when Jeong In was away taking his business phonecall.

“Yah, Mae Ri, why don’t you just marry him? He can be a good husband.”

“But Moo Gyeol was handsome, too. Though he’s more a date-type man, not married one.”

Mae Ri: “I’m not choosing either at the end.”

“Yah, Mae Ri, why don’t you just have fun with both men then?”

Seo Jun kept trying to persuade Moo Gyeol joining the production. But Moo Gyeol kept saying no. He insisted her on leaving the place soon (since it’s Mae Ri’s visiting schedule). and Seo Jun left when Mae Ri approached the place, so she hid herself under her hoody.

The landlady check on the place. Moo Gyeol thought she came to ask for the rent money. She said his girlfriend had handled it. It upset Moo gyeol that Mae Ri was out of the line. But Mae Ri defended herself. She said, “It’s not only you who have pride. I do, too!”

She’s not gonna be there for free, that’s why she pay for the place. She said then they became equal roomates, so Mae Ri had a right to do everything in that place. Everything…including cleaning that messy place. Moo Gyeol then made a written promise that he would pay Mae Ri back.

On the next day, Mae Ri’s dad came again to Moo Gyeol’s place. This time he made his statement more firmly. He also gave Moo Gyeol a cheque and a ticket to Narita, Japan. It of course upset him.

The two men ended up drinking together. Mr. Wi asked Moo Gyeol if he really loved her daughter. But unfortunately Moo Gyeol didn’t say anything and that made Mr. Wi got more desparate. His poor daughter had given her heart to a men who didn’t love her…

Meanwhile Mae Ri spent the evening shopping with Jeong Seok and talked about the memory of her late mother. She died when Mae Ri was four. They really got along with each other very well that it somehow always brought a slight smile in Jeong In’s face. He came to drive Mae Ri home.

When Mae Ri got home, Moo Gyeol was carrying the badly drunken Mr. Wi on his shoulder. When they got home, Jeong In intended to take over and carried him on his back. But Mr. Wi was too heavy that Jeong In fell…Moo Gyeol was laughing at him.

But they both ended up helping Mr. Wi got into the house savely.

That’s my favourite scene from this episode. Very expressive. And I love the way Wi Dae Han bursted it out: “I have two son-in-laws!!”

Moo Gyeol was tired of the game, he asked Mae Ri to end it soon. Jeong In heard of this talk and got curious about it.

Mae Ri apologized to Moo gyeol for what had happened and for his father intention to get him out of the country. The upset Moo Gyeol said he’d better get out to clear his mind. And there he went changing his clothes….Hhuoow, Jang Geun Seok body…where are the muscles?? :mrgreen:  :-P v

While Moo Gyeol was away, his mom made Mae Ri made a large portion of raddish kimchi. In the other place, Moo Gyeol was drinking with his buddy and Seo Jun came to persuade him again.

Seo Jun drove him home and Mae Ri saw the scene and was upset for both the labour day and the Moo Gyeol-Seo Jun in the car-scene.

The next morning Moo Gyeol came to the office to make the contract. There he first saw the different Mae Ri. They pretended to not knowing each other since there’s Seo Jun in there. Mae Ri protested Moo Gyeol for not consulting this matter to her prior this day.

Meanwhile, Jeong In just found out about Moo Gyeol unfinished contract with Ms. Manager. She even pushed Moo Gyeol at his place, that she wouldn’t let him go unless he paid all the money back to her.

Moo Gyeol was really in a bad mood situation when Mae Ri came with Jeong In. He was tired, but Mae Ri asked him to act more convincing since Jeong In said their relationship was a bit suspicious.

And there Moo Gyeol made a surprising action that the other two didn’t see it coming. Moo Gyeol kissed Mae Ri!

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