Marry Me, Mary! Episode 16 (Final)

Here we are at last, at the final episode.

Moo Gyeol just left Mae Ri in the hospital, taking her silence as her answer. Not long after Moo Gyeol  left, Mae Ri got a phone call from Jeong In’s dad. His son finally woke up.

Jeong In asked for a private time with Mae Ri, but we didn’t know what they’re talking about. When it’s time for him to talk to his father, he asked him to consider canceling the marriage. He said he loved Mae Ri, but he wanted her to be happy and marrying her would only make her unhappy. However, Jeong Seok just sticked to his plan. The wedding ceremony will proceed.

Moo Gyeol was cleaning up Mae Ri’s stuffs when Mae Ri finally showed up and said, “This is my anwer.” But soon after the reunion, Moo Gyeol recieved a phone call from Jeong In. He asked him to come to the hospital. Instead of saying that he’s letting Mae Ri go, he said he’ll continue on the marriage, so Moo Gyeol would understand something in the future.

That night Mae Ri texting Moo Gyeol. She asked Moo Gyeol to give her three days to handle the marriage issue with Jeong In. On the third day, she’d come to the park in the afternoon. Moo Gyeol should meet her there.

The marriage plan proceeded. The bride and groom prepared for the wedding ceremony. None of Mae Ri’s friends came. Seo Jun came to the event, and everyone seemed to be happy, except for the couple.

But Seo Jun made a call to the band member asking why they weren’t there at Mae Ri’s wedding. The kid just said, “Noona, don’t fool me with such a joke.” But Seo Jun then confirmed him that she was at the ceremony. The pack rushed to Moo Gyeol and told him the breaking news. Moo Gyeol ran for his love.

But it’s too late. The bride and groom were already in front of the priest, ready to take the vow. Moo Gyeol couldn’t see it any longer, so he just left.

When the priest asked Jeong In: “Do you, Jeong In, take Wi Mae Ri as your wife…..” Jeong In didn’t say anything. The priest had to repeated it. And then Jeong In finally said, “I do.” Everyone, especially the fathers, looked  relieve. “But,” continued Jeong In surprisingly, “We can’t do this marriage.” Jeong In then turned around and face all the guests saying that they couldn’t get marriage as their family had planned. They’d hold on to what they love. Then the couple left the altar together…

Jeong In and Mae Ri seemed to be relieve because the heavy burden had been lifted up. But when Mae Ri finally leaft him to go to Moo Gyeol, we could see his jaw was tightened. He suppressed his emotion just like usual.

Seo Jun came to cheerup Moo Gyeol. She said, “If only you had stayed a bit longer, you wouldn’t have been this sad. They both fled.” Then Moo Gyeol, once again, ran for his love.

Jeong Seok was furious. Jeong In told him that it was the best way to stop his father plan. He said he loved Mae Ri, but he wouldn’t let her suffer in marriage just like his mom. He told his father to forget his plan of having Mae Ri as his daughter in law, as the subtitution of her mother. Jeong In said it wasn’t fair if his father had to sacrife the happiness of both Mae Ri and him just because his untold love to Mae Ri’s mom.

Just in the right moment, Wi Dae Han came in and heard everything. He finally knew what the real reason behind his hyung nim‘s insistence of marrying their child.

Moo Gyeol finally met Mae Ri at the park just like what their promise, though he was quite late. Moo Gyeol said that it wasn’t because he didn’t believe in Mae Ri. the problem was because he didn’t believe in himself. Moo Gyeol then gave Mae Ri the cat locket he bought few days before. (Why Jang Geun Seok should have that girly cute smile??)

While the couple was reaching their happy ending. Jeong In’s life was hard. He was kicked out of the house by his father. He refused to beg for forgiveness because he thought it was the right time to prove himself that he could live independently from his dad.

Jeong In still ran the company. The drama was still facing a problem, but everybody had a faith in him. He’s meeting Mae Ri with a lighter mood. However, while Mae Ri and Moo Gyeol were back to their “normal” life, Jeong In was still way too far from it. He’s struggling.

No home, Jeong In slept in the office. (what about hotel, dude?) Instead of finding a more proper place, he seek for refugee in Moo Gyeol’s place. Honestly, for me that’s kind of weird, but it’s the last episode so I just went with everything the writer gave us.

In short, Moo Gyeol opened up his heart and home for Jeong In. Let say he basically had a good heart and Mae Ri had explained to him what really happened before the wedding ceremony and asked him not to hate Jeong In. So he let Jeong In stayed, but he got the couch and no complain for that.

Moo Gyeol was the biggest asset for Jeong In’s company. He even planned to make him a single, separated from “Wonderful Day” project. However, the company needed Moo Gyeol to help for the success of “Wonderful Day” project that moment, and he agreed with that.

With no more fundings from his father, Jeong In got no more fancy car. He had to rely on Moo Gyeol’s VW for doing the promotion concert.

Funny things happened on their way back home after the show. The sleepy Moo Gyeol’s head fell on to Jeong In’s shoulder. It was almost romantic if only the sleeping person had been a girl. Jeong In seemed to enjoy the situation, but soon when Moo Gyeol suddenly woke up, they stared at each other awkwardly. :D When they got home, they’re greeted warmly by Mae Ri.

Seo Jun asked Jeong In why he let go of Mae Ri. Was it because he loved her so much that he wanted her to be happy or was it because he didn’t want to lose Moo Gyeol for the sake of his company? Jeong In said it’s neither both. He said he just wanted to be independent from his father in all matters: love and business.

The situation in Moo Gyeol’s place pretty much reminded me of Son Ye Jin’s 2008 movie “My Wife Got Married.” In a normal situation, i think it’s gonna be weird for a house to have one house wife with two husbands. Could you imagine Mae Ri said “Oh, i live with my boyfriend and my on-progress-divorce husband. We got along with each other well. I feed them both fairly.” B)   And then if someone had asked, “And what you guys do in your spare time together?” I think Mae Ri would’ve innocently answered, “Each of us just busy with ourselves. My husband couldn’t get away from his tablet, my boyfriend just killing time do this and that, and I got the book.”

A call then changed everything. Jeong In got a confirmation that “Wonderful Day” made it to the TV. He told the good news firstly to Mae Ri. And it was the first time he and Moo Gyeol did the handshake sincerely.

The divorce was finally done. The whole gang made a celebration for that. Even Seo Jun came with a champagne…

One year later…

Mae Ri was making an interview documentary about marriage among young people. Jeong In then showed up, in a much lighter expression. He said his father was coming back from Japan and in a good health. They were still friends.

A young boy came running addressed Mae Ri as “sunbae” and asked her who was this guy (Jeong In). Jeong In casually said, “I’m her ex-husband”. The boy didn’t buy it at first, but Mae Ri confirmed it. It turned out that young boy was a musician and he was Mae Ri’s loyal fan.

Jeong In: “It seemed that you attracted all the men dealing with music.”

Moo Gyeol was still the same. He still liked to sing at the park. His relationship went on and off the whole year. They broke up 12 times and got back together as that much. IT was the 13 they got back together again.

Seo Jun moved on with her life pretty well. Her carreer was shining, though she still picky and bad temper.

So, everyone seemed to have a happy ending.

Young people in 21th century had  a broad choice how to be in a commitment with their love once. Marriage doesn’t mean a happy ending. It’s all about how you love someone and tried to be happy together. Well, I think we all learn something from this drama about marriage…

I had a very high expectation with this drama at the beginning. You know, with the names as big as Moon Geun Yeong, Jang Geun Seok and Kim Jae Wook…who didn’t. So I was overwhelmed when finding out how the drama turned out to be. I got the points of what the writer wished to deliver to us, the audience, very clearly, but I think she could’ve done way better with such talented actors. Many cliches, weak premises, and lame execution by the director.

I guess we WAS entertained, BUT they should’ve been able to give us MORE than just a plain and mediocre entertainment. Great names didn’t seem enough. Give us good stories next time, please…

See you in the next summary dear readers… ;)

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  1. nice story but too cliche i agrre that thier character should expand more but i’m happy that they got well together.

  2. “No home, Jeong In slept in the office. (what about hotel, dude?) Instead of finding a more proper place…”

    I think it’s because his dad disowned him. It’s a whole ‘nother story, but I assume it would be the typical father who froze his son’s bank accounts, cancelled his credit cards, etc. Jeong In was completely controlled by his father from the age of 8 all the way into adulthood. He barely had any friends. The only male that he was comfortable enough to turn to for a place to stay was Moo Gyeol. With no car either, it was a bit funny to see Jeong In driving Moo Gyeol’s van.

  3. im thankful for this summary, with me having a hard time uploading to watch the episodes, this summary helped me to catch up with the story :) thumbs up!!!

  4. you know have you ever heard you are pefect

  5. WOW I like it so much. am happy to read this summary b/c it’s better than waiting to see the drama. P/s tell to Muguoel & Mary that i like them. Am Ethiopian but i can talk Korea.
    Cheer up.

  6. I loved this drama from the bottom of my heart what is z bad thing is I haven’t see the last episode b/c I have mid exam so I read the plot thank you for the recap

  7. Yow! I really this drama….. and Mae Ri, ever since i watched The painter of the Wind. She rocks :) Gamsahamnida, Sarang hae!

  8. Yow! I really this drama….. and Mae Ri (Moon Geun Yeong), ever since i watched The painter of the Wind. She rocks :) Gamsahamnida, Sarang hae!

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