Ha Ji Won Back To Small Screen Through Historical Drama “Hwatu” (화투)

20130515-Ha Ji Won

I think in 2013 sageuk theme becomes popular for drama or movie project. After Hyun Bin decided to star “The King’s Wrath” movie, Ha Ji Won who waits her up-coming fusion sageukThe Huntresses” that is planned to be released this May also signs up for sageuk project. This time Ha Ji Won has confirmed for small screen “Hwatu” ( 화투), yay!

“Hwatu” is based on history about Yuan Empress Ki. Ha Ji Won plays as Empress Ki, who was born on Goryeo but she became concubine of Yuan emperor. She eventually became empress and the important figure on King Gong Min regime while they’re against Mongol. Actually it’s so hard for her to become an empress in a foreign country. She was responsible to protect Yuan empire but she also struggles to keep her dignity as Goryeo person.

This drama takes the setting the same as Lee Min Ho’s time-travel drama “Faith”, Empress Ki is little sister of Ki Chul. The writer team for this drama is the same writers from “Giant” and “History of Salary Man”. The other casts have not shown up yet, but I hope this drama will be so epic with good “ingredients”. “Hwatu” has slot time for replacing “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi” on October.

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