Happy Ending on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 58 (Final)

Finally come to the ending of my most favorite family drama ever, Ojakgyo Brothers episode 58.

Still at the wedding, Mrs. Hwang said the reason why she opposed the wedding was because Ja Eun had put away her chance to get her dream working in animation industry in US to marry Tae Hee, but Mrs. Hwang was actually proud of Ja Eun. She was very happy the two finally married. It was a beautiful wedding for family and friends.

Tae Hee and Ja Eun went to a winter resort for their honeymoon. They played the snow just like happy kids on daylight, but when the night came things got awkward, especially Ja Eun. She tried to cope up with nervousness by asking Tae Hee to watch “2Days 1Night” on TV together. They talked about how many kids they wanted to have (Tae Hee wanted 3), about how they shouldn’t be angry towards each other more than 30 minutes, and to communicate whenever they face problem.

And when Tae Hee asked if they should go to bed now Ja Eun said, “Let’s finish 2Days 1Night first.” And then Tae Hee saw Ja Eun had fallen asleep, so she carried her to bed. Ja Eun was actually faking her sleep.

Putting down Ja Eun on the bed Tae Hee wishpered, “Ja Eun, thank you for marrying me” then kissed her forehead. Ja Eun finally opened her eyes and said “Me, too. I’m very grateful to you to marry me.” And then Tae Hee took the action. Too bad Joo Won’s long wet hair quite blocking the scene, but we could see that their lips finally moving when they’re kissing.

Mi Sook and Soo Yeong finally could get along with each other well. Mi Sook helped Soo Yeong who was learning to cook. Soo Yeong could finally respect Mi Sook and addressed her as “big sister in-law” (of my husband).

Ja Eun and Tae Hee managed to go the airport for a farewell to Kim Je Ha. Tae Hee told him to email them his address in US. Je Ha was glad to be able to know Ja Eun and finally met his mother’s real son. But unfortunately, Tae Hee still couldn’t call him “hyeong” (brother) when Je Ha asked, “Is it possible for you to call me ‘hyeong’ for just once?”

Ja Eun gave Je Ha a present, a book of her sketches picturing the memories they shared together. But the last sketch never happened in reality, it’s just what they actually, deep in their hearts, always wanted to be and what was actually supposed to be (their relationship). And in the right time Je Ha received a short but meaningful text from Tae Hee: “Hyeong.”

Tae Phil decided to be apart from Yeol for 2 years (he didn’t say break up). Taking his father’s words earlier seriously, Tae Phil realized that he’s not yet the man Yeol could rely on. He wanted to start everything from the bottom, so that in 2 years he would come back to Yeol in a full confident as a man Yeol could rely her life to. Both Tae Phil and Yeol was very broken hearted, but they knew it’s the best for them both.

And here’s my always favorite scene in Ojakyo Brothers: the brothers drinking together.

They always had each other and this time the older brothers had to cheer up the broken hearted baby brother, Tae Phil. The harder Tae Phil cried the harder Tae Shik and the others tried to keep up his spirit. They even went to the karaoke together. They are what a brotherhood should be…I love this scene.

Later that night Tae Hee found himself alone in the bed. He went down the stairs to look for Ja Eun. And when he saw her drawing alone in the kitchen in the middle of the night, he knew that he couldn’t let Ja Eun give up her dream.

In the morning, Tae Hee told the grandmother that he and Ja Eun would leave for US for 2 years. Ja Eun’s internship was for a year, but Tae Hee’s school would take 2 years.

The family had a full house table for the last time before Cha Geom was born. Tae Shik told his mother that the brothers had something to give to the parents. All four of them helped the parents bought the farm with their money, so Mr. and Mrs. Hwang could finally share their farmer ownership with Baek In Ho and even added some acres of land. Tae Hee was the initiator and the biggest investor. He said he got the money from his late birth mother and thought giving the money to the parents in this way was the best thing he did with the money. The parents were overwhelmed. Mrs.Hwang excused herself, open the water faucet, and started with gigling then ended up laughing out loud. The whole family could hear it and laughed too.

Tae Hee said goodbye to his fellow policemen. Dong Min couldn’t hold his tears. He told Tae Hee to come back to work as soon as he finish his study.

Tae Phil was ready to leave Seoul to start working with his senior. He’s gonna live out of Seoul for two years. Gook Soo gave Tae Phil his piggy bank money as a present. Aside from the scene, what really caught my attention was Tae Phil’s cool luggage :D

And not long after that, the beautiful baby Cha Gom was finally born.

Park Bok Ja (Mrs. Hwang) was very happy that she finally really owned the farm. Her duck sales was good that she distribute it to Mi Sook’s restaurant and she’s ready for some new plants on her land. Mrs. Hwang woke up in the morning and hurriedly out of home to the duck shed. She’s greeting her ducks just like she greeted her babies.


I was sad watching this final because I’m gonna miss this KBS’ weekend drama. Despite the fact that the final episode only hit 30% of rating, which was considered as only a half success, this drama has been very successful at the whole. It has a great value of family and teach viewers what it means to be a family, to be parents and children in a not boring way. I was also happy that Joo Won could finally shine through this drama that he improves his acting skill a lot. Also Uee, I didn’t think that she could show a lot more improvement in her acting skill. All characters in this drama grew up and they took viewers in so that it seemed that the viewers also grew up with them.

Beautiful story, beautiful casts, beautiful moments and beautiful ending.

7 Responses to Happy Ending on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 58 (Final)

  1. I agreed with you, I love this drama too
    Gonna miss the feel of love and togetherness among of all family members
    Thanks for posting the last final episode preview :)

    • I wish there were more added to drama. After the young couple got married. Why did ended like that.

      But I also noticed that Tae Hee is younger than Tae Phil, in real life, even though, they are first cousin more so as brothers. But in Tae Hee’s uncle household is Tae Phil is the baby of the family.

      Whoever wrote this drama it could have added at least 68 episodes, now they found out Ja Eun was not the suspect who killed Tae Hee, and what Ja Eun went through at school, her giving branded name watches.

      Her father should have sued, the man who corrupted all this, wanted to see all that. That is to bad.

  2. We love Ojakgyo Brothers :) thanks

  3. love this drama, something educational and entertaining !!! thanks

  4. i like drama ojakgyo brothers :)

  5. i also liked the drama because it was educative.

  6. I watched this drama 100 times just to see Ja Eun, and Tae Hee. They are cute together. I like it so much because there are no violents it. No one is killing anyone. They added kids in this drama.

    But it would been nice if Ja Eun grew up with a real mother in her home, she probably not have to move out that big house.

    It to be bad her mother died , think Ja Eun like 2 years old or something like that.

    But I understand why the drama was like that, because Ja Eun would have never met Tae Hee and his family, and the farm.

    I did not like the part when Ja Eun went to the house, and Tae Hee aunt threw Ja Eun out the house. Ja Eun do not have a place to go and to eat. That was very cruel thing to do, the dog had better treatment than Ja Eun did. Tae Phil was very cruel to her and the grandmother. Tae Hee was the better help for Ja Eun, then all the other brothers, the older brother was very concern about Ja Eun. They could have put her in a hotel.

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