The Saddest Goodbye in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 51

Tae Hee and Ja Eun clearly knew that it was gonna be their last date, their farewell date. When they finally met, they tried to make themselves ready. Ja Eun dressed very pretty and Tae Hee wore suit very nicely too. Tae Hee said Ja Eun looked pretty. “You too,” said Ja Eun. “And that’s the first time you say I’m pretty.” Tae Hee never realized that he never really praised his girlfriend for being pretty. Ja Eun said neither did she. “Why are living all these times like this? We should be more expressive.”

Ja Eun said Tae Hee missed the necktie. He got it on his hand and said that he still couldn’t tie it by himself. Then Ja Eun did it for him, just like last time on the day of Tae Bom’s wedding when Ja Eun tied his necktie for him. The first attempt made Tae Hee discontent, so Ja Eun had to redo the tying.

Tae Hee finally confessed that he was into Ja Eun for the first time on the moment she tied the necktie for him. He said that’s when she made his heart pounding. Then Ja Eun realized that meant she liked him first because for her it was the night when Tae Hee was drunk (of thinking about his mother) and went into Ja Eun’s tent and collapsed above her.

For Tae Hee, Ja Eun was the only woman who ties him the necktie beside his mother. For Ja Eun too. Tae Hee was the only man whom she ties the necktie for beside her dad. And she promised Tae Hee will be the first and the last man she ties the necktie for (beside her dad) forever.

Tae Hee finally like the tying. Ja Eun examined him with teary eyes and then kissed him.

After they’re ready, it’s time to take the advanced graduation photographs. Tae Hee’s junior who helped them taking pictures asked if Ja Eun was going somewhere that she had to take the graduation picture in advance. The couple said nothing and just enjoy the photoshooting.

After that they spent the romantic afternoon together like other couples. They walked on the snow hand in hand,did the snowball fighting, enjoyed hot coffee together, watched the open concert…and then Ja Eun came up with a spontaneous cute idea. She went up to the stage and started singing (and a little bit dancing) a cute love song for Tae Hee.

When night came, the saddest and hardest part started. They went into a fancy restaurant. Tae Hee said it’s a congratulation treat for her. He said the past year she had been through very difficult life. Ja Eun said she could get through it well because Tae Hee was there. Then just about the time they started eating their steak, Ja Eun stopped and started to speak.

Ja Eun said she had something to say, but she hesitated. Tae Hee offered to say it instead of her. Ja Eun refused. “Since I’m the one who liked you first, i’m gonna be the one who say it.” She said that’s the reason she asked him to go out today. She said they had promised when they started to feel tired of each other they should do the farewell in a nice way. “I can’t see you anymore. Let’s end it (our relationship) here.”

With husky voice Tae Hee said, “Okay, let’s do it.” The tears was streaming down his face, and Ja Eun’s.

Ja Eun: “You’re gonna live well, aren’t you?”

Tae Hee: “You going to live well, right?”

Ja Eun: “If you’re living well then I’ll be living well, too.” Ja Eun said she got used it. She used to live well with all the life she had with his dad, maids, step mothers, and friends. But when Ja Eun was about to bring up the talk about her dad, Tae Hee told her not to continue. He didn’t want to hear anything about her dad. He said, “It (the matter about her dad) was not the reason I let you go. The reason why I agree to let you go is…” He couldn’t finish his words.

Ja Eun: “Ajeossi, please remember that i’m the one who break you up, not you.” Tae Hee didn’t say anything, even when Ja Eun asked if he had anything else to say to her. Ja Eun excused herself first, “Ajeossi, annyeong…” Tae Hee still tried to hold himself at first, but when he saw Ja Eun’s couple ring was left on the table, he started to bawl.

Tae Hee, still sobbing, ran out looking for Ja Eun on the street here and there. When he thought he had lost her, there she was standing at one spot watching him. When he finally spotted her, Ja Eun came running towards him, saying, “I love you, Ajeossi, I really love you.” And they were crying together.

Tae Hee said sorry that he couldn’t protect her. He was sorry that after everything she had given him in his recent life, when this situation happened he couldn’t do anything for her. He said he would start to learn how to tie the necktie so there won’t be any other woman help him tie it aside of her. Then he tried to finish the words he couldn’t finish on the dinner table.

“The reason why I agree to let you go is because…to let me be able to (continue) loving you.”

Aaarrrgh it was a sad sad cold night T_T  . I knew it’s gonna happen, but still I couldn’t hold my emotion when it really happened. I don’t know how today’s episode is gonna be, but I think it’s gonna be bleak :( Watching this happen in this drama made me wonder, why parents could so selfish? I knew family matter is very important. And the pain Ja Eun’s father and grandfather had given to Hwang family couldn’t be redeemed. But these kids are innocent. I agree with Tae Phil when he said that they (the parents) should just let Ja Eun and Tae Hee meet each other (dating) if they don’t want them to get married.

Hhfft, okay, let’s see what’s episode 52 bringing us. The preview showed nothing better, but let’s give a try.


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