Hot Summer for Lee Dong Wook

Summer hasn’t ended for us, and I think this summer is quite hot, as hot as Lee Dong Wook’s perfect body and tanned skin…Oh God, his abs…I’m speechless…gaaah.. :mrgreen:

I wondered why Korean entertainment industry always “exploit” Korean actors’ body on the screen? especially they who just got released from military service. But actually for me it’s a pleasure, you have to be grateful for the beauty of God’s creation such as Lee Dong Wook’s body, right?..hahahaha..i think i’m getting crazy this summer, blame the brightly sun! :left:

These pictures took from filming of “Scent of Woman” on Okinawa, Jepang. Soon after discharged from military on June, Lee Dong Wook has begin his frenzy activities on “Scent of Woman”, so the military things still attached on him. He looks dashing and more manly, and absolutely sexier. He gets that perfect body in a hard way, control his diet and take physical training. It’s for him to look shining in his drama and of course for his fans who have missed him.

On “Scent of Woman” Lee Dong Wook play as Ji Wook, a perfect guy (with perfect body), who will fall in love with Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) a dying woman who diagnosed with cancer. Tragically?? Nope…since “Scent of Woman is a romantic comedy drama.

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