Lee Dong Wook Discharged from Military Service

On June 20 at Yongsan’s Public Relation Defence Office, after one year and 10 months doing his duty as a good citizen on millitary service, finally Lee Dong Wook wrapped it.

His fans were waiting for him since early in the morning. On his speech, he said that he was very enthusiastic looking for his discharged. He couldn’t even sleep last night. Things seemed to be still overwhelming in his “graduation”. He can’t describe his feeling about his discharged.

Apparently there’s no time for him to take a rest even just for a short time. Right after this, he must start working on his new drama “Scent Of Woman” alongside with Kim Sun Ah which is planned to start airing on July 23rd.

Welcome back Dong Wook-ssi, nice to see you again on small screen.. :)

[by Blossom]

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