Lee Dong Wook’s Comeback Praised by Kim Jae Won

Will be start airing this weekend, “Scent of Woman” already held the press conference on July 19. The leading roles came to that event, and of course the leading man, Lee Dong Wook. On this drama Lee Dong Wook plays as Ji Wook, a lovely chaebol, handsome, and has perfect abs :mrgreen: . Ji Wook will fall in love with a dying woman, Yeon Jae (played by Kim Sun Ah).

This drama is his come back project after being discharged from military service last month. After two years alienated from entertainment industry, this drama is the way he shows his preserved acting skill.

For his comeback, his buddies from military, especially Kim Jae Won (who also an actor), gave him support and appraisal. Kim Jae Won hoping Lee Dong Wook will work hard for his role on this drama, he must give his best. I hope so.. :D

[by Blossom]

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