Hyun Bin Enlisted on Marine Corps in March

It seems already certain that our kkadonam, Hyun Bin, will begin his duty as citizens to enter military service starting in March. And he has certainly also enlisted on marine corps.
When he received the SBS drama award (on December 31st), the man who was born in 1982 (30 years old in Korea) said that he was too late (too old maybe) to follow the duty. Indeed he was a little bit late because usually Korean men started the military service in early or mid 20s.
He will begin to enter marine corps in March, after he had completed all his projects, such as the Secret Garden in January (done last night), “Late Autumn” and “Love Me, Love Me Not” on February.
Hopefully when he joined marine corps he won’t see any little mermaid while on duty across the sea, because I was afraid she would fall in love with him and eventually have to disappear like seafoam. :p
Ouch…I’m going to miss you, Hyun Bin-ssi.

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