Hyun Bin’s First Overseas Duty as a Soldier: Indonesia

Hyun Bin or Kim Tae Pyung, our celebrity soldier (oops..sorry if i’m too frank, because i think marines corps has been too much exploiting his popularity, can’t they let him as ordinary soldier???) has new duty as Korean defense ambassador.  For his first task he is scheduled to visit Indonesia. He will be in Indonesia for 2 nights and 3 days, starts on October 5th until October 7th. Along with his fellow soldiers ,today (October 4th) he left for Indonesia from Incheon International Airport.

Indonesian government who invites Hyun Bin personally to attentd the celebration of army force anyversary on October 5th. then as schedule, on October 6th he will meet Indonesian marine corps. Hyun Bin is quite known by the Indonesian public through his popular dramas (Secret Garden and My Name is Kim Sam Soon) and TV ads. Both Indonesian army force and Korean army force are smart enough to harness it, make the military look charming. :mrgreen:

Hyun bin to Indonesia also took a special mission, as part of negotiation to sell submarines and other military equipment to the Indonesian military and also to advance training models of Korea Aerospace Industries T-50 Golden Eagle multirole fighter jets . Okay, it turns out that it is part of the military business, i knew it. But why they send Hyun Bin? Is there no real soldier to cover this 1 billion deal matter?:?

Unlike  the other actors, who seemed to “disappear” while in the military, Hyun Bin still “exists” on public. I think not only as an actor, as a soldier he also has a lot of tasks. As a spokerphone, MC, athlete, because lately (on his birthday, September 25th) he’s chosen to participate on marathon event, and now he becomes the military lobbyists? :?

Oh yeah, I almost forget, happy belated birthday, Hyun Bin-ssi, always be safe on military! ;)

[by Blossom]

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