Intense Competition Among Korean Wed-Thu Dramas

As all Korean drama lovers might know, the current spring’s Korean Wed-Thu dramas have a very tight competition. People in media kept talking about their ratings’ fluctuation and even triggered some critics to speak out their comments in a serious way. We may think they are just dramas, but dramas here in Korean entertainment industry is big and of course link to business, creative writing, and performing arts field of works. And in particular, these three spring dramas that have currently been airing in the same time slot in three major Korean TV channels: KBS’ “The Equator Man”, MBC’s “The King 2 Hearts” and SBS’ “Rooftop Prince”. Not only they have major actors and actresses like Lee Seung Gi-Ha Ji Won, Uhm Tae Woong-Lee Bo Yong, and Han Ji Min-Park Yoo chun, but also they have unusual ideas of stories. The King lift up the issue of Korean reunification, Equator is more of character’s psychological struggle, while Rooftop offers fantasy of the time traveler prince. Each of them have their strong and weakness points, but all of them really put a drama lover (like me) in a dilemma of which drama I should watch live on TV.

I didn’t really think it’s that big until I noticed that earlier on March, most of magazines and tabloids were all talking about them and have many of the actors/actresses involved in these 3 dramas as their cover. But time flies and all of them almost reach their finales. T-T

Well, I don’t want to say much since i’m just a loyal viewers, not a drama critic. But I just want to share this interesting chart of the ratings’ fluctuation that I think very impressive.

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  1. Korean dramas are mostly just trash…. Almost all the same plots, mostly plastic people, that Koreans envy unduly, and budget casting/filming. If Korean dramas are so popular, it’s surprising that so little filming skill/real acting goes into them – too many holds/stationary close-up shots on a particular model, who’s not speaking (it’s just about over-emphasizing a guy/girl’s face, who’s wearing too much makeup). Yes, some of the segments of acting can be quite realistic, but most of the character profiles/personalities are so flaky and void of any true color.
    I’ve lived in Korea for over 10 years, and lived among Koreans before that, since 1994. Korean dramas are mostly just injected with gas/puff and arrogance/showiness that doesn’t reflect much at all about how 99% of Koreans live in Korea. This shallowness/pomp aspect is getting worse.

    Finally, the screaming, hysterical women, (quite common here) and flowery guys are quite off-putting/annoying to watch/listen to….there’s enough noise and disorder in daily life here, to tolerate more noise pollution at home.

    Like so many expats living in Korea…very unimpressed with Korean dramas!

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