Rooftop Prince Episode 4 Summary

Park Ha was ready to open her own shop. But she really shocked that her cheque to pay her debt had lost.

Oh yeah..we know the evil who was wearing louboutin, she is Se Na. When they were in the restaurant, she grabbed the cheque  from Park Ha’s bag when Park Ha and mother went to the rest room. Se Na ripped  that cheque, that’s her way to make Park Ha being under her control. She wants Park Ha to leave Korea soon. She rejected Park Ha’s phone calls knowing that Park Ha must have been frantically looking for the cheque.

The ajeossi didn’t understand Park Ha’s condition, he said if Park Ha was unable to pay the rent, she must get out of the store immediately. Park Ha just sat up weakly, her dream to build her own shop was ruined.

As Se Na’s prediction, Park Ha was trapped on her game. Park Ha asked a help from her step sister.

Se Na gave her one condition, she will help her but Park Ha must go back to US  soon after her problem in Korea solved. Se Na gave time to Park Ha to considered her deal. Of course Park Ha confused, because she wanted to make her dream come true in Korea but now Se Na wants her back to US.

That day obvioulsy her hardest day  until at night Park Ha just realized that she forgot to pick up the prince. In the middle of rain, The prince, who failed to catch up the Princess (Se Na), was still standing waiting for Park Ha. Lee Gak was really angry that Park Ha was too late to pick him up, just because Park Ha loved money too much since that day was the first day her shop opened. Park Ha was too emotionally-exhausted to explain why she’s late. She didn’t talked much.

When they arrived on rooftop, Lee Gak was still upset,even he cursed Park Ha’s bussiness, He cursed Park Ha to fail on bussiness. And actually his curse make Park Ha more down.

Lee Gak finally found his princess, but suddenly Park Ha dragged him, and ordered him to load the boxes to the truck…it was just Lee Gak’s nightmare.

In the morning, Park Ha still in gloomy mood, she didn’t make breakfast for the guys. She came to the hotel to meet her friend, Amy, who came from New York with her husband for honey moon.

After meeting Amy, Park Ha getting more confused. Amy offered her a job back in US to work in her restaurant,  it was in one line with Se Na’s request. But i think Park Ha already loved Korea, and her Korean friends. For her it’s too hard to leave Korea.

To earn the money to help Park Ha, Becky, Park Ha’s bestfriend, found part time job for Song Man Bo as parking guard, Woo Yeong Seol as waiter at coffee shop, and Do Chi San to wash the car, but they ruined their jobs.

Finally from his servants, the Prince just knew that Park Ha’s business was ruined because her money gone mysteriously. He felt guilty to Park Ha about his curse last night.

Becky and Mimi had an idea to earn the money to help Park Ha. They sold Park Ha’s strawberries on the street, but before, Becky trained the guys on animal costumes some kind of dance movements to attract people to buy their fruits.
Actually when becky trained her servants, Lee Gak followed her move from afar. :lol:

Mimi said that when they were on animal custom they banned to talked, they just in silence
On the street, Mimi was disappointed because the dog, the cat and the rabbit didn’t dance properly. They’re attractive enough, but finally the panda came. Everybody thought it was becky. Mimi gave the panda sn advice, she wanted the panda to dance like crazy, it was for the sake of Park Ha. Then with Lovey Dovey (T-ara) the panda was going wild :lol: …and managed to make people came to their vendor.

Aunty Wang, grandma’s sister, really disapointed to Tae Moo because canceling her model for wedding event. Then, she came to meet Pyo Taek Soo ajoessi, I think in the past they both had close relationship, maybe he was her husband? Aunty Wang forced the ajeossi to back to Seoul and reinstated to the company, but the ajeossi refused politely.  Actually she to do that just because she felt lonely, she just needed some friends.

For brand new concept wedding event, the chairman, grandma, ordered Se Na to perform on that event and wearing the collection from company, the idea came from Tae Moo. He really loved his pretty girlfriend Se Na. Actually he wanted the others to know their relationship, but he waited until he becomes the owner of the company. What an ambitious guy…

Park Ha was very touched looked her friends help her, Mimi, Becky, and the Joseon guys…minus the prince. She was very grateful to have them as friends.
But then, the Panda collapsed  due to exhaustion, since the Panda was the most excited on that event, he gave up now. :lol:

Yeong Seol piggy back the Panda to the convinient place. Yeong Seul think that Becky who was in the Panda costume, so as traditional man he didn’t dare to touched the Panda. He just left the Panda alone.

Apparently, the panda wasn’ t Becky, but the crown prince, Lee Gak. Maybe it was his way to apologize to Park Ha, by helping her secretly.

Park Ha came, Lee Gak put on the Panda head again. Park Ha, who thought it was Becky, said that she’s really happy to have a friend like Becky, since both of them  were alienated people in Seoul two years ago.  She continued that she owed so much to Becky for so many things, but now before she paid Becky’s kindness she had to go back to US. Park Ha also said that she planned to tell about this matter to the guys later, when she’s ready. The Panda or Lee Gak inside kept in silent, but the Panda looked upset finding out Park Ha decision.

Lee Gak left Park Ha. He didn’t understand why Park Ha suddenly decided to leave  Korea, still on bad feeling, he handed over the panda costume to Becky.

On weeding event, Tae Moo gave Se Na a diamond ring. He purposed her, after that event they planned to tell to elders about their relationship.

To replied their efforts, Park Ha made dinner for her friends. Every one looked happy, except Lee Gak. He’s still upset. Park Ha didn’t realize that Lee Gak already  knew about her decision to leave Korea.

Becky invited Lee Gak to her room because she wanted to talk about the person behind the Panda costume. She planned to tell Park Ha that it was Lee Gak. But Lee Gak didn’t respond her because on television there was Se Na who was wearing wedding dress. Becky said about marriage, so he thought the princess was getting married. Suddenly Lee Gak  acted frantically.

The wedding event was very success, the whole package sold out. Tae Moo really proud of his girlfriend. After talking to Tae Moo, suddenly Lee Gak came and went crazy talking about prince and princess matter to Se Na. Tae Moo who felt his girlfriend was on danger just punched Lee Gak until he fell to the sea.  The same thing he did to Tae Moo two years ago.

While on rooftop, Park Ha opened the box from Amy (Amy brought that can from US, because it was Park Ha’s belongings). In the box there were so many things she had left in US, and the most surprising thing was the postcard, where Tae Yong drew her face on it, on that postcard writen “Come out to this location at 7 o’clock the day after tomorrow.” And actually Park Ha came to that place but no one came, oh yeah because Tae Moo already threw away Tae Yong to the sea.

And the most suspicious thing was the smart phone, one of her customers said that her phone was switched with Korean guy’s phone, so that girl asked Park Ha to keep that phone and gave back to him if he came back to that place.
So, you mean the phone which Tae Moo threw away to sea wasn’t Tae Yong’s phone??? Ough you better watch out Tae Moo!!!

Lee Gak managed to be evacuated  from the sea. While he was unconscious, his mind suddenly full of questions about who is he, who is Tae Yong, who is the apple girl, and who is the woman who look like the princess. “Is this reincarnation?” finally he had gotten the conclusion that the princess died and reincarnated to that woman and he died and reincarnated as Tae Yong. And the big question revealed.. did he came to that era to take  Tae Yong’s place? Then his heart stopped beating, but suddenly back to life, but still unconscious.

Park Ha worried, it was already late but Lee Gak hasn’t come back to rooftop.

She just knew from Becky that after watching television Lee Gak suddenly went to the place on television. Becky said Park Ha didn’t worry becauce before he left she put Park Ha’s number on Lee Gak’s suit

The grandma felt responsible to Lee Gak, becuase her grandson, Tae Moo, who made him almost died. She treated Lee Gak  nicely.

The nurse found phone number on his suit, she thought it was his guardian’s number. They called Park Ha. Park Ha rushed to the hospital. In the elevator she met the grandma, she told that she was that guy’s guardian. But when the elevator door opened, Tae Moo and Se Na were shocked looking Park Ha was there alongside with grandma.

Finally they four came to Lee Gak’s room. Lee Gak already woke up and sat on his bed. Then he said to the grandma “Grandma, it’s me, Tae Yong”
Every one was in shock, especially Tae Moo.

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