The Equator Man Episode 17 Summary

Sun Woo told Jang Il that he wouldn’t stop the game he’s playing. Jang Il confronted him, but it ended up to be Jang Il’s delusion having Sun Woo sitting there. He was just talking to himself.

Meanwhile Jang Il’s father went to meet Mr.Jin. He refused to take a blame that he was the one killing Mr.Kim. Mr.Lee insisted that he was just doing under his order and threat. But Mr.Jin reminded him that he was the one who needed JAng Il’s scholarship and Mr.Kim was still alive when he hung him. These two bad guys just blaming each other.

Mr.Jin was coming down to the DA office. Joon Ho brought up again the questions related to Sun Woo’s dad’s death. But of course Mr.Jin didn’t cooperate and it made Joon Ho lost his patience. He even started calling Mr.Jin with the non-formal (considered very rude in Korea) way of addressing people: “Jin No Sik-ssi!” It offended Mr.Jin and he asked for another prosecutor to be in charge of the interview otherwise he would just keep silent.

Jang Il came in and took over Joon ho’s job voluntarily. Mr.Jin at first thought that Jang Il would still be on his side, but he was completely wrong. Jang Il cornered him. He even invited his father to testify again. They both cornered Mr.Jin with of course Mr.Lee’s partly-lie testimony.

Soo Mi finally found out about the exhibition of her secret paintings. Yoon joo already had many reporters in the gallery. Soo Mi objected her action, but then Sun Woo came and told her he’s gonna buy all the paintings. Soo Mi demanded to take off all the paintings. “If you bring them down, I’ll tell the press what those paintings were really about,” threatened Sun Woo.

He was so disappointed and furious and had no mercy for Soo Mi. “How could you do this to me? Are you having fun watching all this the whole past 15 years? Why did you do this? For Jang Il? He would never ever see you even if you do this all!”

Instead of begging Sun Woo for forgiveness, Soo Mi just kept on Jang Il’s side. Sun Woo was getting more emotional. He said if she didn’t stop, he could crush her hand so she would never be able to paint again.

Yoon Joo told the press that the three friends had promised that day that 15 years later they would do the pose again but in a reverse situation. If before it was Sun Woo who became the victim, this time it was Jang Il.

Sun Woo bring down Mr.Choi to meet Mr.Jin. He told Mr. Jin that he was the person who blackmailed him. Sun Woo left them alone while he was going to the next room where Mr.Lee was. Sun Woo was throwing the fire ball to the men who were firing the ball towards him back then.

Mr.Lee was frustrated that Mr.Choi opened up his mouth and keep telling that Mr.Kim was still alive when he hung him. Jang Il was also frustrated that he even told his father, “You destroy my life.”

The restless Joon Ho was still curious about the whole things that happened. He still believed that Mr.Jin was guilty for Mr.Kim’s death and it’s related to his corruption.

Mr.Jin summoned Ji Won to persuade her making Sun Woo stop. He tried to bribe her with her late father’s company’s shares. Ji Won couldn’t stand the insult anymore that she threw the water into Mr.Jin’s face, saying, “Don’t you ever say bad things about my family or my man again.”

Ji Won came to the blind center and Sun Woo was there too. Sun Woo said it’s good to be able to see her now. But it’d be better if he couldn’t see because he wouldn’t be able to see Soo Mi’s paintings or the expressions on JAng Il and his father’s faces. Sun Woo said but back then the last thing he wanted to see before getting blind was Jang Il’s eyes. Ji Won asked how was JAng Il’s eyes back then. “They’re cold, strong and lonely. I think he hit me because he was cold and lonely,” said Sun Woo.

Then Ji Won asked how does he want this whole thing to end? “What do you want?” and she kept the next questions in her heart: Are you gonna be happy then? I want you to get what you want because I love you. But then she said she wish she’s the one who must do this whole thing instead of him, because it’s too hard for her watching him suffer.

As the scenario, the trio Soo Mi, Jang Il and Sun Woo would undergo the “reconstruction” again of the scene. Soo Mi would take pictures of them and then later paint it again with her own emotion. But this time they would do it in the reverse actors and different setting too. This time Sun Woo was the bad guy. This event was recorded by the media.

Sun Woo started with the kneel. He even said, “I killed your father, let’s say it that way. So don’t go to the police and submit your petition.” And then he got up and approached Jang Il, going to hit him on the back just like Jang Il did to him before. Sun Woo seemed to want to hit him for real, but Soo Mi cut him.

Unfortunately for the press, the building management had to call them down because there were too many people wanted to see the event too. So when everyone went down, Sun Woo locked the door. This time, he hit Jang Il for real on his back: hard and twice. JAng Il dropped, but Sun Woo dragged him to the edge of the rooftop.

Instead of begging for forgiveness, the loony Jang Il said, “I should’ve hit you harder that time, Sun Woo.” It drove Sun Woo crazier. He lift up Jang Il’s feet and was so ready to throw him off the rooftop.

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Finally a little spunk from Ji Won! I knew it was there! You know, I believe in forgiveness but Jang Il’s insistence that he did no wrong would piss off a saint! Don’t understand him!

  2. rhinna (@kishniquin)

    this scene is intense its never easy just to forgive & forget cause it was life & death for him…can’t blame him

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