Jang Dong Gun Fascinated by Kim Ha Neul on “Gentleman’s Dignity”

To be released on May 26th, SBS’s most anticipated drama, “Gentleman’s Dignity” unveiled more stills from the couple scene. at convenience store Jang Dong Gun secretly staring at Kim Ha Neul, he looked curious with the pretty woman beside him, maybe it was called as love at the first sight, he caught under her charm.

On drama, Jang Dong Gun plays as a cocky architect, Kim Do Jin. He will be involved in romance with spunky and cheery teacher,  Seo Yi Soo. This drama tells about adult love story, the separation, and more, but “Gentleman’s Dignity” becomes the light romance. i put my trust on the writer, Kim Eun Suk, i believe  she can pack the pretty serious issues be so fascinating and interesting story line…

Therefore there’s Jang Dong Gun here, the most long awaited actor..yeaaah..after thirteen years he comes back to small screen. even if you just put his face on screen without script or others, i will watch him, seriously..he’s just too gorgeous to be missed.

Besides Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul, other great actors are also involved in this drama, they are Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jung Hyuk.

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