Kim Ha Heul’s Stills From “Gentlemen’s Dignity”

After the gentlemen begin their brotherhood, now the main heroine on “Gentlemen’s Dignity”, Kim Ha Neul, showed the charisma as the high school ethics teacher, Yi Soo. These are photos for her first filming on April 8th. Kim Ha Neul looked impressive and pretty, especially with that blue jacket.

As the teacher and mature figure, Yi Soo still has a bright and cheerfull personality. She will face Jang Dong Gun’s character, Kim Do Jin the perfectionist architect. Then, with these different personalities they will bring a bickering relationship. Okay this is a rom-com, so I expect they are gonna wild and crazy here…

“Gentlemen’s Dignity” tells about four flower ajeossideul who learn about love, lost, and hope from so many things, maybe also from this pretty teacher. This drama will be running on KBS start on May 26.

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