Photos from “Gentlemen’s Dignity” Filming Process

The new drama from SBS, “Gentlemen’s Dignity” begin filming this month. This drama becomes the most anticipated one after the spring-dramas-war because it’s a big fat content: the actors and the writer.

The writer, Kim Eun Suk (Secret Garden, City Hall, On Air, Lover in Paris), managed to make Jang Dong Gun agreed to came back on small screen after 12 years. Not only binging back Jang Dong Gun, Kim Eun Suk also successfully put together other ajeossi-deul, Kim Min Jong, Kim Soo Ro, and Lee Jong Hyuk.

The gentlemen, Jang Dong Gun’s character, Kim Do Jin is an architect. Kim Min Jong plays as a nice guy who has career as a lawyer, Choi Yoon.  Then Kim Soo Ro is the sensitive guy named Im Tae San, and Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok, he’s the player in this club.

Anyway, I just realized that architect has become the most popular career in South Korea lately, I dunno why, but at least they still give a place for a lawyer character in this drama… ;)

Back to drama, on April 7th, the main casts and crew gathered for first shoot. The guys looked having the brunch on a fancy restaurant. Along the filming, even though that was the first time for them shooting together, they looked so friendly. Supposedly they are also friends in real life. Besides those ajeossi-deul, there will be Kim Ha Neul on frames.

With this kind of package, I know it wouldn’t be a candy drama. Entitled to be a light comedy, this drama will tell more of adult conflicts in love, life, and more. In short, this drama will be like “Sex and the City” on Korean male version…so I’ll buy it even without high heels!!!

These are the rest of the pictures from the set.

Jang Dong Gun..oh..i think his charm never fades…welcome back, ajeossi!!!

Kim Min Jong, I always love him since “Rules of Love” (2005) alongside Choi Kang Hee, and thankfully he was also in “Athena” (2011).

Kim Soo Ro, no doubt with his acting skill and sense of humor. Just a loveable ajeossi.




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