Jo In Sung Becomes Flower Boy for GQ Korea

Actually i don’t like the photoshoot concept since i never like pretty boy, and these photos are not my favorite, but this time I just want to share them because he’s Jo In Sung!

Jo In Sung is transformed into a flower boy (also literally). He looks pretty, young and innocent for this spring. Maybe this concept is for his anticipated new movie, “Kwonbup” which will begin filming on this spring. As i know,  his future role in that movie will be as a high school student. Little bit weird, the guy who’s just discharged from military has to act as a teenager??? But i don’t care since this movie is his come back project after a long hiatus from screen.

Thankfully, he still shows his masculine charm on the photo below, that’s my favorite. It reminds me about his role on “Dirty Carnival”. These photos and more will be published on GQ March issue with a very long pages…Wooo… i think i have to add this magazine on my shopping list, crossing my finger and hope there will be more photos like the photo below. ;)

[info and images source]

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