Kim Ha Neul Looks Chic and Sexy for “Singles”

Recently, Kim Ha Neul spotted on Hawaii for Singles magazine’s photoshoot. With her natural beauty, Kim Ha Neul shows her perfect body and pretty legs on the spring fashion. Most of the photos show her with hot pants and actually it makes her looks younger and hot. Kim Ha Neul makes this tropical island looks more beautiful

Not only has pretty face, she also good-hearted since she concerns about others and nature. Even 5% of the  profit from  this photoshoot will be donated for charity. Besides acting, she said that being involved in charity project is also happiness for her. Happiness does not always come from her success as an actress, but also as a human being.

On interview at the set she also talked about her originality in front of camera. She didn’t need to pretend. She wanted to show her real image. She said that sometimes in real life she could avoid the uncomfortable situations that forced her to smile or said something that hurt her pride, but in front of camera it’s so hard to run. She realized that it is a risk that she should face. Now she’s getting wiser in dealing with those situations.

Anyway, her words reminded me of her role on “On Air” as the stubborn top actress, Oh Seung Ah. And  as Kim Ha Neul, she’s  a really a humble actress. Recently I saw her on “Blind“. I admitted that she deserved to get the 2011 Blue Dragon Award for her role on that movie, as an independent blind woman, Soo Ah.

And back to the photos, these photos look simple because  i think it’s less of photoshop’s touch. So these photos can reveal the pureness of Kim Ha Neul.  The photographer absolutely knew the prettiest side of the object. Nice works!

As a girl, i love her purses, especially the fuchsia ones. :)

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