Kim Nam Gil Is Back From Military

Actually i have a high expectation this years, because in this year there’s a bunch of my long awaited actors that will be discharged from military service, they are Kang Dong Won, Kim Nam Gil, Hyun Bin, and Lee Dung Gun who has already discharged on March.

After completing 24 months duty as public service officer on Gangnam-gu, Seoul, finally our ‘Bad Guy”, Kim Nam Gil, is back! yay! He officially discharged from the duty on July 14th. But too bad, there was no special ceremony when he’s discharged.

There’s no time to take a rest, he has to face the tight schedule after the service ended. He entered military service straightly when “Bad Guy” ended on July 2010, so that he already has got schedule to promote  that drama in Japan soon. Kim Nam Gil played really impressive on “The Great Queen Seon Deok”,  because of his appearance on that drama,  his popularity rose. Before he’s released from the service, so many drama offers came to him. Reportedly, Kim Nam Gil still consider some dramas, maybe he will comeback with sageuk drama.

Welcome back, Kim Nam Gil-ssi! we are waiting for your comeback project soon… ;)

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6 Responses to Kim Nam Gil Is Back From Military

  1. Handsome as always <3

  2. I love you oppa.
    agree with Mai.
    You are always so handsome.
    hurry back from New Zealand.
    your fans are waiting for you.

  3. welcome home,BIDAM,KNG, the unreacheable star of my life…. i wish to see your movie again very soon! SARANGHE…. how i wish you will visit the phillippines someday!GOD bless you always…

  4. Bidam you’re yoyo! welbe back man I miss u in another movie together with Lee yo won

  5. my ultimate crush is back!

  6. I didn’t know he was back! YAY! :) He looks super tall? I guess it was just the hair that made him short…? IDK I didn’t really notice his height… But wow, so handsome. Time to grow that hair out. Look smexxxy with long hair and handsome with short hair! KEEK :P

    I can’t wait for Hyun Bin to come out too! OMG Great year.. Another year for Rain lovers though. I shall wait patiently. <3

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