Lee Seung Gi’s New Song “Because We’re Friends” (친구잖아)

I don’t know why I giggled the first time I listened to the song. I was wondering, “Is it some kind of Seung Gi’s true feeling? That he’s actually been one-sided love with his friend all this time that makes a high qualified boy like stay single?” I don’t know…this thought just made me giggled.  :D

Anyway, Seung Gi keeps his musical trace of the youthful spirit in this song. I think it’s a good choice taking “Because We’re Friends” as the first single from his latest album “Tonight”. Hmm… I think this ‘light’ ballad will be a good competition for his senior, Sung Shi Kyung’s single “I like” (also known as Even Now).

And for the MV, i like that autumn theme with the falling leaves and the one-sided love story Seung Gi presents there… Well, there’s no a “wow” factor both in the song and the MV, but who cares? It’s Lee Seung Gi with his good voice… that’s just enough for everything.

MV with Hangeul text+ Romanization + English Translation.


Thanks so much for Youtube ID: LoveKPopSubs8 who had uploaded the MV with such a complete help in the language. ;)

[by Rizz]


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