Sung Shi Kyung’s Single “I Like” (난 좋아)

The first time this MV was released and I saw it, I straightly loved it! I know it’s been a while since the first time it was released, but I just have the chance to put it here in the web just now. Well, it’s still hot on the music charts, so it’s okay I guess. :)

I love the fact that Sung Shi Kyung is “around” again. You know, it’s a sort of good come back for him. I like to see him quite often these days on TVs and his voice on the radio. And this song, “I Like”, I really like it. This song is also known for another title as “Even Now”. However, I like the “I Like” version of the title. But that doesn’t really matter, there’s no difference in the song and the MV. It’s just a song with two known titles.

The song is like always, a heart-touching ballad of Sung Shi Kyung. With his heart-melting great voice, no wonder at all why most Korean females fall for him and make their boyfriends or husbands jealous.

The MV itself was quite a buzz when it was firstly released. Why? Just watch the MV and find out yourself. :D

I saw one of Yoo Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook episodes while Sung Shi Kyung became the singer of the month. Yoo Hui Yeol brought up that MV topic. And I clearly remember what Sung Shi Kyung cooly said that time, “It was just for work.” Yoo Hui Yeol couldn’t hold his envy saying, “How great is it to be you, to kiss Cho Yeo Jeong so many times for work.” They both ended up laughing together.

I like the MV as much as I like the song. Having Hong Kong as the setting and show the city from a taxi driver’s point view was a good idea. And I like the non-linear plot of story.

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