Love Rain Episode 1 Quick Summary

Love Rain finally starts. The premise of this drama is actually a cliche, the sort of “my girl was the girl my best friend likes and I end up being the one who step back and give the way to my friend.”

Seo In Ha is a romantic artist, an art student, who believes in love in three seconds. And on that day, he finally met one. This girl, appeared passing him by as In Ha counted in his heart “1…2…3…” and there love embraced him.

The story started in 1970 era. While his friends, Lee Dong Wook, Baek Hye Jeong and Kim Chang Mo were hanging out in the cafe, Seo In Ha was in his studio, painting. He opened the window and saw this girl, Yoon Hee, sitting on the bench in the garden just outside his studio. In Ha started to sketch this girl. But then suddenly the girl disappeared, he looked for her outside, running here and there, until he bumped into a girl. That girl was none other than the girl he’s looking for. In Ha helped the girl tidy up her scattered books and bumped his head with hers when they’re about to get up. Too bad In Ha couldn’t even ask her name.
Then suddenly the university was broadcasting the national anthem and everyone must freeze for a while and give respect. In Ha moved a bit closer to the girl. He knew right away that he had a special feelings for the girl. And when In Ha was picking up his pencil (he dropped it earlier when he bumped into that girl), he found a yellow note book. The owner’s name is Kim Yoon Hee.

In Ha and his friends, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Chang Mo loved to play tennis. And when they play on the court, the girls went crazy for them. Cheering them and calling out their names. Yoon Hee was watching too, recognizing the man as the one she was bumped into earlier. When she was about to leave the sport field, she bumped into some girls and just realized that she lost her notebook.

Getting back to his room, In Ha checked on the yellow note book he found and read the written name: Kim Yoon Hee. He read one of the notes. It’s a kind of diary, but she wrote it in a beautiful way that it sounds like a poetry. In Ha found out that her parents died when she was a kid.

The next day, In Ha was waiting for Yoon Hee in the spot they’re bumping the day before. In Ha was about to leave, but Yoon Hee called him and asked him about the yellow note book. Strangely In Ha didn’t say anything. And when she was about to call Yoon Hee, his friends came out. Chang Mo recognized Yoon Hee as the madonna, but that madonna was the kind of loner that she had only a very few friend.

Kept on reading Yoon Hee’s note book when he’s alone, In Ha found out that Yoon Hee’s dream was to become an actress so she would receive love from many people.

In the library, accidently In Ha saw Yoon Hee from the other side of the shelves. The clumsy In Ha bumped into something that he made a fuzz and some books scattered on the floor. Yoon Hee and Hwang In Sook helped him. In Sook then asked Yoon Hee if she knew Seo In Ha. He’s known for his charisma, one of the most popular men in campus. The other most popular men were his own friends: Lee Dong Wook the music DJ in cafe near university and Kim Chang Mo the easy going who sings well.

One afternoon, it was raining and In Ha met Yoon Hee outside the library. He starightly said, “Hey..uhmmm, please wait for a while.” Then he went back to the library, looking for an umbrella here and there. He even searched in the basement storage. And there he found the yellow umbrealla, but unfortunately it’s broken. Despite the bad condition of his umbrella, they walked together in the rain with In Ha’s half of body was wet.  Surprisingly, Yoon Hee suddenly asked, “Do you like it?” In Ha was startled. “The rain,” continued Yoon Hee. “Do you like rain?” In Ha answered yes, and Yoon Hee said she loved it too. And when a car passed by, In Ha covered her and they both asked, “Are you okay?” Then In Ha gave the umbrella to Yoon Hee and said he had another appointment. Yoon Hee asked when she could return it. They ended up making an appointment to watch a movie together, Love Story.

Yoon Hee was waiting for a bus and looking at the movie Love Story poster. Lee Dong Wook came approached her and started to flirt. “Don’t you remember me?” asked Dong Wook. Yoon Hee didn’t seem to know him. After insisting that they’s seen each other before Dong Wook straightly asked her “You like to watch Love Story? Should we watch together? Next time when we meet, let’s watch it together.” Dong Wook seemed to have a crush on Yoon Hee. Meanwhile In Ha was finishing his sketch, Yoon Hee potrait, coloring it.

Then his happiness inspired him to compose a song with guitar. In Ha seems to be a very talented artist, good with painting and music. Okay, he’s popular not for no-reason. Dong Wook came and shared his happiness with In Ha. So apparently, Dong Wook had met Yoon Hee before, at the bus stop.That’s why he kept insisting Yoon Hee that they’ve met before. Dong Wook’s finger was bleeding when they’re waiting for a bus and Yoon Hee was treating his wound. That’s how Dong Wook had a crush on her.

Again in his room that night, In Ha kept on reading Yoon Hee’s diary. He found out about Yoon Hee’s hobbies, favorite flower and even her dream prince.

That day Lee Dong Wook was very excited, asking his friends to help him. It’s about a girl, and In Ha had no idea at all until Kim Chang Mo right guessed it to be “That madonna! Ah, the girl Dong Wook was chasing was that Madonna.” In Ha, the man with low self esteem couldn’t say anything and straightly step back and give the chance to his friend. The girl who always hang out with In Ha and friends, Baek Hye Jeong, brought along Yoon Hee and her friend, Hwang In Sook, to meet the boys.

Then Dong Wook said something romantic about what love was, exactly the same words In Ha told him the night before about what love was. The night Dong Wook and In Ha shared the story that they had found their love in 3 seconds. The low self esteem In Ha even let his friend move forward to pursue Yoon Hee. In Ha wanted Yoon Hee to be happy. Ahhh this type of mannn! Where’s your fighting spirit?? Dong Wook really had no idea that the girl In Ha was talking about was Yoon Hee. In Ha started to have a bad mood towards Dong Wook, but he couldn’t really upset towards him.

After shopping, Yoon Hee and Hye Jeong went back to campus together. Yoon Hee was asked by Hye Jeong if she really liked Dong Wook. Yoon Hee said she was touched when Dong Wook said about love the other day. Then Hye Jeong told Yoon Hee her secret: she liked In Ha and wanted to be In Ha’s wife in the future.

On the other side of the university, Kim Chang Mo was posing for the painting class when he accidently found In Ha’s precious paintings: Yoon Hee’s potrait and the sketch as well.

The clueless Dong Wook asked In Ha about the girl he talked about. In Ha said it just didn’t work. They met Hye Jeong and Yoon Hee on the way, and In Ha hurriedly excused himself from the group. But Hye Jeong got more curious if In Ha liked Yoon Hee. She didn’t hesitate to ask In Ha right away. In Ha just answered, “The person Dong Wook like, I like her (in the term of liking as my friend’s girl -sort of).”

That rainy night, In Ha met Yoon Hee again outside the library. In Ha gave Yoon Hee an umbrella. Yoon Hee asked if it was because of her that he kept separating himself from the group. In Ha denied, it was actually because he was busy. Arrgh this man. Even when Yoon Hee told him that she and Dong Wook had no such a love relationship yet, he just pushing her to get closer with his friend. In the end, In Ha decided to really forget about Yoon Hee. He put Yoon Hee’s painting in the locker.

So now I get the misunderstanding they teasers articles always talked about. This Seo In Ha guy had a serious character problem. He maybe a talented artist and very romantic one, but has zero fighting spirit. I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with Dong Wook or he’s just such a low self esteem person. I think I know where this 1970 part of the story was going, but don’t want to jump into any conclusion before watching the next episode tomorrow.

Ahh, one more thing. I like Seo In Gook’s acting in this drama. He plays Kim Chang Mo well. And I like the mellow song he sang at the beginning of this drama. I’ll share it here as soon as I found it on Youtube :D

Sorry cannot make any stills yet. TV doesn’t work, mobile is on duty :) :D

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