Love Rain Episode 2 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 2 started with the beautiful trio performance of In Ha, Chang Mo and Dong Wook on the stage. They really have the reason why girls are crazy for them: good looking, good playing guitar, and beautiful voices. It’s the campus festival! The 3 guys and the girls were having fun. While Chang Mo became the target for water ball throwing, Lee Dong Wook was showing off his taekwondo skill.

In Ha was playing the shooting game. The target of the game was an apple with the girl’s name under the apple. If he hit the apple, the girl got the teddy. In Ha shot for Hye Jeong. It took two attempts. But when it came to Yoon Hee’s name, he failed twice and when he’s trying the third, Chang Mo and Dong Wook came. Dong Wook volunteered to do it, but In Ha insisted that he would do it. And he succeeded. But after that he just left coldly. Chang Mo was getting more curious. At night the five friends had small picnic.Yoon Hee didn’t drink and Dong Wook drank the alcohol for her. And that night, Dong Wook finally confessed that the definition of love he said actually came from In Ha. Before things got awkward, the fireworks show started.

The group continued to an indoor activity: dance floor. Ahh it’s so nice seeing that vintage dance they did together. In Ha was dancing with Hye Jeong but his attention was for Yoon Hee whose first partner was Dong Wook. But it’s the kind of moving partner dance. When it’s In Ha and Yoon Hee time, they got awkward. And when Yoon Hee was about to move, In Ha held Yoon Hee’s hand longer. In his heart he said he wished not to let her go.

Then an accident happened when they’re out the dance hall. Yoon Hee didn’t know that a partition of wall was falling towards her. Dong Wook noticed that, but it was In Ha who saved her. He injured his precious right hand. In the hospital, In Ha still said that he could still draw with that condition, his hand was mostly bandaged but the point finger and thumb could still work. Yoon Hee felt so sorry for him and started to cry.

Chang Mo was again the one who noticed there’s a hidden feelings between the two. Then in their room, Chang Mo asked In Ha to tell him the truth as a roomate, about the girl he liked. But their conversation had to stop because Dong Wook came in. What I hate was that In Ha apologized to Dong Wook that he couldn’t confess his feelings towards Yoon Hee that night.

The next day, leaving the studio because his hand hurt and he got upset, In Ha didn’t close his locker properly. He met Yoon Hee outside. She prepared him a box of lunch: kimbab. Yoon Hee asked In Ha if he’s really okay. In Ha said yes. And when Yoon Hee was about to give him the lunch, In Ha coldly said he had to go somewhere. But then In Ha changed his mind and asked Yoon Hee to go with him instead. It was the guitar shop. He’s picking up a new guitar. The man at the shop thought she was his girlfriend, but In Ha said they’re just friends. Yoon Hee looked disappointed.

In Ha asked Yoon Hee to test the sound of the guitar since his hand was injured. But Yoon Hee didn’t know how to play guitar. So In Ha held the chords, while Yoon Hee picked the strings. In Ha started to sing and apparently Yoon Hee also knew the song. They ended up singing duet.

On their way back, In Ha started asking about Yoon Hee’s late parents. Yoon Hee gladly shared her memories about her parents to him. She said her parents love the movie Love Story. In Ha then made a progress, he asked her to go watch it together right away. But unfortunately, the show was over. In Ha asked her to go watch it next time.

In Ha invited Yoon Hee to his studio. He asked Yoon Hee to eat the lunch box together. She saw basic lines of a woman figure on In Ha’s canvas, but stupidly In Ha said it was Hye Jeong. Yoon Hee excused herself to leave, but In Ha insisted they should eat the lunch together. While waiting for In Ha in the studio (he’s out for a while to get some water), Yoon Hee looked around and eventually opened In Ha’s locker. She found her portrait.

In Ha, realizing the same thing, ran back to his studio as fast as he could. But it’s too late. Yoon Hee had seen it. She was too surprise to see it that she dropped some of In Ha’s other paintings (all her portraits). She ran out leaving the studio, but there’s a glimpse of a smile on her face. In Ha came to talk to her, but there’re too many people outside the studio. In Ha brought her to another quite place. He’s about to confess, but his friends were around, even though they couldn’t see In Ha and Yoon Hee. After the friends left, In Ha continued his words. But In Ha didn’t tell Yoon Hee the truth. He just said that he made a painting of Yoon Hee that day because he thought she was a beautiful object. Yoon Hee looked so disappointed. In Ha even asked her not to get him wrong. I really don’t get Seo In Ha, arrrggh! What a stupid stupid man.

Then Chang Mo came in to In Ha studio, seeing his locker opened. Panic, he then tried his best to avoid Dong Wook and Hye Jeong to get into In Ha’s studio. He dragged them out. Dong Wook saw Yoon Hee from the window and ran towards her hurriedly. In Ha went back to his studio, regreting his stupidity right away.

Chang Mo was drinking with Hye Jeong. He said he’s confused that he knew a man was liking a woman, but that man’s friend also like that woman. Meanwhile the first man was like giving the way to his friend hiding his own feelings. Hye Jeong said if she were him, she would tell the truth to the friend. But Chang Mo ended up mumbling that he had liked her for a long time. Hye Jeong was too startled to say anything.

Dong Wook walked Yoon Hee to her area, but Yoon Hee was in the bad mood and tried to push him away. But Dong Wook was too clueless to understand. She asked him to stop. Then Dong Wook was speaking about his late mother, which seemed to touch Yoon Hee. They had something in common then. Yoon Hee lost her parents when she was little. And there came the rain. They both seek a shelter in front of a shop. In that moment, Dong Wook confessed his feelings. And in the same time, In Ha was regretting his stupidity for real that he ran under the rain to find Yoon Hee’s place. But that moment, he saw Yoon Hee was with Dong Wook and she seemed very happy that she’s smiling.

The three friends were going out of town for a trip. The girls came along, too, but only In Sook and Hye Jeong showed up. Dong Wook told his friends that he had confessed to Yoon Hee the other night and was waiting for her response. If she showed up that meant she accepted him. Chang Mo was sitting with In Sook and Hye Jeong. In Ha and Dong Wook thought Yoon Hee wouldn’t come, but she did. It’s late, the train was moving already and In Ha was the one who’s still there waiting for Yoon Hee at the train’s door. He caught Yoon Hee’s hand and they got awkward. But her presence meant that she received Dong Wook’s feelings and In Ha knew his place. Poor In Ha could only watch Yoon Hee and Dong Wool, in the same time unnoticing Hye Jeong’s attention towards him. They went to this beautiful place where there’re hills and beautiful river. It’s the 70s and they played hide and seek to spend the time (what a fun!). Chang Mo ended up hiding together with In Sook. Yoon Hee hid behind the linens, coincidently, In Ha was there too. In Ha said congratulation to Yoon Hee because she’s now an item with Dong Wook. Aarrgh, tupid man! Yoon Hee spoke coldly towards In Ha and she even even sought for another place to hide.

Dong Wook said he had told his friends about them and he thanked her for accepting him.
Aahh I envy the 70s…when their entertainment was going picnic and the men were playing guitar and sang nice songs. But then In Ha’s friends asked In Ha to sing a solo. Before singing, In Ha said he had something to tell hsi friends. He had composed a song that’s inspired from his own experience, the titled was “Love Rain.” And then In Ha (Jang Geun Seok) started to sing the song with his guitar. His song was about his experience with Yoon Hee the time they spent under the yellow umbrella. And the girl kind of noticed it.
Dong Wook asked who’s the girl he was thinking about when he’s composing the song. “Was it the 3 seconds girl?” Everyone demanded him to tell the truth about this girl. In Ha said, “Okay, I’ll tell you the truth…” Yoon Hee looked tense.

I like this drama for bringing up the sweet way youth spent their times during the 70s: cafe, dance, picnic…hide and seek! And those vintage costumes, love them. And I also love the nuance the camera was making…kind of warm and romantic in its own way. And it was a romantic idea to always start this drama with beautiful songs and beautiful performance. For the first time since I’ve been watching JGS’s drama, I have to admit he looks lovable as Seo In Ha, despite the fact his character was a stupid low self esteem man. ;)

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  1. thanks for the recap.. so nice to read.. i’m loving this drama.. very warm and romantic drama..

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