Love Rain Episode 4 Quick Summary

Love Rain Episode 4 started with the couple walking down the street that evening. In Ha said, “The truth is…I really miss you.” Yoon Hee said, “me too.” Then they walked holding hand, and kept holding hand until they sat on the bench in front of a building, something like a town hall. In Ha explained about the bleeding mark on his lip, but made sure Yoon Hee not to be worry because it just took some time for his friends. Yoon Hee kept saying sorry, but In Ha said, “In love there’s no words ‘sorry'”.

Then a sound of music came from the hall in the building in front of them. There are students practicing dancing. In Ha and Yoon Hee were dancing in front of the gate. In Ha said there’s something he wanted to do for Yoon Hee, that was finishing his song and sing it for her. In Ha wrapped up his “Love Rain” song that night with the last lyric was “I love you”.

Yoon Hee came into the class and everyone was staring at her in a negative way. Hye Jeong left before Yoon Hee had a chance to say hi.

Dong Wook challenged In Ha to play tennis. Chang Mo informed In Sook and Hye Jeong about the match and they went in a rush to the tennis court. Dong Wook made a serve, but In Ha just stayed still. Dong Wook kept serving, and In Ha just received the balls with her body, not a single sway of his racket. A female student informed Yoon Hee about the match and she went there. Dong Wook was getting angrier and he’s hurting In Ha with the balls. Chang Mo came forward to stop Dong Wook, while Yoon Hee was shielding In Ha. They’re about to fight, but Yoon Hee asked them to stop. Yoon Hee blamed herself again.

Then Hye Jeong handed the yellow notebook to both of them. Hye Jeong blamed Yoon Hee for ruining the friendship between In Ha and Dong Wook and the cheerful friendships they had before Yoon Hee came. Yoon Hee left, and In Ha came running to catch up with her, but the university was broadcasting the antheme again, so everyone should stay still. But In Ha couldn’t help it. He just approached Yoon Hee abruptly and hugged her tight, but Yoon Hee shrugged him off and went away running.

Yoon Hee checked on her yellow notebook. Apparently, In Ha had written a note on the last page: “I’m very thankful meeting you…” the note started with those words. It’s a kind of In Ha’s confession about his true feelings to Yoon Hee. And he was standing under the rain out side Yoon Hee’s room as she was reading the yellow notebook. In Ha was making his apology and asked her to believe in him. Yoon Hee was going to open her window, but suddenly started coughing, and her handkerchief was full of blood. She’s really sick, it’s a tuberculosis.

In the cafe, Chang Mo got very emotional that since the friendship was ruined, their musical project in the radio was also affected. But as Chang Mo started to sing energetically, Dong Wook and In Ha and the rest of the cafe sang together with him. But In Sook came in a rush, informing In Ha and the others that Yoon Hee was resigning from school, and she was not in her place. She went back to her hometown.

There’s a man looking for Chang Mo and In Ha related to their activity. The two of them seemed to be some kind of activists?

At night, In Ha and Chang Mo had a friendship conversation again. Chang Mo said he was grateful that the three of them could sing and be on the radio. He also said that he wished to go traveling someday, anywhere across the country. He envied In Ha for experiencing love.

In Ha was going to find Yoon Hee in her hometown. He arrived at the station, and Dong Wook was already there.Dong Wook came to give him a cheer up to find Yoon Hee. In Ha finally apologized to Dong Wook, and Dong Wook said he also owe an apology to Yoon Hee.

Yoon Hee was in her hometown. Her grandmother said they should go to their uncle’s place and live there. Her grandmother looked so sad that she’s crying. It’s related to Yoon Hee’s sickness, for sure. Yoon Hee smiled, then excused herself to go around the village.

In Ha came to Yoon Hee’s hometown and found the address. Her grandmother told In Ha that Yoon Hee just went out awhile ago to have a walk. In Ha saw a school and remembered that Yoon Hee’s dad was a teacher. In Ha went there and found Yoon Hee was playing an organs.
In Ha came into the room, but Yoon Hee was about to leave. In Ha tried to talk to her. He said he’s sorry, but Yoon Hee said In Ha didn’t do any mistake. Instead she was telling a lie about her feelings was actually not sincere and in the end she felt sorry for ruining the friendship, that’s why she was running away. In Ha didn’t believe her words and talked about the song he wanted to sing for her. He told her that he’s going to perform the song in university’s event and asked her to go watch it, but Yoon Hee said she didn’t want to hear it anymore. Yoon Hee came home crying, and asked the grandmother to bring her away soon.

In the university, the three men were preparing for a performance. In Ha still didn’t know if Yoon Hee would come or not. Everyone’s mood was up again. Hye Jeong cheered them up and was nice again to In Ha. That made In Ha said, “Hye Jeong, I’m sorry, and thank you.”

Cest la vie performed the last. The MC asked In Ha as the composer that he must have been not alone in the experience of being under the rain. In Ha said no. Then the MC asked if the girl who inspired the song was among the audience. He said she’d come for sure. And yes, Yoon Hee did came. She stood nearby the entrance and In Ha saw her. “Thanks,” said In Ha in his heart.

Then the performance started: Love Rain. Aaah I love the harmony of the three men and their guitars :) While singing, each of them was thinking about the girl in their heart. In Ha was thinking about his memories with Yoon Hee, Dong Wook as well. While Chang Mo was thinking both Hye Jeong and In Sook. Yoon Hee also recalled the memory she shared with In Ha and eventually cried. The second song was Who Will Stop the Rain. This song was more upbeat.

A couple of police came to Chang Mo’s place. They’re searching something in his room and found some files. Another police was waiting behind the stage, and Chang Mo started running away. In Ha was going to run too, but the police caught him. Yoon Hee collapsed and Dong Wook saw a blood in her hand. When visiting In Ha in the prison, Dong Wook didn’t say anything about Yoon Hee. In Ha said he was going for military soon.

Hye jeong was secretly helping the fugitive Chang Mo. Chang Mo was giving her a hug and told her to take care of herself well. He left with the things Hye Jeong gave him for survival.

Dong Wook was visiting Yoon Hee in the hospital. Yoon Hee said she’s going to her uncle’s place in US for medication. Dong Wook asked if she’s gonna tell In Ha. She said would, but time would eventually tell. She said she wanted to tell In Ha, but his situation wasn’t good and she didn’t want to give him anymore burden. She told Dong Wook not to tell In Ha either.

In Ha was ready for army. His friends bid him goodbye in the train station, except for Chang Mo. Dong Wook handed him a present from Yoon Hee. It turned out to be the watch he gave her earlier. In the note, she told him about she’s going to US. “I can’t bid you goodbye because I’m going to my uncle’s place in US in the same day. That day I listened to the song, I was very happy…” She continued by saying thanks for everything and every moment In Ha had given her: the movie, the yellow umbrella, the share talk about her family. But they have to be parted and she couldn’t keep the watch he gave to her, so she decided to return it. The last words she wrote, “I was happy to be with you.” This was the ending of their love story.In Ha was narrating in his heart. They both would go to separate way from that moment. In Ha would live with the memories with her. The train started to move. Dong Wook finally made up his mind to tell In Ha about Yoon Hee’s real reason of going to US, that she was sick. In Ha was crying on the train. Their love story had to end that way…

Then it was another train, but the same face of In Ha. But this In Ha was holding a modern SLR camera, taking pictures outside the window. The train arrived in the station. The announcement background told us it was in Japan. Like other passengers, that young man got off the train. Suddenly, a girl with Yoon Hee’s face came running from the opposite way and bumped into him. On that first encounter, that young man was counting in his heart, “One..two..three..”

Aaahhh finally saying goodbye to the 70s and the trio :( I hope the modern setting will still give us some beautiful musical performance..but I can’t have my hope high because obviously, as we can see in the preview of episode 5, Seo Joon would be a photographer. He would also experience that love in 3 seconds with  this girl, Jeong Ha Na.


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  1. so sad,,, say goodbye to In-ha n Yoon-hee…

  2. yeah, such a sad ending but hopefully a beautiful beginning….loving this drama :) thanks for the recap

  3. What about the recap of the other episodes? This kind of story is worth to post. Especially Filipinos love this kind of drama.

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