Love Rain Episode 10 Quick Summary

Ha Na was mesmerized by Joon’s kiss attack. She couldn’t lift her head when they arrived at home. “How are we going to do?” asked Ha Na. “It’s up to me now,” said Joon smugly, but he treated her nicely that he even held her hand. But Ha Na said she never got to think of liking someone, how to like him or how much she liked him. Joon protested that “To like someone is just like (him/her).” Then they were arguing and made Ha Na said that she hadn’t even given him any answer yet. “I will think about it.” Then Joon gave her time.

Mi Ho came out of the house, bringing Joon’s suitcase saying that Joon was going to live at their house (the Lee house) since he had to share the room with Ha Na. After some arguments, Joon took his suitcase and left. Ha Na was a bit upset that Joon left that it left her in a very high curiosity about where he was going that night: to Mi Ho’s house or to the hotel.

Yoon Hee was ready to go back home from In Ha’s place. They were talking about meeting their children one day soon. Yoon Hee said she was grateful for what In Ha had done to her today. In Ha said, “I’ll do it again tomorrow, and every single day. From now on it’s up to me.”

So Seo Joon was checking in to a hotel instead of going to Mi Ho’s house. There he saw Tae Seong with a girl, and surprisingly Mi Ho greeted Tae Seong. Joon saw that and asked how could she knew him. Mi Ho said he’s the brother of her friend. So this Tae Seong sonbae was actually a wealthy man, the son of a property businessman, and he was at the hotel for his engagement. Tae Seong also Joon, but they just looked at each other. In his room, Joon accidentally caused his toiletries’ case fell to the floor and let out the toiletries scattered on the floor. There he found Ha Na’s ring that he remembered Jo Soo, his assistant, found it in Japan and handed it to him.

Ha Na was left alone in the house, kept wondering where Joon was. She was expecting Joon’s would make a call or at least text her and told herself not to do it first. But she ended up sending him text asking where he’s sleeping that night. Joon smug and called her right away, “Are you curious where I am?” Ha Na was stuttering trying to deny her curiosity, then Joon teased her, “Or should I go? Should I?” In the same time, Ha Na suddenly went into panic as she burned her milk on the stove and just threw her mobile. Joon was worry and couldn’t reach her. He was afraid something bad happened to Ha Na, so he hurriedly went back to their place.

Arriving at the house, since Ha Na was left alone, the she turned on all the security alarm and locked all doors tightly that it made Joon had to climb all the fences and even the balcony. He kept calling out for Ha Na, but there’s no respond from her. Apparently, Ha Na was in the shower. When Joon reached the balcony, the security alarm rang and the surprised Joon fell of the floor and sprained his ankle. Ha Na was panic and went out of the bathroom in her bathrobe and she exposed her thigh and got more panic.

After the police left, Joon stayed in his room that night. They’re sitting in each of their room. Ha Na finally asked him,”Where did you go?” Joon told her he went to the hotel. Ha Na was happy that she couldn’t help smiling. “Are you smiling?” Ha Na denied. But Joon knew it was a lie because he could see her from between the books on the shelves. “Why are you smiling?” he insisted. When Ha Na realized about the book shelves, she started stacking things between the books to block Joon’s sight into her room. Joon asked for one hole. “It’s for the window,” he excused :D Ha Na was about to ignore his request when Joon distracted her by giving back the ring. “Is that from that man?” asked Joon, regarding to Tae Seong. Ha Na said it’s not. It’s like a couple ring she wished to give to her boyfriend, which was she thought it’s supposed to be her senior. Then Joon was like asking her to make the ring as a symbol later on, if she gave it to him then it meant she accepted him as her boyfriend.

Seo In Ha came to Yoon Hee’s place early in the morning, bringing her so many breakfast. In Ha was really trying to pay back the time he had lost loving her. He took off his glasses and Yoon Hee said “You’re not changed a bit.” And regarding his feelings and his timeless confession, In Ha said, “Then accept me back.”

In the children house, Ha Na and Seon Ho looked very close sitting next to each other talking, cheerfully talking about their plan. Joon was ready to go for his photo shoot when he saw the scene. “What are you two doing early in the morning giggling like that?” Joon protested. Ha Na argued him, but Seon Ho whispered “He’s just jealous” and then left. Only few minutes after Joon left the door, Ha Na received a text from Joon telling her to just go to university after breakfast. And Ha Na was already in the class, listening to a lecture when Joon text her again, “What are you doing?” Then they started the text-chatting about this and that. Ha Na asked what’s the concept of his photo shoot today. “Traveling,” said Joon. His assistant and the stylist saw him giggling with his mobile busily texting on the rear seat that they curious Joon never had done that before.  “And who’s today’s model?” Ha Na continued her text. Joon knew his next text would change Ha Na’s expression instantly. “Mi Ho.”

Hye Jeong was visiting a resort out of town, meanwhile in her work place, Yoon Hee was summoned by her boss. Apparently, Yoon Hee’s boss was introducing Yoon Hee to Hye Jeong. Whatever had happened or was happening, they’re still old friends, so they embraced each other warmly. They had a further talk and sat themselves somewhere else. The conversation then of course led to Hye Jeong’s life. She told Yoon Hee about her short marriage with In Ha. She ended up making a request to her not to interfere their life because her presence affected their family all these times.

Joon was getting cranky feeling discontent about the setting. They’re off somewhere else and Mi Ho kept trying to seduce him on the way. Joon stayed indifferent and then found a better setting for his photo shoot somewhere in the high way. Finishing his work that day, he came home right away and was leaning his back on Ha Na’s back. Seon Ho watched the scene and then he called the rest of the boys to watch it too. So they finally found out Joon and Ha Na’s relationship. Joon gave a necklace, Diamond snow, to Ha Na. “I’ll be waiting for your answer,” he said.

Hye Jeong, chang Mo and Dong Wook were drinking together. Hye Jeong could sense it that the reason why these two men called her along was because they had something to talk about with her. Chang Mo said no matter what Yoon Hee was their friend too and they’re grateful knowing her alive. They thought they should be meeting Yoon Hee as old friends. Hye Jeong didn’t really like the idea.

The parents went home drunk, including Lee Dong Wook. Seon Ho helped his father. Dong Wook asked his son if he had found his first love and then ended up talking about his own first love to Seon Ho. Being curious about his father’s first love, Seon Ho looked for some of his father’s old pictures. Mi Ho showed up and saw the pictures with her brother, and there she found Ha Na’s face.

Ha Na finally put the ring on Joon’s desk in his room, which meant she actually accepted her. But to her surprise, Joon pretended to be cold and busy that morning.

Yoon Hee came to meet In Ha in the university. She told him that they couldn’t start over again and then left. But of course Seo In Ha didn’t take it that easy after all these years, so he ran out and caught up with her. Yoon Hee didn’t really pay attention of where she was standing. She’s already on the street and was almost hit by a truck, but spontaneously In Ha saved her and got hit himself instead.

Seon Ho asked Ha Na about her mother and where she went to the university. Ha Na said her mother spent her late youth in the US. Then their conversation was cut because Tae Seong in his casual appearance came. Ha Na was happy to see him again, but as soon as she heard Joon was coming, Ha Na dragged Tae Seon away and took him to the back door. Tae Seong thought that Ha Na was still hurt of a heart break that she decided to stay in Seoul, in that place because of him. Ha Na said she’s not. “I’m so happy that you’ve come here today,” said Ha Na sincerely. Then suddenly Joon appeared from behind the back door, protesting how Ha Na was grateful getting a visit from Tae Seong and then dragged her away.

Ha Na was upset that she told Joon that she not gonna give him any answer forever. But then she remembered about the ring and tried to take it back. But Joon was always around, so Ha Na waited for him to go to the bathroom.

Seing Seon In Ha was injured (retained neck and bandaged left hand) because of her, Yoon Hee came in to his ward, crying and embracing him. Hugging him tight Yoon Hee expressed his true feelings that she actually couldn’t afford to lose him again.

Ha Na managed to get into Joon’s room and take back her ring. But Joon suddenly came in that she was surprise and dropped the ring. Joon picked it up and a smiled appeared on his face, “So it’s your answer?” Ha Na was stuttering, but Joon didn’t care because for him i’s clear that Ha Na accepted him. He let her put the ring on his finger and they hugged.

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I like the way Yoona plays Ha Na’s innocent character. The way she stutters was cute. Anyway, with the parents’ love reunion, I’m afraid the children would suffer while they’re just starting. But in the preview we saw that Joon finally saw his father’s first love. Hearing  his father’s condition I think he made a visit to the hospital, but unfortunately he had to see his mother slapping Yoon Hee’s face. Joon’s character was easy to read (all characters here are easy to read) that he found a peace in Ha Na. I think that’s why in the preview, that night after he saw the incident in the hospital and then got drunk, he went back home and slept next to Ha Na. Ahhh, what a bad destiny they had “thanks” to their parents’ bad destiny. They could actually be born as siblings and if their parents were back together, they would be sibling.  X|

Ah, I hate Tuesday that I always get exhausted by the time I sat down and watched Love Rain. Sorry that I was supposed to post this summary last night.


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  1. Thank you for your recap. Been waiting for it since last night.

    I really love this episode. Love the way Joon shows his love towards Hana.

    Wish for a happy moments in few more episodes…:)

  2. thank for the recaps~
    you know what? i refreshed your page every hour to get this recaps.. hahahaha~

    really love this episode..joon-hana will start their relationship,and their parents start to open their old (?) feeling again~ and the problem will start on next episode..
    so,i agree with you about hate tuesday..makes me want to skip to monday.. hahaha..

    anyway, thank you so much.. ^^

    • hey devia..thanks for keep coming. this is my second time being late posting love rain and I hated it,so I’ll try my best to be on time next episodes.

  3. The eng subs aren’t up but I can’t wait already.. This should do for now. TY ^^

  4. Thanks for your quick summary and recaps. I really appriciate it.

    This is my first ever drama that I watch the streaming online when it is broadcasting even though I

    don’t know Korean at all. Your summary helps me make sense of what really happens in the drama

    right away after watching it.

    Keep up your good work!


  5. Hi,

    Glad to have found your site when i started watching LR. Thanks for recapping this series. Of all the korean series that is on right now, this is the only one that i have been anticipating. I also wish joon-hana will have some more sweet moments before the angst began.

    Again, really appreciate all your work.

  6. Thank you so much for this recap :)

  7. I know the song when Joon and Ha Na kissed was kiss by Prince, but did you know what version is it?

  8. Im waiting for the Episode 11 recap. :)

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