Love Rain Episode 11 Quick summary

Depsite its low rating, Love Rain keep on moving confidently. The story has become more complicated as the children just started their love while the parents agreed to star over.

The children were having their romantic early blooming love-flower when suddenly Joon got a phonecall telling him about his father. He instantly went out in a rush. Then the three boys sat down with Ha Na telling her that she shouldn’t fall for Joon, neither confessed her feelings. Ha Na managed to flee from the boys and met Seon Ho. He could sense the boys were talking about Joon withe her. “Do you like Joon?” Ha Na couldn’t answer it. Seon Ho then asked about Ha Na about her mom’s university life, but Ha Na suddenly got a call from her mom. It’s the brainy Seon Ho who realized that Joon’s father’s first love was probably Ha Na’s mom.

Joon arrived at the hospital and there’s only his mom in the ward and another woman’s bad on his father’s bed. Joon finally saw his father was talking to Yoon Hee on the corridor waiting for his turn to be examined. Hye Jeong came to Yoon Hee after In Ha went with the nurse. “Do you see my request as a joke?” said Hye Jeong, referring to her request for Yoon Hee to stay away from In Ha. Yoon Hee apologized, but Hye Jeong slapped her. She was about to slap Yoon Hee again, but Joon stepped forward and brought his mom away.

Ha Na kept texting because Joon hadn’t contacted her all day. Joon excused himself, but his mom said she didn’t want to be alone.
Meanwhile Ha Na was getting more upset because she thought Joon did it in purpose. Joon stayed in his mother’s home, frustrated of what he had just seen.

Tae Seong kind of regreting that he let Ha Na down and let her go too.

Joon visited Ha Na in her house. He didn’t tell her what happened, just hugged her in the back and they’re about to have a night walk when she made him fell and hit the grass shower. Joon had to wear the ajumma’s style pajamas. He said he’s not leaving. They sat in a distance awkwardly until Joon explored around to find Ha Na’s room. Joon found Ha Na’s pocket camera and started taking pictures of her and them both. Ha Na tried to ask him again what’s going on to him. He just said it’s a matter related to their family. Then the conversation turned to be mental challenge because they’re trying to seduce one another to see who’d fall for the luring test first. But suddenly Ha Na’s mom came home.

“I should go out and say hi,” said Joon. “Like that?” asked Ha Na. Joon tried to sneak out of the house. He gave her a quick kiss and fled. When he was out of the house, he met Tae Seong. The situation between the guys were tense, especially when Joon knew that man kind of pursuing Ha Na again.

Yoon Hee told her daughter that she’s going to start over with Seo In Ha. Ha Na said she’s fine and gave her the permission.
Ha Na told her mother that she had someone she liked. When she’s out, Joon was still in front of her house. Joon said whenever he’s with Ha Na he always feel like he’s someone else. Joon hugged her tight and said, “Ahh it feels good.” When Joon was back to his mom’s home an ambulance was there. The paramedic tried to clam her down.

Joon visited his father. He told In Ha that last night he came and saw the woman. He said he was sorry for his mother and asked his father to accept his mother again, for his mother and him. But the selfish Seon In Ha said he couldn’t do that and just apologized.

Joon saw Yoon Hee in front of the hospital and the next person he saw turned him shocking: Ha Na came. He even saw how Ha Na had been very well accepting his father. Joon’s life is turning up side down in a day. To refresh his mind, Joon went to shooting range…at first he tried some shoots, but it actually part of his work. He had a photo shooting in that place.

Ha Na was preparing some foods and she prepared some alcohol drinks too. Seon Ho came and helped her cooking.Seon Ho said his dream was to open a bakery. The nice Seon Ho only helped her cooking and then left her alone because he knew Ha Na was waiting for Joon. But when Joon knew Ha Na was waiting for him at home, he decided to just come home late.

In Ha asked if Yoon Hee had somewhere she wanted to go. Yoon Hee said many places. Then they walked along together under the rain, under the yellow umbrella.

Joon was not good with alcohol, but he went out drinking with his staff that night. Ha Na was alone waiting for him to come home. The drunk Joon caused a trouble with a a starnger who bumped at him and fought with him.

Yoon Hee said when she heard In Ha was married and had a family, she felt hurt. She was hurt because what she did to him when she left for US.

Joon came home and found Ha Na had prepared him dinner. But she had fallen asleep still holding her mobile. Joon watched her sleep on her bed in sorrow. Then he slept next to her.

Ha Na woke up and found Joon was right in front of her. She was protesting at first but noticed his wounded lip. Ha Na treated his wounds.Ha Na asked him what really happened. Joon didn’t tell her anything. Seon Ho knew they’re dating and he was worry about them.

Ha Na got a little accident during her work in the garden, Joon took over her works, the difficult parts and helped her the rest of the day. Mi Ho came and saw Ha Na. She instantly remembered the picture, but Seon Ho made her shut up.He fooled his sister and made her not to speak about the photo again.

Joon, Mi Ho and Seon Ho went to visit Hye Jeong. When they arrived, Hye Jeong was in a big arguing with In Ha. He came just to tell her that he’d start over again with Yoon Hee. Joon told his father to just leave and his mother to stop it. He tried to be as neutral as he could, but still it’s his parents. That must hurt so much and confusing as well.

Joon tried to shrug away his parents’ issue by going on a date with Ha Na. Joon asked her what made her look so happy related to her mother. Ha Na told him that her mother was dating her first love again. “I’m happy when my mother is happy.” The look in Joon’s eyes changed. He suddenly turned stern and asked, “What if…” But he saw his father on the front porch, so he took Ha Na away. Out of nowever, he said, “Let’s break up.”

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I’m okay with this episode, but don’t think so about tomorrow’s episode. The story would turn bitter for Joon and Ha Na because of their selfish too-much-romance parents. Aaaahhh can I just skip Love Rain’s tomorrow episode?

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  1. ohhh y disculpa tu donde los ves me podrías decir ???

  2. Noooo!!!! Thats because of their parents selfish love.Even they love each other,they shoukd give the chance for joon and ha na to be happy.They shouldnt be together,but their son and daughter must.Their parents should give the chance since when theyre lover,they can imagine themselves that they are the lover even though thats their son and daughter.Thats all.BTW,dont forget to write the tom. recap since you said in the end that can you skip the tomorrows episode. :) Thanks for the recaps ive been waiting since 10 pm

  3. it really surprises me that not a lot of ppl are watching this show b/c its really good and sadly but heart-wrenching too… im so anxious to know how this story will play out…its definitely watch worthy!!!

  4. I’m from Malaysia and I’m giving you a BIG hug. Thank you sooooo much for the summary.

  5. Oh come on… Dont skip the next episode, pleaseee!!! And thanks a lot for this recap! :) Remember not to skip Love Rain ep 12, pleasee!!! im begging you!!!!

  6. la verdad ami me encanta este drama es super no entiendo como en corea tiene poco raiting es sorprendente si esta super almenos aki en peru muchas personas lo ven asi no me cabe en la cabeza mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm los otros que le superan no me gustan LOVE RAIN LO MAXIMO SIGAN ADELANTE FUERZA ………………….. SON LO MEJORRRRRRRRRRR

  7. hay es lindo esta historia me encanta la verdad me desespero por que salgan los capitulos, es super que penita que en su pais no sepan valorar este drama que es genial, :) yose que si lo ven le encantaran

  8. this episode just made me sigh~ always…
    i think the parents (InHa & YoonHee) did like that because they haven’t know about their children relationship, yet..i don’t know about InHa but if YoonHee know about it,she will give up with InHa but i’m not sure with InHa..

    anyways..i think the conflict start already…let’s see..*i’m on Hana-Joon’s team*

    and thaaaannnnkkkksss for your fast summary..^^
    *big hug*

  9. saben estoy enfadada despues de leer todas estas cositas me loqueo pues ami me encanta love rain es chebre super cul muy bonita la historia de verdad me enfada que no valoren este drama que en otros lugares esta que llama la atenciòn a ver series, dramas , peliculas coreanas nos motiva a verla sy no entiendo como puedes criticar

  10. I’m love love rain very much
    same many fan in thailand likeeeeeeee

  11. cant wait for tonights episode recap. :)

  12. very very very….(Very)n beautiful…but so so so so (so)n Duplicated…

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