Love Rain Episode 7 Quick Summary

Seo Joon dragged Ha Na out of the small building. He thought Ha Na was just taking an excuse to see him again, but he was so surprise when Ha Na showed him the flyer. It wasn’t his doing. So the picture was printed by the publishing because they like it. Lee Seon Ho (Lee Dong Wook’s son) was suspicious if the girl was Joon’s girlfriend, but Joon kept saying no.

Joon said he wasn’t responsible for this picture issue. Ha Na was so upset. Joon didn’t stop there, he insulted her with the accused of a money. Actually Ha Na’s demand was only an apology and the picture was taken back from the public.

The old Kim Yoon Hee was still writing a diary, but this one was green.

Joon went to his boss to protest about the flyer. But the boss thought Ha Na was a model and wanted to see her. Then Joon asked the boss to apologize to Ha Na, instead the boss wanted to make Ha Na as the model for a cinderella photo shooting. However, Joon refused to give her a call as he was told by his boss.

Tae Seong (Ha Na’s senior) had dinner with Ha Na and her mother. Ha Na asked her mother to let her just stay at home and go commuting to Seoul for school everyday. But Yoon Hee insisted her daughter to live in Seoul to let her focus on her study. Yoon Hee asked if Ha Na’s insist on staying because of Tae Seong, Ha Na said no.

Ha Na walked with Tae Seong. She said she really wanted her mother to meet again with her first love. But then her cheerful mood was a bit ruined when Tae Seong said he wished he had a little sister like her.

Seo In Ha was still cold with Hye Jeong. But Hye Jeong still tried to be friendly with her ex-husband. They’re on their way to the quartet reunion. It was Chang Mo’s invitation and it took place in his cafe. Chang Mo had their old pictures displayed in his cafe. The trio had the performance like the old days, with their guitars and singing the mellow song. Ahhh, I miss the 70s.

Hye Jeong suspicous that Chang Mo had a hidden agenda behind their reunion. She told him to tell her what he wanted to say to the other boys. Chang Mo was talking about Kim Yoon Hee who was still alive and now in South Korea and wasn’t sure if he should tell In Ha or not. Hye Jeong was very nervous that she dropped the glass, and told Chang Mo not to tell In Ha about Yoon Hee. She thought they should wait to tell In Ha the truth, but I think she just didn’t want In Ha to ever meet Yoon Hee again.

Meanwhile Joon was in the nightclub, in the bad mood. A girl asked Joon about what kind of girl he liked. Joon told her his type when suddenly he thought of Ha Na and got frustrated with himself.

The next day outside Seoul, Ha Na was about to take a picture of Tae Seong when she saw he left with a girl. A man in the greenhouse asked if she and Tae Seong were an item. Ha Na was nervous and told him that they’re not, but in a too emphasizing way. Tae Seong asked if he’s her type, Ha Na said he’s not, but it’s a kind of a girl way to tell the boy the opposite thing of their true feelings.

The situation got awkward and Ha Na pretended that she had to receive a phone call. She went to this corner where she could hear the other workers were talking about Ha Na and Tae Seong. They said Tae Seong already had a girl friend and felt sorry for Ha Na that they looked good together. Ha Na was crying on the bridge when Joon suddenly approached her.

Ha Na was in a very bad mood that she was too emotional to Joon. It confused Joon and it made him said, “I’m here to apologize. I’m so sorry.” But Ha Na kept crying and it made Joon got more confused. “I have apologized, why are you still crying??” They moved to another place where they could sit and Ha Na could calm herself down. After she was better, Ha Na asked what was it the real thing he wanted to tell her. Joon said he came to apologize and nothing more. However, when Ha Na was about to go, he finally caught her hand and asked, “Do you want to be my model?” It made Ha Na startled. “It’s not that I want to, but the agency.” When Joon told her to give the answer within the 3 seconds, Tae Seong came and asked her to go. Joon defended her, but Ha Na said she’d do that modeling offer and would call him later.

Joon walked pass Yoon Hee’s greenhouse and she saw the familiar face.

Tae Seong and Ha Na had a conversation. Ha Na said she only had one question. “Do you really have a relationship with someone?” Tae Seong’s answer was clear to Ha Na, “It’s not really a relationship, but I have a girl whom have been engaged with since we’re young.” But Tae Seong seemed to tell Ha Na more, but he couldn’t because Ha Na didn’t give him any chance. Ha Na let out her feelings, telling him that she liked him, but sad when finding out that for him she was just a little sister. She’s alone in love.

Joon got a phone call from the house. Then at home, In Ha came because the house maid also called him. Hye Jeong was drunk. She said, “Where’s the old In Ha? Why are you becoming like this? Because of whom you’re like this?” I think the news about Yoon Hee gave her many things in thoughts. Joon got back home and told his father to just go because he’s there to take care of his mother. Hye Jeong woke up and said she had something to tell them. She wanted them to start over as one familiy. However, Seo In Ha just coldly said, “I’m sorry.” Joon was angry hearing that. He resent his father.

The next day, Joon’s mood wasn’t really good yet. He kept refusing a phone call from this particular number, Ha Na’s.

Ha Na told her mom that she’s going to Seoul. Yoon Hee said she’s going with her, but Ha Na said she had to go somewhere else in the afternoon. Ha Na went to Joon’s studio,but Joon pretended to be so busy that he wouldn’t handle her anytime soon. However, Ha Na waited despite her grumbling.

Seo In Ha was giving a lecture in the university. He’s telling about something that related the art and love, but couldn’t give a sufficient answer when a student asked him what/who’s in his heart. In Ha decided to go to Joon’s studio. It made Joon’s mood got worse and he refused to give Ha Na a chance to try her modeling talent. Meanwhile, getting bored of waiting, Ha Na who’s interested in farming and plants was interested in this particular plant that grew in front of the studio. Everyone thought she’s just a weirdo who’s too bored then decided to play the dirt. But Joon finally asked her to have a talk.

Seo In Ha was on the way to Joon’s studio, while Yoon Hee was one her way to meet her daughter. They’re standing accross the street, waiting for the traffic light let them cross the street, they almost could see each other. But by the time In Ha looked accross the street, something interested Yoon Hee that she turned away.

Joon was talking to Ha Na in the alleyway, but before he really said what he wanted to say, there came down the rain. Meanwhile on the street, Kim Yoon Hee opened her yellow umbrella before crossing the street.When Yoon Hee and In Ha passed each other, In Ha saw her. By the time he reached the other side of the street, he just realized it was Kim Yoon Hee, his long lost first love.

He followed her from the other side of street. He ran, crossed the street and finally approached Yoon Hee right in front of her.
“Is it true you?” He took off his glasses and Kim Yoon Hee looked at him in teary eyes.

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