Love Rain Episode 8 Quick Summary

Seon In Ha was crossing the street and he finally realized that the woman under the yellow umbrella was Kim Yoon Hee, his first love.
He ran following her and finally approached her. “Is it true you? You live?” Yoon Hee came towards In Ha and put the umbrella above them both.

Meanwhile the children were still under the shelter. Joon strangely suddenly talked nicely to Ha Na,”We stop here and start over from the beginning.” Ha Na was startled, had no idea what he was talking about. “What is it that we should star over? What’re you talking about?” Joon couldn’t really speak out what in his mind was, as usual, so he just asked Ha Na back, “Why you keep calling me when I rejected you several time?” He asked if Ha Na wanted the part time so badly. Ha Na was about to leave with her umbrella, leaving Joon alone in that shelter, but suddenly Joon stopped her and said, “In the future i will do good to you.” Ha Na was startled again. “Why? What’s wrong with you?” Joon was startled too, “W-w-why not?” Joon was about to tell her what had been in his mind, but they both received a phone call from each of their parent telling they couldn’t meet them.

Yoon Hee and In Ha went to a nearby cafe to talk.Seo In Ha couldn’t take his eyes of Yoon Hee. He obviously still had the feelings he had had for her. “When did you come back from US?” asked In Ha. “About 10 years ago,” said Yoon Hee. “Why didn’t you look for me? All this time I live believing that you’re still alive,” said In Ha. “I knew you married to Hye Jeong. I saw your family picture. I’m happy for you,” replied Yoon Hee. “What about your life?” asked In Ha. “I’m happy too,” said Yoon Hee, then she looked out of the window, “Today is raining too. Everytime we meet the rain always come.I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you that i’m alive.”

Joon and Ha Na went back together. Joon hated the rain, Ha Na liked it and it related to her mother’s old story related to her first love.

In Ha and Yoon Hee were about to say good bye to each other, but In Ha asked if they can meet again. Yoon Hee said she’s already happy that they met again like that. “We really can’t meet again?” In Ha insisted. “You’re happy i’m happy that’s enough for both of us,” said Yoon Hee. In Ha looked disappointed, but finally they went to the opposite directions. However In Ha turned back to look for her again, but she’s nowhere to be found. Meanwhile Kim Yoon Hee was actually just in the drugstore nearby.

Ha Na checked the room with Joon and he really accompanied her looking for the room, making comments and complains about many things more than Ha Na.

On their way back, Joon said “I will do it for you.” Ha Na was startled again. “Why would you do that? Why are you acting strange today all of a sudden?” Joon actually had no idea why his mind and heart told him to tell all this, so he just said, “I told you I’ll do good to you, didn’t I?” Then suddenly Ha Na’s phone was ringing, it was from Tae Seong, but Ha Na didn’t want to pick it up. Seeing the name of the caller, Joon just rejected the call. Ha Na protested him, but then she asked him again “Why you’re helping me?” Joon was startled again, but said, “I don’t know either, just want to help” and then left.

Joon just realized in the small building behind his studio there’s an empty room. It’s the house where Lee Seon Ho lived and opened his counseling practice. Joon was thinking about giving the room to Ha Na, but he didn’t tell Seon Ho anything.

In Ha met Dong Wook in the hospital, telling him he met Yoon Hee. In her house, Yoon Hee had been writing diaries all this times. That night she took them out again. Ha Na came and saw her mother was in a deep thought asking if she’s sick or something. Yoon Hee said she’s  fine and changed the topic by asking if she had looked for the room today. “I’m looking for the room, not alone actually, but with someone I know, not really a friend but..just someone I know.” Yoon Hee asked,”A man?” Ha Na said, “He was a man, but just a man I happened to know.”

Seo In Ha drove out of Seoul to look for Kim Yoon Hee. He surprised Yoon Hee by coming to her garden place. He approached her, made that look, and hugged her tight. Seo In Ha made his confession, “The truth is, all this time I can’t happy without you. Thinking that you’re not here, I can’t be happy. I’ve separated with Hye Jeong for a long time because we couldn’t be happy.” Then In Ha asked her to start anew, but Yoon Hee refused. She said she wanted to live with her love to her late husband. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Don’t say sorry, I don’t like to hear it from you,” said In Ha. But Yoon Hee went into a deep thought after In Ha left.

Seo In Ha was walking in the woods then to the beach he went with Yoon Hee long ago. Meanwhile in Seoul, Hye Jeong was frustrated couldn’t find In Ha anywhere, even Chang Mo couldn’t reach him either. She insisted Chang Mo never to tell In Ha anything about Kim Yoon Hee.

Ha Na came down again to the studio for her part-time job as a model. Joon decided to give her some shots, but this amateur just gave him a hard time. She couldn’t even make herself smile. But after a break, Ha Na who thought that she’d been giving Joon a hard time while he had given her a chance for the part time suddenly changed her dress and make up and turn into the pretty Yoona that “wow”ed everyone, including Joon (but he didn’t say anything).

Then Joon decided to dismiss everyone. He built a conversation with Ha Na to make her comfortable by asking her why she chose the clothes. And he kept using that method to make her comfortable and naturally smile. He told her to change clothes several time, a bit jaw dropping when Ha Na was in her low chest pink dress. And by the time he said they’ve wrapped up the photo shoot, Joon finally said, “You’re really pretty.”

But when Ha Na was about to go home and had changed herself again into Jeong Ha Na, Joon criticized Ha Na’s style and told her to wear one of those dresses as a present. But Ha Na said they’re not her style. Lee Seon Ho said Ha Na was already pretty  that way. Joon said he would prove it wrong by taking a snap shot of her right there. But then suddenly Ha Na made a pretty smile looking at the camera, ready for the shot…it was Joon who was nervous looking at the cute Ha Na behind his lens. He said he couldn’t take a shot.
Ha Na was already out, but Joon caught her up. Joon was about to tell her something when suddenly a spoil girl came. She’s Seon Ho’s little sister who had just arrived from US.

At night, Joon kept seeing Ha Na’s pictures in his laptop.”Am I crazy??” He murmured to himself, looking desperate.

Ha Na was going into a neighborhood looking for a room when she came across a sick old man. He was Seon Ho’s patient. Then Ha Na and Seon Ho had a snack together. Unlike the situation she always had every time she met Joon, with all the quarrels and sometimes tears, Ha Na’s encounter with Seon Ho produced smile and friendly situation. Seon Ho told her about the plan to make the garden in front of the studio looked better. Ha Na went over excited and even drew some sketches for the garden plan. Then Seon Ho said she could do it as her part time and she could also stayed there with him.

In the waiting area in the garden in front of his studio, Joon started hallucinating that Ha Na was around.

Later in the evening, Seo In Ha came home and found Hye Jeong was there, bringing chefs to cook for them to have dinner together. In Ha coldly said “You should’ve called me, I’m a bit tired.” Hye Jeong insisted they should have dinner together. During dinner In Ha finally said she should’ve known that they could be together because it couldn’t work out and she clearly knew it. He also said that his heart never for her and he’s sorry that they couldn’t be happy. Hye Jeong got nervous and said she couldn’t get his point. In Ha finally told the news, “I met Kim Yoon Hee.” Hye Jeong suddenly got upset, accusing Chang Mo broke his promise. “So you too already knew she’s alive and being here all this time?” asked In Ha.

Seon Ho told Joon that he was giving the empty room to Ha Na.

That evening, Seo In Ha was in a rush to Yoon Hee’s place. Meanwhile, Ha Na went out of her home, waiting someone to give her a visit. Apparently, Joon had told her that he’s coming down her place. And when he appeared, he finally straightly said to Ha Na, “You better listen carefully because I’m gonna tell you only once.” Ha Na just looked at him without saying anything, waiting for him to continue his words. “I think I like you.”

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Ahh I supposed to published this post last night, I feel sorry. But falling asleep while writing is a situation any writer must have experienced at least once in their writing history :D

Anyway, in my opinion, the reunion of Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee might be romantic as a story. But putting myself as their children, actually, it freaked me out. I mean, imagine that your parent reuniting with his/her old  lover? And especially in the case of Joon whom his mother was still around. He witnessed their parents’ failure to give him the real family and then he had to face the fact that his father was meeting his first love again? the woman that made him never had a real family because in his father’s heart was only that woman? The heart-breaking thing was the fact that you are not these couple’s child. You are your mother/father’s child with someone else. That’s why I actually cannot really think Ha Na’s excitement of reuniting her mother with her first love as a good idea as a child.


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  1. thank you soooo much for your recaps! i dont speak korean and i have to wait until the eng subs come out but i always make sure to visit here and read your summaries. now i don’t have to wait to find out what happens next! thank you thank you thank you! you do a fabulous job! khamsamnida ^_^

  2. Thank you so much. You’re one of the few whose doing a recap of this wonderful drama and it’s very much appreciated. Till next week!

  3. Thanks for the recap! I think you mixed up some of the names though, first generation with second generation. You must be tired. lol

  4. This sort of spoils episode 8 for me. But who cares? Can’t wait for the eng sub any longer. hihihihi ^^

  5. --ChodingYeol

    OMG I LOVE THE RAIN TOO !! Haha, Joon hates the rain, Hana likes the rain. Like me ;)

    Wait, why is Hana keep looking for a room?

    Yeah I agree with you.

    If you already have a family, the best thing to do is like what Yoon Hee (half) did.

    Stick with the family, love the family, and forget about his/her past lvoe life.


  6. Anyone knows who covered the song that was playing in the background after the photo shoot? I believe the song was Stars by Simply Red.

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