Love Rain Episode 14 Quick Summary

Both Joon and Ha Na were not in good mood, but Ha Na still tried to be nice. Yoon Hee tried to win Joon’s heart, Ha Na tried to act friendly to him, but Joon just couldn’t hold his expression.

In Ha said since he and Yoon Hee would get married,”We’re going to be a family.” The kids were startled. “I’m giving you my blessing. Isn’t that what you want to hear from me?” Joon asked his father coldly. He continued by saying that he had nothing to do with their marriage so they could do what ever they wanted and then he just left. Yoon Hee  tried to talk to him before Joon really  left the restaurant. She said she’s sorry. Joon said he had a question for her. “You two love each other and finally decided to do this. You think you will live happily?” Yoon Hee tried to explain it, but Joon just talked coldly towards her and then left. Out of the restaurant, Ha Na approached him. Joon asked Ha Na, “Are you happy?” Ha Na said she was. Joon said it’s good for her because for him it had nothing to do at all whatever the parents want to do.

Joon came to his place in a very bad mood. Seon Ho, who actually had known what happened from Ha Na, still asked him what happened. Joon let out his heart to Seon Ho. He told her the parents would get married and that meant he and Ha Na would be a family. Seon Ho asked how’s Ha Na responded to it.
“No matter how bad my mother’s objection and how hard I refused it, they’re still going to marry and we’ll be siblings (by law),” said Joon.

Tae Seong asked Hye Jeong how she knew Yoon Hee. He told her he was curious because Yoon Hee was the mother of a girl he liked. Hye Jeong told him the plain fact: I knew her in college and she’s marrying my ex-husband. Tae Seong came down to visit Ha NA as he knew the ugly truth about Ha Na and Joon’s destiny. Tae Seong said he would be her Daddy Long Legs whenever she needed anything.

Joon came home and found two women in the kitchen: his mom and Mi Ho. Joon smiled as he saw his mother was in a good mood. But the dinner was only for two persons. The mother supported Mi Ho. That girl asked Joon to go out on a date with her. Joon only agreed with one date, Mi Ho sealed it with twice date. However, Joon closed the night by arguing with his mother because she spoke bad things about Ha Na as she heard from Tae Seong she’s the girl he liked.

Joon gave a help to his mother’s works in Tae Seong’s resort garden. Hye Jeong was holding a fashion show in the resort. Ha Na saw the scene when Hye Jeong introduced Joon to Tae Seong. They didn’t pretend they never met before. Meanwhile Yoon Hee and In Ha was gardening somewhere out of Yoon Hee’s working place.
Ha Na tried to hide her face while working on the flowers in the fashion show’s preparation, but she accidentally bumped into Hye Jeong and she gave Ha Na a scold. Joon took Ha Na somewhere to talk. He told Ha Na to just get out of the place because he worried about her. But Joon didn’t want to admit that. He said he worried about his mom, so Ha Na better just leave. He was still talking to Ha Na when Hye Jeong found them. She instantly recognized Ha Na’s face. She figured out that In Ha and Yoon Hee had introduce the kids towards each other and they kind of started to be brother-sister on public already. Hye Jeong was frantic.

Joon took Ha Na  out. Ha Na said she’s okay. Joon was upset. “Until when should you appear in front of me?” screamed Joon. “I’m sorry. For my mom as well. So please just go.”
Ha Na looked down and Tae Seong noticed it. He knew that she finally met Joon’s mom.
Tae Seong held Ha Na’s hand and took her somewhere. He introduced her to Hye Jeong, Mi Ho and Joon as his partner attending the event. Hye Jeong’s fashion show was successful.

Seo In Ha and Yoon Hee were just finish their dinner when they accidentally met Hye Jeong who was saying good bye to her clients. This was an alert situation. The children were also on their way out. Joon was looking for Ha Na and Seon Ho when his mother called.
He was summoned by his mother. Hye Jeong sat together with In Ha and Yoon Hee.In Ha said to Hye Jeong that they should settle their family matter just between them, without including Yoon Hee nor Joon. But Hye Jeong insisted to have them all.
Joon finally found Ha Na and Seon Ho. Ha Na said she’s very tired. She actually felt sad and sorrow, despite the fact that she was supposed to be happy for her mom’s happiness. “The truth is I miss him so much.” she also regreted her and joon’s breaking up. Ha Na was already crying and Joon suddenly took her away to meet their parents. “Let’s go and tell them.”

Hye Jeong splashed water to Yoon Hee in front of everyone. She said she just wanted to do it right in front of Joon. Hye Jeong left. In Ha tried to talk to her, but Hye Jeong was too tired of everything. She knew that from the start In Ha had never been her husband, but she asked In Ha to spare Joon. She didn’t want him to bring Joon as their new family.

Ha Na couldn’t hold her cry for Yoon Hee, Joon apologized, but Yoon Hee asked time for herself. The kids’ heartbreak was doubled up. Ha Na leaned on Joon’s back and cried. Joon could only said sorry to her. “Me too,” said Ha Na.

Kim Jeong So played with her self because none of Seon Ho nor Joon were around. He just played his guitar and sang loudly in the garden until the waiter stop her. Seon Ho and Mi Ho finally came. He finally told Seon Ho that he actually had lived in the back yard.

Ha Na brought to her mother the wedding invitation. Yoon Hee said she felt weird about all this, concerning what people would say about her. Ha Na said to think just about herself and didn’t have to listen to other people. In Ha looked a bit down that his friends thought he was over-worrying the whole thing. Dong Wook and Chang Mo told him not to worry about anything, including Hye Jeong because they would support her too as her friends.

Joon was in a bad mood when he came back from work to his place. And it got worsen when Seon Ho gave him the invitation of his own father’s wedding. “Are you going?” asked Seon Ho. Joon said he won’t, but when he was alone, he kept staring at the wedding invitation and drawn himself in a contemplation.

Ha Na suddenly showed up at the cafe the enext morning. Joon asked her what brought her there. HA Na said from then on she just wanted to do what he heart want to do. “When I miss you I would go see you. When I have something to say just go to you.” Joon argued her for acting like that. “Can’t you just be a family with me?” asked Ha Na. Joon couldn’t stand the question and left.

Joon came to In Ha’s studio.Joon said  he knew from the start there’s only Yoon Hee in his heart, but he had something important to tell his father. “I have someone I love.” Joon said it seriously to his father. And to anyone surprise,  In Ha said, “Yes, I know.”
“What are you talking about?” asked Joon. Apparently In Ha saw it that night when Ha Na held him from the back, leaned on it and cried. “She’s Ha Na, isn’t she?” asked In Ha. “So you already knew??” Joon wondered.

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  1. Stupid in ha. He knew but he continued with his plans anyway. I know he has been in love with yoon hee for thirty years already but aren’t parents suppose to sacrifice for their kids? And yoon hee, kept saying sorry. An apology will soothe the heart, but it won’t make things okay. Yoon hee, if u say sorry one more time, i will honestly spank your butt, regardless u r a fictional character.

  2. Thanks Kdramachoa! Appreciate the tremendously fast provision of the latest episode’s summary! Keep up the fantastic work! Hwaiting!

  3. Thank you for the summary, you’re fast. Oh Monday, pls come early.

  4. thanks! your hard work is much appreciated… can’t wait to go home and watch the episode. even without subs now i can understand what’s going on. :) as much as i love the older couple to be together, i also want the young ones to have their happy ending… Otteokhae????

  5. i’m really getting carried away… really affected… such an unimaginable position… can’t wait for the next episode!!!!!! ♥

  6. arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!Inha,you idiot,can’t you allow your son to be happy,you are so selfish…i feel like killing you and knocking some sense into yoon hee..

  7. Thanks so much for the recap. You’re a life saver! Now, at least I know what’s going on. To us, it’s like watching a silent movie. Am waiting and waiting for english subs…yoohoo, where are you?!

  8. Hi. I’m Asal and it’s been exactly 3 weeks and 2 days that Love Rain started being aired on KBS World in our country, Iran, which happens to be the time I’ve kept reading your recaps daily, and some episodes, twice or three times maybe!! On KBS World, yesterday was the episode 8, but I’ve already gone as far as episode 14 with your recaps! I wanted to first thank you for enabling me to have wait less than a week to see what happens in the next episode of my favorite drama, and second leave a comment that has been on my mind since the beginning of episode 5, and that is: Geun suk is EXTRAORDINARILY well-dressed and chic in this drama!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaaah… I feel like I’ve taken something too heavy off my chest :))
    Anyways, you’re my helping angle! Sincerely Thanks!!!

    • I’ve been wanting to say thank you for reading my summaries, especially for this drama, Love Rain. Here in Korea the response is not as it was predicted. The rating is so low that even the director was disappointed. I decided to start writing summaries for this drama for nothing to lose. I’m not a fan of JKS, but the 70s part of this drama quite interested me, so I just went on with it. And somehow I feel happy that this drama seems to get good response in other countries.
      Once again, thanks!


  9. I’m from India. I just love your summaries as it takes two days for the English subs. I like loverain and i just cant understand why the rating is so low in Korea. From the soundtracks,lyrics,the story—>everything awesome! Especially Jang Geun Suk!! :) :) Kumma voa for the summaries! :)

  10. Iluv that drama it is one of the best korean dramas i had watched joon and hana looke best couple of korea!!
    hope this would have 2nd season

  11. wooow! after reading these summaries i think i will have to watch this drama love rain it looks nice and the characters are also cute.thanks for the summaries.

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